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  1. Thanks all...! Yes... I now realize I am officially "old" and even $100 doesn't get much these days. What i am likely to do is start with one of those "10 best flies" lists - guaranteed to catch arm length trout - and get what i need for those patterns and start there. Looks like there's a wealth of free Youtube videos for tying so i shouldn't need a book (you know, one of those old things made of paper that has pictures and text). OK, i have some work cut out for myself. Time to get my butt in gear.
  2. Is there a list on this site of what is a decent set of materials for a basic set of flies? I am just starting out and have a decent vise and tools but want to start a collection of threads/yarns/ and general fly tying materials. Is there a vendor with a decent package? i don't want to spend $100 and find that half of it is unusable. I realize that i can likely get some basics at various hobby shops but with tons of colors and various expenses it's difficult to choose. I think i'd like to get a set of threads/wires, tinsel and chenille and various feathers and furs. Re there vendors with basic sets of these at decent prices? It may be i am finally getting old as most prices seem ridiculously high. Any and all comments are welcome. My goals are to fish generically. I am retiring this spring and will be travelling all over as much as i can (just bought a new truck and truck camper). Thanks! Poppa
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