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  1. Going fishing for a week, talk to you guys later.
  2. That is funny, I would have thought the the big bears would be in there too. They can weight 1200 pounds. We weighed one that was 1,185 pounds.
  3. Yes you can tie with grizzly. They have regular hunting seasons and we have plenty in Alaska.
  4. You might need to move north some.
  5. The main reason to hunt these bears is for population control. They live on an island and have no predators themselves. If some are not taken there would soon be too many and they would eat everything else on the island, deer, reindeer, elk, foxes, beavers etc. then there would be nothing for them to eat and they too would soon be gone. We take 5% each year to hold the population at a stable level. It's been working like that for about a hundred years so it seems to be a good system. Also, as in the OP, the big bears we kill are past the breeding age and kill and eat a lot of other bears. We have tried eating them but they are not very good to eat. In the spring, when they are in the rut, they taste very bad. In the fall, after they eat fish all summer they taste fishy. They are also very tough to chew, we pressure cooked the tender loins from one for 45 minutes one time and it was still tougher than a raw hide chew bone. Grizzly bears are the only big game animals that we don't have wanton waist laws on (where you have to save all the meat). Some people eat grizzlies from the interior (Not coastal bears) where they eat more berries than fish. Black bears are good to eat.
  6. Thanks everybody, and you are welcomed.
  7. Thanks everybody. Looking forward to seeing all your rooms too.
  8. Yes it is, good eye. That's my old trap line radio.
  9. Yes, it's my escape room. My wife never has to wonder where I am. Whenever a friend comes over to visit they just go to the fly room.
  10. A little of that, but I'm in there all every day so I never get a chance to forget about anything even if it's messy.
  11. Those are drawers from our local Radio Shack from when they went out of business. Now we don't have a Radio Shack but I do have the drawers. I love to see yours, and the rod building area.
  12. The only thing that works for me is moth balls. I must have a strain of super bugs up here (the grub turns into a moth) they are very tough. Cedar and other things don't work. Yes, all the drawers with naturals in them have a copious amount of moth balls in them. It has to be replenished from time to time.
  13. Yep, it's great fun. The most I've ever caught in one day is 126. The biggest ever was a 28 inch rainbow.
  14. I'm sure I could put it out a little earlier but I wait for a minimum of 14 inches.
  15. Yep, I built it off of my old boat trailer. When I'm ready to move I crank it up with the winch and hook it to the truck.
  16. Explaining how to tell a big bear from a small bear on another forum brought me down memory lane recently. I dredged up some pictures to illustrate the difference and I thought some of you might like to see some pictures of really big bears. That's me on the right. I have changed a little. These first two bears were fighting when we found them. This is the biggest bear I ever guided for, number 18 in the book. This picture gives you an idea of how big they really are. By the time bears get this big, they are almost all past their breeding age. They actually are not good for other bears in the area. We killed one that we watched eat two young brown bear cubs. After we got the boar, we uncovered a sow that he had killed and cached, the mother of the two cubs he ate. The sow had a radio collar and ear tags. We turned the equipment into the bear biologist in the area and learned that the sow had been very productive, turning out a pair of twins every breeding cycle since she had been collared. The biologist said he had really hated to lose her.
  17. The ice finally got thick enough to deploy the hard fish house. Had a beautiful sunset the first day. The rainbows are pretty in this lake and some of them get big. I'm hunting for a thirty incher this year.I normally fish wit one baited pole and one without bait. I catch most of my big ones on the pole with no bait. They've seen it all before. My first double of the trip. I caught 47 fish on this day. Other friends were in the "escape pod" close by. They've got three 18 - 20 inch rainbows outside. One of my 18 inchers. Depending on which fins are missing, you can tell in what years these trout have been caught in a test net. Dave with a good'n. This one was 22 1/4 inches. It got up to eighty degrees in the house, had to shed some clothes. This is an average fish for this lake. My notes say we've let go about 175 of these so far this winter.
  18. A while back I posted pictures of my fly tying room in total disarray. Fearing that I may smeared my rep. by showing the room, here I submit new pictures of the room after having cleaned it up some. It took me a full three days to clean it up and it did cut into my fishing time but a think it was worth it. We've done threads like this before but please feel free to post pictures of your fly tying room.
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