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  1. Yes, and good news for Alaskans and people that want to come to Alaska.
  2. I'm not sure where you are going, but around here, they like salmon egg colors like red and pink. There is a very popular, local grayling pattern that was developed here called the "Salcha Pink". Small Egg-sucking leaches work well as do Royal Coachmen. Blue Sparkle Duns work good too. I tie a fly I call the Egg Butt Scud that works well. Although they lack color, mosquitoes and gnats work well too. Good luck, Have fun.
  3. Yep, that's really cool. At least now you can find a place to work on your cars.
  4. You can try a file, I slid a file across mine and it wouldn't cut it. It just skated across it. That was at the jaw end, they might be softer on the screw end.
  5. The jaws are quite hard and would require grinding instead of filing, but yes, that would do it without any change in structural integrity or effectiveness.
  6. Sorry about that, maybe they can be cleaned up.
  7. Um, what's the problem? 😄 Nice vise
  8. Yep, the Lab was catch and release. Did you get to eat any of the cats,? Are they as tasty as the smaller ones we eat? I'm going to look up that fly, I can always use another good minnow. Thanks. M
  9. Here it is holding an 11/0 Owner. That's big wire. It miked out at .091" and it's 3 1/2 inches long. I did not pad the jaws as a presentation, classic tier would and it did scratch the hook some but I don't think the pike will mind.
  10. Never caught a cat on a fly, I did catch my Labrador once. 😁 Nice fish
  11. I can't speak about all of the vises you speak of, I can't even speak for all of the HMH Versions, but I can tell you that my HMH TRV holds size 28 to 9/0 hooks very well, I posted a picture of me bending a 9/0 hook in my TRV. I have tied 11/0 hooks in my TRV too, but it doesn't hold them with as much confidence as it does the 9/0 hooks. (the 9/0 and 11/0 hooks were heavy wire Owner hooks) I'm not sure if or why HMH would change the jaw design in later models, mine is fine.
  12. Us up here don't think of Alaska as part of the US either. 😄
  13. No, you just shoot that magic ray thingy at them.
  14. Yes, that's what i said.
  15. No, they have already been paid for by the hunters and owned by those hunters. Currently, some import laws on exotic species (elephant for example) state they cannot be sold or used as raw material (it has to stay what it is forever)
  16. They are all being warehoused for the day that Americans can bring them home (if ever)
  17. The US has the most restrictive fish and wildlife laws of the western world. Laws on the use of ivory are much less restrictive in Canada (and most other countries) too.
  18. I have polar bear hair, it looks like nothing else that I have. Will fish know? I don't know. Will they care? Probably not. I have caught lots of nice fish on polar bear flies but I may have caught them anyway on flies made with other materials. Using old, legal hides will not harm live bears today in any way. My polar bear hair has a lot of really good hair for every square inch. It came from a hide that fell apart in a museum, and was from a bear taken 20 years before the ban. I have semi-good provenance on my pieces but I have been advised by my local USF&W guy that I should not sell it (I don't want to) but I can tie flies with it and sell the flies if I want to.
  19. Just so everybody is clear, if he does not know the origin of the polar bear, it's not legal for him to sell it. This has been on social media where everyone can see it. There are people watching whose job it is to watch social media for just these kinds of things. I do not suggest anybody buy it unless he can get details on it's origin. I'd hate to see anyone get into trouble over a silly thing like a few patches of hair.
  20. I fixed the title for you Barry, It's one of my super-powers.
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