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  1. Sounds like you need another "Little Monkey head". I hate losing pets but I hate not having a pet more. I was left with my little brothers cat, "Max", and he doesn't even like me but I will miss him when he's gone.
  2. It's $4.46 a gal. right now up here. And we drill it and make it in state. Check with me in a week. Scary.
  3. Thanks guys, it's a lot of fun. I just love the smiles on those kids.
  4. What I think is, he's clinging to Squatch and as Squatch is crossing the stream to fish the pool from another angle the stone nymph falls off. He should'a hung on better.
  5. I'm pretty sure I didn't have one on there.
  6. It took me a while but I see the innuendo now. It's really pretty funny, glad I came up with it.🤣
  7. Actually, I don't think pike are scared of anything.
  8. Something I've been playing with. This is an eight inch streamer with a split Lady Amherst tail feather palmered around an an articulating body of 200 pound test mono. It's intended for large pike.
  9. No, it will likely get torn up pretty quickly but, will it matter? The fly will look sexy to start with and the herl will go away first but the fly will still likely keep producing until the rest of the fly gets used up a bit. But 20 bass, probably not.
  10. OH boy, what a nice looking puppy. Here's to a long and happy friendship. Life without a buddy is not a life.
  11. Mark Knapp


    Read what he said with sarcasm intended. You just need to know the guy a little better.
  12. Mark Knapp


    Sounds like an exciting trip. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  13. Just to be clear, the rules have been changed, you only need 30 posts to sell on "The Classifieds" on this site.
  14. I actually caught this fish a few years ago. It is the same lake though. There have been 30 inchers in there, I've been trying to better my personal best. The lake goes through cycles though, it seems like they're a smaller class of fish in there right now, no ones been catching anything over 25 inches. Two years ago three thirty inch fish were caught. They were all put back but it's likely they all died anyway, they were all very near the ends of their lives. It's likely I'll have to wait for another high cycle to get my 30 incher. All the conditions to make a big fish have to be perfect.
  15. Yeah, we don't wait around either, we just have to do it a different way. I caught my biggest trout ever through the ice. A 28 1/2 inch rainbow.
  16. I'm surprised you don't have one tied up. 😃
  17. Those are all very nice Mr. Foster
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