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    Cabin build

    No I don't, I would call the DOT (Department of Transportation.)
  2. Yep, just been filling knife orders like crazy and then went on an extended ice fishing trip. Now I'm working like crazy again and cleaning up my fly tying room, leaving for another trip on the 2nd. Really trying for a thirty inch rainbow through the ice. Thanks for thinking of me
  3. I can send you some dark beaver ASAP. No problem. Let me know. PM me your address.
  4. They are some of what separates us from all the rest of the feral animals out there. Literally. 😄
  5. Good for him, he should get a raise.
  6. Hi Landon, I think you are doing a fine job and learning along the way. One thing is for sure, no matter what you write, someone will find something to dispute it. Don't get discouraged. It just seems to be the sport of the internet to knit-pick everything.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Hunker down guys. Hoping for a warm, uneventful few days for you all. See you on the other side. At least the wind will keep the power lines from coming down.
  8. @Jaydub Wow, That's really good, thanks
  9. @Moshup and @chugbug27 Very nice stuff. Nice use of the moose hock, if you need more.... every moose has four of them you know. Very nice ties everyone.
  10. He "bit the snow" funny. Congrats.
  11. I think probably the "God" tips are the best tips.😁 The tip from Ronn Lucas is good too. I have used that method and have been most successful with it.
  12. Mark Knapp


    She sounds like the best kitty ever. We have one now that my brother left me, and he's quite a dude. At first he was quite stand-offish but now he's realizing that everything he needs, including affection is either going to come from Angel or Me. But he lets you know when you can give him affection.
  13. I'm not an expert on these things but, I think it looks very good.
  14. That's a nice one. Congrats.
  15. Mark Knapp


    I'm Sorry Mikey.
  16. He's watching down the ice hole to see fish. The water's only 10 feet deep and very clear. We can see everything that goes on down there.
  17. Well, we don't have to worry about keeping drinks cold. Don't have to worry about putting the fish on ice, they're already on ice when you catch them. No bugs and we don't have to carry sunscreen. And, we don't have to worry about someone coming by in a big boat and swamping us.😊 Oh yeah, and we don't have to worry about poisonous snakes, anacondas and gators.😁😄 PS, a lot of times, when we go during the week, we will be the only ones on the lake. Crowded conditions?
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