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  1. That's too funny. I bet someone could photo-shop that.
  2. Ours is four feet down.
  3. Did they close down all the schools and government offices? Are the iguanas falling from the trees?
  4. Dang winter anyway. It's only good for a couple of things, ice fishing and it keeps the riff raff in Florida.
  5. I'm trying really hard not to "cold shame" you guys. I changed out the frozen battery in my wife's car yesterday, 23 below zero.
  6. The guy that wrote the stuff about "Mark's Vessel" misspelled "vessel". I had to correct it. There are Char, Rainbows, Silvers and King salmon. All are stocked. If we fish deeper water and on the bottom we could catch more char. If we fish higher in the water column we would catch more silvers. We're fishing in 10 to 12 feet (the house is on a drop off) and I usually fish about four feet off the bottom. That's where I get the most bights and where I catch a high percentage of rainbows. Rainbows get the biggest of all four species in this lake and I'm trying for a 30 incher so I concentrate on rainbows. We actually do catch a fare number of silvers and kings but they are generally smaller and don't get many pictures taken of them. About once or twice a year I'll catch a Quartz lake slam, all four species in one day. By the end of the winter, the ice will be between 34 and 40 inches thick, and I'll have two extensions on the auger.
  7. Mark Knapp

    Arkie trip

    We are only allowed to use single egg rigs.
  8. When I was a kid, we'd catch one and tie a thread to his legs. Then we'd fly him around like a kite till he got tired.
  9. We're going to need some pictures.😁
  10. Can't really tell. Need to pull a feather and wrap it around a shank. There is a technique for using long hackles for shorter collars in which case you can use them all.
  11. That's the ugliest kayak I've ever seen.
  12. Nice job, da bode a ya's. I love the smile too.
  13. Sheesh, Tough crowd. It still took just as much effort. I'd think a guy should get extra credit if he did something for someone else that he wouldn't have done for himself. Like leaving your own house fire to go help a neighbor put out his.😁
  14. Guilty as charged. Do I still get credit for cleaning it?
  15. I had forgotten you were a paintster. Nice job again.
  16. That's amazing. I'm afraid I don't know about such things. I'd be at the mercy of the repair place too.
  17. I've had a house guest in my fly tying room for a while so I haven't been tying. Get this Mike, my Nephew moved his whole family from Hawaii to Fairbanks. Any way, I have the room back, here's the first fly A Partridge, Pheasant, Ostrich soft hackle nymph.
  18. It sounds like it was set up incorrectly at the factory.
  19. Mark Knapp

    Arkie trip

    Very stylish. And apropos. I probably couldn't pull it off.
  20. Mark Knapp

    Arkie trip

    Wait, she fishes in a white coat? Nice catches. Glad you made it out finally.
  21. Yuck, glad they didn't break
  22. The thing you hook your horse to.😄
  23. I used to do a lot of moving around but I've found that the fish are doing the moving. They work the drop off around the lake and if I just wait they will come to me. It starts out before daylight, as soon as the sun starts to show on the lake the bite starts, it goes really good for about two hours and starts to drop off. At about noon, we're getting a school through about every 15 minutes, around two they're coming through about every 30 minutes and by 4 we get a bite about every 45 minutes. Then just before dark we get a short surge. Usually the guys doing all the moving catch less fish because they ultimately spend less time with a hook in the water.
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