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  1. Very cool, it looks like a biggin.
  2. Yep, I can't go back either. Those look great, even if they don't have gadwall in them.😀 You must have a slightly different recipe than Norms. They all look good to me.
  3. I can't see page 12 so if you addressed me in any way Poopdeck, I can't see it.
  4. I would think you were right but I think that wire gauge would be the only thing, then they could have marked it up three sizes and added "extra fine wire"
  5. I had one in an aquarium too, about 44 years ago. His name was Schnidley Whiplash because of the way they fish.
  6. I have some gadwall, you want some? Teal and wood duck are great substitutes. Nice bug.
  7. I think I learned that in first grade when I traced my hand to draw a thanksgiving turkey for my Mom. 😁
  8. As a marketing tool, the video was great, but did we need a video to show us how to cut a shape out of a sheet of material with scissors?
  9. I think it's very pretty and if that's your first attempt, very nicely done.
  10. I'm sorry but the hair pins that hold the body on do not look to-scale to me.😁 Nice build dude.
  11. Bummer about tying night. I actually have about two mooses worth of main right now. People are always dropping stuff off. It's like when they know you are a knife maker, I come home and there's truck springs at my front door.
  12. I have some extra if you need some.
  13. Good for you! It's quite an achievement.
  14. No, we have no bass, sunfish or walleye. Fishing for sunfish is one thing that I really miss about living in Alaska. The thing about Havasu sunfish is that they are huge, the last four world records were from there. 17 1/2 inches long was the biggest. We caught a 15 incher.
  15. Very well said, but I'll add, If you have the sincere desire but not the money to spend, like I was when I was a kid, and you come to a site like this, there are lots of good folks here that will help you get started. I will send a kit to anyone that really wants to do it but for one reason or another doesn't have funds for it. It'll be one of the kit vises, (I have several) and all the stuff you need for whatever kind flies you want to tie. PM me with your address and give me an idea of the kind of fish you want to catch or the patterns you want to tie.
  16. If it was not worth it, in one way or another, none of us would be doing it.
  17. Thanks for the tip. I went to ebay, and I think you are right. it's the one. I didn't have a SA reel yet so I bought it. If the extra spool fits, and it should, I will have a new reel and an extra spool. Thanks Philly and everybody, I knew this group would find it.
  18. For right now, I'd have to say Lake Havasu.
  19. Ah ha, I did see some Orvis reel that were very similar and didn't have an "Orvis" on the button. We're getting close. I'd just like to find it a good home because it's in such good condition. Never had line on it. Thanks guys.
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