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  1. We each fished two holes. I like to jig in one hole and use a bobber in the other. Some of my friends fished both holes with bobbers. I think that tip-ups would be very ineffective in this lake. None of the fish in this lake are aggressive biters. Tip-ups would just snap the baits away from fish as they gingerly tried to de-bait the hooks.
  2. On Friday after Thanksgiving I loaded up my Mobile Ice Fishing Headquarters (MIFH) with gear and friends for four days of ice fishing 100 miles south east of Fairbanks. My Mobile Ice Fishing Headquarters, a 1991 Jamboree by Fleetwood. The sled loaded with the escape pod, gear and lunches. Here are some of the usual suspects, my cousin Dianna and her most significant other, Erik. I'm warming up to Erik quickly because he takes me to remote places in his airplane. At first I wasn't too sure about him because he was just some guy she met on an airstrip and she fell for his best pick-up line, "You want to go flying?" His airplane is a chick magnet. Now that he takes me flying too sometimes, I think he's OK. Steve, another one of my best buds. He's praying to the fish gods. Dave with one of our best fish of the trip, a chunky 20 incher. And then there was me, sometimes they call me "The fishin' magician" a nick name I reluctantly accept, what are ya gunna do? I'm double fisting it with two jigging poles. The escape pod all set up and ready to go with a full moon in the clear morning sky. Dave with a nice stocked king. The Cuz. with her first of the day. We're using home tied jigs and home cured baits. Erik with a nice rainbow. The geezer with one of seventy five we caught in the four days. Our biggest of the trip, a 22 inch rainbow. A pretty one. This is one of the five we kept for eating. Another good'n. I like to fish one un-baited pole and one baited one. The sun sets on another fantastic trip. The MIFH is parked way over there. I can't wait to go again.
  3. It's not working for me, my email program pops up.
  4. I'm lovin' the effects you're getting with those ribs.
  5. I like to have multiples of the same size or similar rods to have them rigged up for different situations without having to re-rig. (that's for boat work)
  6. Nice flies Chug, Glad you are having fun with the stuff.
  7. I have a 2/0, 3, 4, 3-6's, 8, 9, 2-10's, 12,13, 2-14's and a 16wt. I intended to go by 2's but I buy mostly at estate sales and on eBay so I buy what I can get close to what I want if it's a good deal.
  8. Mark Knapp

    2020 MEMES

    Mike, you broke the rules for this thread, it clearly states in the Original Post that the memes have to be fishing related. Maybe James will allow it.😁 Just yankin' your chain.
  9. Wow, what a nice day you had. Nice to see you in the orange canoe. Nice dark colors on the fish in that pond. Not to be too picky but I like to watch people cast too, not just the catches. I like to see the choices people make for fly placement. Nice video, good for you.
  10. I thought you were going to say you almost died. Glad it wasn't that.
  11. OK, Thank you guys, I'm beginning to get it all straightened in my mind now.
  12. So are the classic Victorian salmon flies we see in "Artistic & Classic Salmon Flies" and spey flies all one and the same? Or are spey flies different?
  13. I use mine. It has very long hackles. I could tie a fly with it (or many flies with it) every day for the rest of my life and never use it up.
  14. Ice will go out in the middle of May. Six months of ice fishing is good, less than six months of fly fishing is bad.
  15. Sorry to have done that to you.
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