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  1. It's 70 degrees in the house, Fahrenheit. πŸ˜„
  2. Why would it have not been for kids?
  3. Mark Knapp

    Cabin build

    .40 might be OK for black bears, maybe. A grizzly is a whole other thing. I'd go with what SD said for black bears but for grizzly country, I'd go with a large caliber rifle. Where James lives (and fishes) there are mostly black bears but there is an occasional grizzly. What he needs is a dog to go with him. We have had black bears and once in a while a grizzly eating dog food out of bowls in peoples yards. It's even worse near Anchorage. Someone gets eaten every other year around there. Like I said, he's fine for now.
  4. No, that's a poster that was given to me by a friend. It's something someone painted.
  5. Mark Knapp

    Cabin build

    A classic oldie but goody. We have lots of bears up here, James just hasn't seen any of them yet. Right now they are all asleep so he doesn't have to worry, not for three more months or so.
  6. I have done lots of ice fishing where I would wonder why I like it. I practice No-Suffering Ice Fishing now. We do have a blast.
  7. While they are not flies per se, we are all using my hand tied jigs. I fish a marabou minnow imitation in one hand with no bait and nymph with bait in the other hand. I catch most of my fish and almost all the big ones on the unbaited minnow.
  8. I am sorry for you. You southern folk have it rough.
  9. With my new ceiling fan and heater, our ice fishing doesn't require any suffering. It's about 70 degrees in the house and we don't even have to skim any ice out of the holes.
  10. My notes say we caught a little over 125 fish, the biggest was a 22 1/2 inch rainbow. Kept 11 for eating. Thanks for looking.
  11. Mark Knapp

    Cabin build

    I'm pretty sure he means it's because fur and game tends to get warier when humans are pursuing them. Bears in areas where they aren't hunted are less afraid of humans and more dangerous than bears in areas were they are actively pursued. They have learned to have a healthy respect for humans where they are hunted.
  12. Mark Knapp

    Cabin build

    He's a lone wolf. 😁
  13. Probably in 10 days or so, we'll be down there for 5 or six days.
  14. I like all the stuff you tie, and I like these too. Very cool, or maybe I should say "HOT"
  15. Generally, the word Kokanee is used (in the lower 48) to mean land locked red (sockeye) salmon. We don't have any red salmon, our state only stocks Kings (Chinooks) and Silvers (Coho) salmon. In my 37 years fishing Quarts lake I have caught all four species in the lake lots of times, we call that a Quartz Lake slam (Rainbow, Char, Silvers and Kings). This year we have already caught and released about 280 fish through the ice. We haven't caught any char yet this year, they seem to be the most elusive where we fish.
  16. Not a fan of the camo job. (he said in the nicest way he could think of)
  17. Good job James. I'm not going to knit pick you to death about foggy lenses and cameras pointed at nothing. I appreciate the moose shots, that was a nice touch. I also appreciate that you didn't do a lot of hollering on the ice. By now you probably know that the regs allow a total of ten fish per day including all four species in the lake, silvers, kings, char and rainbows. Only one over 18 inches. If you ever see me at my motor home or fish house there, stop and say hi.
  18. You are welcomed to come up and spend a week with me in my house.Β  I know it's a stretch to fly to Alaska just for some ice fishing but if you'd like to you are welcomed.

    PS, Alaska is a pretty much a mask free zone once you get out of the airport. That would be a nice change for you I would think.

  19. Mine is a 30 inch rainbow. I've seen 3 of them come out of my favorite Ice fishing lake. My biggest to day was a 28 1/2 inch one. Expand my list of Alaskan sport fish caught on an original fly pattern of my own. I'm at 29 now. My only other one is to try and fish more 😁.
  20. Good one, I wish you luck.
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