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  1. Oh man, it was good. I substituted cauliflower for potatoes because the potatoes aren't kito-compliant. Couldn't really even tell.
  2. Glad I could help😁. I think that fly would be fine like it is if you fished it on the other side of the equator, like in New Zealand or Australia. Thank you for your kind words too.
  3. That's a picture from the 70's. Bill Pinnell, a well know bear guide on Kodiak Island found the human skull, the brown bear skull and the broken rifle. Really tells a story huh.
  4. I looked it up. Turns out it's "Frosty Flies". Thanks. They had some very realistic looking bodies and wings. I'm not really as much into the synthetic materials as much as I am naturals. I had the wings from an estate I bought so I thought I'd try them. Just trying a bunch of things to see what I like the most. I like the stuff I can make myself the most. Thanks.
  5. I didn't notice that. The observation skills on this human are strong.
  6. Yes, that's nice. That's kind of what I started with.
  7. Yes, that rings a bell. I think that was hand written on a package. Thank you
  8. This fly is tied backward. Usually the head (hook eye) is to the right and the tail is to the left. πŸ˜‹ Other than that it's perfect.
  9. I think it looks great. I don't know about traditional form on that fly but I bet fish will eat it up.
  10. Do you know who makes them? Where I can see more? Thanks.
  11. The only reason this thread can go bad is if people start using foul language. 😁 The people here are all good people so I'd say chances are slim. Sorry I can't help you. I'm the guy that just sits back and cracks jokes but doesn't contribute anything constructive.
  12. That's a great warranty, I have some Simms now, that I haven't put a hole in yet (I'm pretty sure). They were given to me as a tip from a guy I guided. I like them, Simms will be my next purchase.
  13. I agree, for $170.00 they should last at least a year. I keep trying to find good ones but I admit I run from a $500.00 price tag like sun fish do when they see Mike launch his boat.πŸ˜‹
  14. Knife makers spend a lot of time looking at antler to find the sections that work right. The right size, the right taper, curved in the right place and straight in the right place. That one looks pretty good.
  15. I started using UV resin instead of silicone. Here's some more of them, tried a blue one for a damsel fly too. Here's the first one with the new bodies. It had three tails when I started, don't know what happened to one of them. Got a bunch of these hooks in with a lot of vintage stuff at an auction. They seem perfect for these ext. body mayflies. These are size 16.
  16. I don't mind your .02 at all. That is a blue gill, and your are correct, we don't have them in Alaska, this one is in memoriam of a fine trip I had with a very good friend of mine in Washington State. It's a vintage skin-on mount that I got from eBay that I happened to find while I was Googling places to have a reproduction made. I also found a mounted group of four on a piece of drift wood that I sent to my host. They were extremely reasonably priced. The fly tying room is still a work in progress, I have a gun safe in the pole barn and plans for some more shelving for the vises and fly tying books. I also have to label more of the drawers. I also have a rack for the fly rods. The problem is, I'd have to clean up the room before I can do all that stuff. There-in lies the problem. I'd rather work in my fly room than work on the fly room. I'll probably work on it this winter. (Maybe) There's ice fishing to do too.
  17. Thanks Chug, I'll gitter done this week I hope
  18. I can never keep a pair of waders over a year. I guess I'm just too rough on stuff. We don't have any groomed fishing trails though. It's always rose hips and devils club, thick brambles and stuff. Real jungle warfare.
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