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  1. I know you were, I just thought some people would be wondering what it was.
  2. I personally don't count that as a fail. If we caught every big one we hooked it wouldn't be that special when we do catch them. I wonder if that fish sticks out more in your mind because you didn't catch it than it would if you had caught it.
  3. Thanks bud. That noise is me stripping line through my guides 120 feet away. It's amazing that the Go-Pro picks it up.
  4. Hmm. It's a conundrum, a Quandary, an enigma. I haven't read the book (although I might, now that you brought it to my attention) and I am mostly just a wise guy anyway so to quote another famous fly fishing author, I say "Let's just go fishing" 😁
  5. Oh my gosh she's a cutie, and the fly is pretty too. Way to go Grandpa. U a lucky dude.
  6. Nice work there bud.
  7. Did you measure it? What a beast.
  8. All great stories you guys. I love it. Here's another one I can't forget. A 22 pound 38 3/8' pike on a five wt.
  9. Never gotten to do that either, What a nice fish.
  10. That sure is a pretty fish Norm. I've never gotten to fish Montana.
  11. Nice, Nice water. Who wouldn't love to fish there.
  12. Very nice, thanks for the story.
  13. Yep, all those and pixies with egg center and silver and fl. orange Mepps No. 5 for silvers.
  14. Here's another one. Tiger rockfish on a fly. I had been trying for six years to get one. Then I did, not only that but I got it all on video. This is 120 feet down on my fly line. If you turn up the sound at the end, you can hear how excited I was.
  15. This thread is about you most memorable catches ever. I have several most memorable catches. I'll show some mine and I'd love to see some of yours. This is one of my most memorable rainbows ever, not because he was big but because he was a challenge to catch. Everything was hitting egg patterns or flesh flies but not him. I was sight fishing the Aniak River in western Alaska and put an egg pattern right past him several times, he looked at it and followed it but stuck his nose up at it. Then I tried a flesh fly, nothing doing. Rejection. Both of those flies had been catching fish all day. There were rotting fish on the gravel bars so I decided to put on a maggot fly, tied from latex glove material. Bang, he hit it without even a second look. What a blast.
  16. That's a bold statement. Which flies? (it's better if you quote the guy you are talking about or at least say his name) Which fish? I bet they will !!!!. Some fish will literally eat any fly. If a guy liked to fish for pan fish or grayling, he could probably catch a fish on any fly that wasn't too big to fit in its mouth. IMHO. I have run into rainbows up here that would almost hit anything at times too. I do pretty good with midges on 14's at times. Blanket statements are problematic.
  17. Hi George, Here's the problem as I see it. Fly tying is steeped in tradition. Many of these flies have been tied the way they are for a long time. They call for specific hooks and specific materials. When I became a moderator here, I made it a point to try and make this a kinder place for people to post, but quite honestly when I saw your first post of the simulator I knew you were going to have a hard time here. Many people tie for a long time before posting a video. They practice and perfect the craft. To post a video that shows a poorly tied fly and label it, "How to ..." when it's not the way to tie it is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. At first you were taking the critique in a good way, now you're starting to get heartache over it. The problem is not that you are a new tier, and not that you like to video your work. The problem, as I see it is, that you are posting "how to" videos on incorrect flies. You could title them "My take on the ..." or "A variation of the ..." You would need to put in there that you used certain materials because that's what you had on hand. You can tie what ever you want but don't call it what it's not. These people can get cranky. The job of us moderators is to keep things from getting out of hand. If these posts get out of hand we will have to delete them. If you are here to learn, learn. These guys are really trying to be kind.
  18. Thanks everybody. I have been informed on another site that there are no steelhead in that river, just rainbows. So I'll have to plan another trip to another area for steelhead. I'm excited. Here's a blog I wrote about a similar trip I did a few years ago. That's why I'm going back. http://akflytyer.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-salmon-and-aniak-rivers-august-2013.html
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