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  1. Well guys, I just tried four times in a row to tie mine, and a whole lotta bad is going on. I think maybe I am just not quite ready, so I will have to back out....Arkfisher you now have a slot to join....sorry guys. Shawn :dunno:
  2. I'm in, first time swapper here, rules have been read, and I will be tying an Peacock Stimulator. Shawn
  3. So here are my first four, yeah they are buggers, but they turned out pretty ok. Now all I have to do is tie enough dry's and nymph's (possibly a few streamers) to have a full box for fishing, then I am all about the SWAPPIN'. :headbang: So just a hint to you meisters out there, feel free to start something easy Thanks for looking...... Shawn
  4. Try these if you haven't already... http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=10953 Shawn
  5. Could anyone possibly recommend a pictureful(not sure if that is even a word) book that would cover the fishing specific bugs of the northwest? Thanks for any insight, Shawn
  6. Alright I am at a loss. I downloaded the software, but now I cant download the shows. It is installed, and my current downloads are blank??? Any insight? Shawn
  7. Fly fishing to me has turned me into somewhat of an environmentalist. It has taught me to apreciate what is there besides the fish. That has led to annual river clean-ups, and me passing this clean-up attitude to my kids. So much so that if I leave the house on a fishing trip without a trash bag I get dirty looks and complaining from them :headbang: Good Stuff, Shawn
  8. Well let's see.... I have been fly fishing for about 4 months now. I have come to realize that I don't fish for the fish, I fish for the experience. For the time with the kids, for the scenery, for the fascinating hatch. Corny I know, and I am sure it will change once I get better and more confident with my casting. Now tying I have barely even started, as in still collecting materials and tools . So I would say that I am neither, heh... Sorry for the ramble. Shawn
  9. In step 8, when it says " Secure the strip with several wraps of thread. By wrapping over the trimmed excess it will slide inside the cone head, helping to secure it in place.", do mean just at the "excess edge" or all the way back to the bend and then forward again? Thanks....still learnin' Shawn
  10. Is there a "rule" in swaps regarding the use of barbed/barbless hooks? Basically, I fish with nothing but barbless hooks, and I will be starting to tie very soon :headbang: I plan on buying pretty much nothing but barbless hooks, but I want to get involved in lots of swaps, and I don't want to upset anyone. Would it be a good idea to buy barbed hooks for the purpose of swapping? :dunno: Thanks for any insight, Shawn
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