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  1. People are flipping canoes and losing stuff all the time up here. The first thing a young GI does when he gets up here is buy a .44 in a shoulder holster for bears and a big Bowie knife for anything smaller than a bear. Then they get in a canoe and flip it. Many of the rivers are rougher than most down in the states and we have a lot of sweepers. The water is much colder too so no one spends much time looking for stuff. I once found a .44 Redhawk on Kodiak island too. I also lost a .22 on the trap line once. so I'm .66 ahead of the game.
  2. Thanks guys, I have a regular head.
  3. I once had to secure a dead body for the troopers, of a man who had been missing for half a year. He had been frozen for most of that time. I've found two canoes. A Ruger .44 Blackhawk. Lots of lures. Once while dragging anchor in a pretty good wind I caught someone else anchor and two old fishing rods. I drilled an ice fishing hole this winter and my buddy saw another ice fishing rig right below us on the bottom. He's still using it. My partners and I once fished a family out of a river after they flipped their raft on a boulder. We got some of their gear back but only two of the three sleeping bags, and one of the rifles. They had to spend the rest of the time with all three of them in the two sleeping bags zipped together.
  4. I have a Regal but not sure which jaws I have. How can you tell?
  5. I'd hate to meet him in a dark ally, and Mike but mostly that ugly guy.
  6. Dfoster, that HYDROPSYCHE CADDIS NYMPH looks buggy. ๐Ÿ˜„Great Job.
  7. Good for you. I wish you the best.
  8. Now I know your priorities are screwed up. What's there for ya? I think the fishing is pretty good there though.
  9. What's the name of that dude? Magwa or something. Looks great. Can't wait to see it painted.
  10. That sounds like a good plan, buddy. Lot's of people would kill to live in Alaska though.
  11. You can go if you want James, I'm staying right here.
  12. No, the label is gone but compared to others that have labels but of a different shape, I'd say 1/16th.
  13. Hatching up a devious plan to fix the little red wagons of the trout that have been short-biting my marabou skirts all winter under the ice. At least one of those rainbows is a thirty incher and my time is getting short. Only two months left of this ice fishing season, "No holds barred" You know what this means don't you? If you've ever accused me of being an elitist fly fishing snob, you have to take it back.๐Ÿ˜
  14. These were all taken down to bare lead, air brushed and the Mylar tubing was slipped around it. Now I'm doing the coats of clear casting resin. I don't have a heavy duty lure spinner for drying the resin so I have to do it one side at a time. I'll clean up the eyelets after.
  15. If it's too cold for me to fish, it's too cold.
  16. Thanks guys, we had to abort a day early. It got so cold the heater wouldn't fire in the motor home. 28 below.
  17. My buddy Dave with a 22 incher. Some old guy showing the technique. Elisabeth, one of my favorite fishing buddies with a silver. My great nephew Noah with his biggest fish ever, a 23 inch rainbow. That's his Mom photo bombing. My cousin Dianna and her boy friend Erik with a 24 inch char. Of course you gotta kiss your first fish of the season if you don't want your luck to go bad. My nephew and his crew with our keepers. We kept these 5 and the char out of a total of 127 fish caught. It was a great time, can't wait to go again.
  18. We sometimes have a musk rat come up in a spear fishing hole. That'll scare ya.
  19. Just kidding, I watched it. That was good.
  20. Oh man, spoiler alert, now I don't have to watch it.
  21. I had to come home early from this fishing trip due to weather. I ran out of propane in the motor home (for heat) nobody fills propane below -20 F here. It was 28 below. First time ever I had to call a fishing trip due to weather.
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