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  1. Yep, I have the same thing for my fluffy ones too. The flat ones are really nice because I can get a snotload of flies in a very small space. Fly boxes are like tackle boxes, shops, boats and garages, they're never big enough.
  2. Correct, perfect for streamers not so much for fluffy stuff.
  3. Both good ideas. Thanks. I have some oak to match my new desk, and the first one wasn't exactly like I wanted so I'm going to do a new one maybe using some of these ideas.
  4. That's a great idea, I'v been thinking of something to put on the top to protect it. I won't glue it in though, so I can change it out when it gets scabby. I can be sloppy with the head cement and CA glue at times. Thanks for the great idea.
  5. Are we allowed to talk about spinning gear on this site? Seems like it would be sacrilege. Of course I'm just teasing.
  6. Storing my big streamers, up to eight inches long, and carrying them to the fishing grounds, had been a problem for me. Until I saw my wife with a plastic paper file that she keeps her store coupons in. I had her pick me up a few. Problem solved.
  7. I like it too, I'm going to try and make one work for my new desk. Thanks
  8. Well this one is solid wood except for the plywood drawer bottoms. I saw one like it on eBay for $1,500.00. When I saw no one bidding on it I jumped in, i'm really glad I got it.
  9. The flies in this thread are crazy good, but so is the photography. I'm going to post some stuff, here's where my beginner status becomes evident. I challenged myself to tie some #26s. Here's some moose hair mosquitoes, black gnats and some nymphs. #26 was the smallest I could get locally. Now I have some #30s, I'll try them some day. Up in the arctic, the rivers are really young and mostly sterile. There are not many aquatics for fish to feed on. We have mostly terrestrials and spiders make up the vast majority of those. So I tied up a few spiders and beetles for next summer. These are all 12s and 14s with yarn, peacock hurl and ostrich hurl. I tied some more what I call "Salmon Fork Smolt" This is what I caught my big laker on as well as some really big pike, shefish and a bunch of other species. It's got polar bear fur, some blue bucktail and jungle cock eyes, with a little flash thrown in. and some "Chichigof Herring". I fish these in the salt for halibut, ling cod and rock fish. Here's a slightly different version of the "Chichigof Herring", These are on size 6/0 hooks. I also tie them a little longer with a stinger hook.
  10. You may be talking about surgical tubing.
  11. I went to a fund raising auction for the outdoor sports this week end and bid on a roll top desk. I got it for $350.00. This old desk is what I used to use. And the tool board is kind of my "white trash" answer to the fly tying station. Here's my new desk. Now I need to build a new tool rack, can't put that ugly old thing on this desk, just wouldn't be right. This is my private man area, it's likely to never be this neat again. The left side is my engraving area, (for knives I build). Here's my feather and fur cabinet. I try to keep everything I may need in there. It gets cold up here sometimes and I don't want to have to run out and get something if I should run out. I'll show you what my new tool rack looks like when I get it done. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.
  12. Well, he does host this site, and he bankrolls it at no cost to you and me. That ought to count for something. I'm sure it's not inexpensive to do.
  13. I've seen it before, someone can provide a good product, but be a horrible businessman. I like this site and will continue to try and support it but it shouldn't be so hard to give the guy some business.
  14. Yep. Got it. It's going out tomorrow. No shipping money necessary, I might need some help here someday.
  15. I like this site, and was going to try and support it. I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that if I ordered something from Green Caddis it might support the site. Besides, I like some of the stuff in the ad. But, when I click on the link, I get a message with some technical jargon that the site has gone over their data thingy and can't be supported. Here's the real language; "The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later." What do I do?
  16. Kimo, I have a lot of moose mane (we grow the stuff here) I would be happy to send you (and any one else) some if you PM me your address. Mark Mahalo! I picked some up and am experimenting. Thanks again for the offer. Kimo You are welcomed. I'm sending some to two other members, anybody else?
  17. Kimo, I have a lot of moose mane (we grow the stuff here) I would be happy to send you (and any one else) some if you PM me your address. Mark
  18. You are a fortunate man. A practice stream, grandchildren to tie with and teach to cast. Have fun.
  19. Yes, middle of summer, July. 60 to 80 degrees. You definitely should do it. I can help point you in the right direction if you decide to come up.
  20. Fishing the Salmon and Aniak rivers in Alaska The Dollies aren't big here, but they are pretty. The grayling get pretty big (for grayling) and they sure are pretty. This chum salmon hit an egg with milt pattern. A good fight on a 5 wt. The rainbows are sure pretty, they call these ones with all the spots leopard rainbows. This is one of my chunkiest rainbows of the trip. The rainbows here are all catch and release, so we let them all go. I was catching over a hundred fish a day, toward the end of each day we'd keep enough Dollies and grayling for a meal. Caught some Sockeyes too. It was very difficult to get them to bite a fly, most were foul hooked. One of the brightest dollies. We call this one a "real toad" he's so chunky. A char wrapped in bacon. Yum. Sitting in my long johns while I dry my clothes. These chrome-bright cohos are fresh from the ocean. Here's a nice buck. A nice female. What a great trip, scheming another one.
  21. I'm just waiting for my check from the Nigerian Prince to arrive. Once I get that then you guys will all get paid. What a coincidence, I'm still waiting for mine too.
  22. Woo hoo, a promotion already. Does that come with a pay raise? yep pretty good one 50% raise the next ones even bigger, after that they are a little more normal like 10 percent until you become a moderator that's like a 500% raise but there's all this responsibility, so it might be more trouble than it's worth. That's what I'm talking about. A 50% raise in the first week. I'm already circling stuff in the Orvis Catalog. Just one question though, when does it start to show up in the pay check? I don't see it anywhere.
  23. Woo hoo, a promotion already. Does that come with a pay raise?
  24. I just went through Oct. flies from the vise. I can look at you guy's fly ties all day. ( I can't say that three times real fast though)
  25. All of the flies I see in this thread are very nice, but this one just does it for me.
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