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  1. It's been too long since I've been in that neck of the woods. 9 years or something. It's so amazing. Cristal clear water and every species imaginable.
  2. It will be a ten day self guided, float in the Wood Lakes region north of Dillingham AK, my bud and I for four species of salmon, steelhead, trout, dollies and pike. Getting pretty excited about it.
  3. I think it's the Hawaiians, They really like Spam in Hawaii.😁😄. But seriously, we're here for ya, chomping at the bit to delete spam.
  4. Where's that owl that did the Tootsy Pop, maybe he'll count.😀
  5. I wish I'd win me a Norvise. Very nice.
  6. And catching one through an 8 inch hole in the ice is lots of fun. So far this year I've gotten a really big one (on the wrong side) to the ice and another one, I saw for just a second before he turned and shook my jig about six feet down. That'll get your blood flowing. I wake up at night setting the hook in a dream.
  7. Pretty, fine execution as always.
  8. Just did a count, about 285 lakes are stocked each year in Alaska. They stocked 98,461 fish into Quartz lake this year, about 60,000 of them were fingerlings and the rest were what they call "catchables" 8-10 inches long. They grow from 10 inches to 30 inches in five years.
  9. Yes, generally, wild stocks of rainbow trout stop at the Alaska range. That's a range that cuts the state in half just south of Fairbanks. There are tons of lakes above the range that were all pike and burbot lakes, the deeper ones also have lake trout. In order to create more variety they took out the pike and burbot in some of the lakes and put in rainbows, silvers, kings and char. These lakes are all mostly on the road system with just a few within a few within a short days travel by snow mobile. The wild rainbow waters are all still completely wild and in no need of stocking. The wild pike waters are all in great shape and in no need of stocking. The ones that were converted to cold water species are all put-and-take fisheries. They are all stocked with sterile (triploid) fish to mitigate introduction of non-native species. They are all stocked several times a year. I think there are about 100 stocked lakes in Alaska. (I can check on that) Some people don't care for it because it's a so-called "fake" fishery but I think a thirty inch rainbow is a thirty inch rainbow no matter where you catch it. I'd love to catch one and I can do it without embarking on a huge expedition (I do still love the huge expeditions, though). I've fished over forty days this winter and caught just under 400 fish through the ice personally, (total house catch, about 700) My personal best to date, 28 inches, 7 pounds. It's great fun.
  10. I'd like to tell you he just ate extra well but really it's a thing that some of them get from stocking. They go through an 8 inch tube from the truck to the lake at about 300 miles an hour and some of them get injuries to the spinal cord. Makes them grow fatter and shorter. That same fish probably should have been 20 some inches long.
  11. I'm happy for you guys. I remember opening days well. Such a good time. The anticipation. Early morning breakfast. Like deer season opener. Good luck, have fun.
  12. Mark Knapp


    At the risk of coming off "Woke" I deleted the cats thread. It was alarming to a few readers. People love their cats.
  13. He's a real chunker. 17 inches and 4 pounds. We caught 121 fish in the six days of fishing, so it has started to slow down some.
  14. That particular pretty lady is my cousin. Shes a sergeant in the army, in charge of 40 helicopter mechanics. Waiting for her retirement in 15 months. It's nice to have her here. I will post them as long as people like them.
  15. Yep, it was another good one. My schedule has been one-on, two-off this winter. one week of fishing two weeks of work. Our ice is still growing at 27 inches thick, so we still have lots of time.
  16. Tying up some cased caddises and some un-cased caddises for ice fishing and soft water fly fishing. 1/8 inch tungsten beads chenille olive hen hackle mop sent to me by richmce and his grandson, thanks guys.
  17. A bead can be pinned two inches above a fly or bare hook in fly-only waters. All those flies would kill on both silvers (coho) and pinks (humpies). Not so much the species.
  18. She's a good'n. Is she coming up to Alaska with you?
  19. My mistake, thanks for the intro. She looks like a lot of fun to fish with. Are you allowed to say things like "Favorite daughter"?
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