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  1. My first Fly. Hook: TMC 3761 #12 Body: 6/0 Brown Hackle: Red Grizzly Comments/Critiques gladly accepted! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the Welcome! It's greatly appreciated!
  3. Oh yeah... colossal find. Looks as if it's built like a tank.
  4. Looking @ eBay can be fun sometimes to see what's out there, but I'll stick to the local purveyors for my Materials in the future. Thanks kindly for the input. Now... off to tie!
  5. Hello! Thanks for all of the replies! I appreciate all of the suggestions & encouragement; it means a lot. It's like being in a beginner class, with everyone offering their input, and where everything said has great value. To answer some questions that came up, I bought a Basic tool kit & vise, and a Ceramic bobbin fromm the local outdoor store. Most of the Materials were also bought there & at the local Fly shop a couple of blocks away. Having a limited budget, I chose the smaller quantities of hackle instead of the larger ones, although those will be my next purchases to save up for. I also took the vise apart, took some emery paper & cleaned up the clamp lever, and lubed all pivots with synthetic grease. It works smooth, & grips the hook well. The allure of having everything at hand to tie a particular fly brings up an interesting question... Looking on eBay, there are many listings for a bulk lot of fly tying materials (skins, hides, dubbing, thread, etc.). There are also interesting 'comments' regarding said Materials; "Smells like Formaldehyde". "Bought in the late 80's or early 90's. Some packages never opened". So... do pheasant skins age or decay? Are unopened packages 20 + Years old still good? Based on what kind of flies I'm interested in tying, buying new sounds like the best option. Sure, it'd be nice to have all that stuff, but I don't think I need it all right now. Tool set & vise pictured below... Thanks again!
  6. Hello! I'm just starting out, & have been perusing through the Threads, looking at YT bids, & scanning various Online guides. Taking their advice, I gathered a Vice and some basic tools. Using some sewing thread and a bait hook, I've been practicing both wrapping & whip finishing. Today I decided to take the plunge and pick up some basic Materials, following the suggestion of buying only what's necessary for the flies I'm interested in, which are some very basic, reverse hackle (Kebari) flies, both wet & dry. Attached is a Photo of the buy... Comments are most appreciated! Thanks! Alan
  7. CasualAngler

    cb radio

    Hold up a sign against the window saying "What's yer phone #?" as you pass the Trucker. Morse Code with the Headlights?
  8. I was getting ready for Work, preparing to walk out the door, when the 1st plane hit. Called my boss, who was at a jobsite, to let him know. Took the B & W TV to work & watched the rest that day.
  9. Used to race R/C cars off road in the late 80's. It was a wide chasm, with a voracious appetite for $$. Sorta like Fly Fishing & Tying. But, many Hobbies are like that.
  10. Gorgeous Lunker! Many thanks for the Link to the Pattern!
  11. CasualAngler

    cb radio

    Used to use them all the time, before the advent of 4-5G Networks & smartphones/tablets. FRS Radios are more versatile these days for multi-car road trips. (Yes, I avoided using the CB catchphrase... LOL) I still have the whole schmear in a box, hidden somewhere in the Garage. Realistic brand (RS house brand). Lots of Truck Stops still sell them; Cobra is still the cream of the crop.
  12. Wow... what a website! So many regional variations, both reverse & "standard" Hackle. Thanks for the Link; definitely bookmarked it!
  13. Hello! My name is Alan, & I live in Denver, CO. Avid angler for many Years. Just started flyfishing a short while back. Always thought tying was an art form, & was intimidated by all the Tools & Materials choices. But, I did buy a Starter kit & ended up never using it. Now I'm intrigued by Tenkara, & the apparent simplicity of the flies used. So, I thought I'd give it a try... & here I am! Hope to learn lots, & maybe get some Ideas. Thanks!
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