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  1. Let's see some flies tied from this stuff.
  2. OK, send me all your flies and I'll take pictures for you. No return address necessary.😄🤣
  3. Nice spider. That thing sends chills up my spine. Personally, I hate spiders, if I saw that thing on me I'd try to swat it off and that would only lead to more problems. I'd fish with it though.
  4. We would love to see some new tiers posting on "Flies from the vise" so here's a deal. If you have a fly you'd like to tie but don't have all the materials for it, let me know what you need and I will send you the materials (if I have it, I have a lot of materials). The only catch is, you have to post the finished fly in "Flies from the vise" Just say "I'd like to tie a but need " If size is a requirement, as in a hackle, let me know that. PM me your address and I will send you what you need for at least a few flies (again, if I have it). This offer is for everybody except you exotic classic fly guys, because I don't have any "Belted Blue Curmudgeon" feathers.
  5. Me too. If I were you guys, I'd move to some place with nicer weather like Alaska.
  6. I'm a big guy. I have shot it quite a bit with .357 in it but I mostly carry .38 in it when I'm in town. I made myself some hand-filling ivory grips for it that make it really comfortable for me to shoot.
  7. I carry everyday. I have a hammerless S&W featherweight .357, 5 shot that is always in my pocket. It's more my style. Fits my hand. Conceals well, not heavy or bulky.
  8. I did it too. Didn't notice until I saw it swimming up-side down on a recent trip for char and rainbows. Funny thing is, I caught a lot of fish with it.
  9. They do have an editing program but it's very involved. Too complicated for me, I'm just a dang knife maker.
  10. I know you are, thanks guys. (I know you are but what am I?) Remember when we used to say that after an insult from one of our kindergarten friends?
  11. Has to be a new world record there. Nice water
  12. Nice one James. Good on you.
  13. Excited for you. Have a great trip and let us know how it goes.
  14. I think it will catch cold water fish too, pretty well actually. I like that fly.
  15. Next week, pike, sheefish and grayling on flies and bears with a bow. 😄 Thanks bud
  16. Thanks. Those are all snap shots from Go Pro videos that I am going to need to edit. Got a lot of those piling up now. I'm looking for a user-friendly editing program if you have a suggestion. Or any one else.
  17. My buddy and I just got back from an epic float trip in south-western Alaska. On the trip we caught grayling, dollies, rainbows, sockeyes, chums and pike. Here are some highlights. Twenty inch grayling taking a fly. Another one, you can see all his buddies below him. Those are all sockeyes in the back ground. Here's on for you Steve, my eight wt. worked great. An 18 and 22 inch rainbow and a dolly. Sockeye on the grill. Sockeyes on the spawning bed. Contrary to popular opinion, sockeyes do aggressively take flies, sometimes. Still going through pictures, should have a couple more good ones to show you. The sun sets on another great trip.
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