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  1. One old trick to thin hackle is to remove one side of the hackle fibers before tying it in.
  2. As a grandfather of 6, all of whom have at least tried fly tying/fishing I too must agree. Ever notice no one say's their favorite childhood memory was "playing video games"?
  3. Retirement planning or you could see about trading them for a LAW vise?
  4. I haven't cast a line since November! Here in Mass the fly fishing season is open all year but I generally don't get on the water until March. Right about now is when every new fly from the vise start talking to me. "let's go, let's go"...
  5. DFoster


    We have them here in Massachusetts as well and they make the first warm weeks of spring hell to be outside. 40% DEET works well enough to allow me to fish.
  6. Trout aren't that picky either- There's a saying something like "Flies for sale in fly shops are tied to get the attention of the angler not the fish".
  7. Beautiful looking hackle but at that price I would think it's more for someone tying framed show flies. For that money I would rather pad my stash with multiple "average" capes.
  8. Well Mike knowing how most cats feel about water I would say that's a mistake they would only make once. 😂
  9. Yep- because if she "falls in" I'll get a stern talking too (again).
  10. DFoster


    They look like size 18's and 20's? I hope you can get out on a nice late winter day. I have to physically be in Winthrop on Sunday for my Grand daughter's 7th birthday party but I'm pretty sure my mind will be at the Swift. 😮
  11. DFoster


    Yes I'm ready now too. We we're having a relatively easy winter until February arrived. The past 3 weeks have been filled with snow storms which translates into 2 hours of snow blowing and shoveling to do it correctly- not exactly fun after working all day. New England is not know for having a beautiful Spring, they are usually grey, damp and raw, with the occasional sunny 60 degree day followed by another snow storm. New England winters seem to hold like a snapping turtle. Many times the entire country will be in the 60's or better and then there we are with a forecast high of 42. But right now though 42 would feel like summer!
  12. Your so right, she went skiing with the grand kids last week and I got to stay home and tie flies uninterrupted in a quiet house. The real highlight though was getting to leave the toilet seat up all week!
  13. I agree! that looks like a spring attached to the ring?
  14. Maybe, but I might be in your best interest to not turn your back to her for a while and make sure you keep in touch with the forum Ok? 😉
  15. Please do- most of the inexpensive (generic) tying tools suffer poor QC from the factory. I have no problem opening the zip lock bag tools come in and trying them out in the store. Inexpensive tweezers can also vary greatly in tolerance from pair to pair.
  16. I would add that identical hackle pliers made from the same manufacturer are not all created equal. Take them out of the packages and inspect the jaws closely. Both pairs of the chrome English style below we're purchase from Cabela's for $3.99 and they work really well. That said I had to open and check roughly 6 packages holding each one up to the light before I found a pair that I couldn't see daylight between the jaw tips. I also tested them by clipping onto the plastic bag they came in and pulling. Most of them slipped off with differing levels of force so I bought the 1 out of 6 that gripped the best. The ring pair work fairly well and the long handle pair work fairly well.
  17. Why is it my wife who will tell me she doesn't want my tying desk to be messy doesn't notice our Grand kids have turned the entire 1st floor into what can be best described as a day care supply house explosion?
  18. Very elegant set up Chug! For some reason wives seem to hate having to look at fly tying setups? Which is probably why roll top desk are so popular 🤪.
  19. Oliver Edwards Says you always tie at least two, one for the fish and one for the tree- I have no choice. Our river fishing here in New England is often on small streams with lots of overhanging fly eating brush surrounding the best holes.
  20. Great stories everyone. For myself I can’t say I’ve lost too many items. I’ve lost two pairs of hemostats, one I found a week later on the bottom of the stream and the other is still missing in action. The only other thing I recall losing is a bottle of fly floatant. So I guess I’m ahead in the lost and found department. Mark finding a 44 Ruger Blackhawk in Alaska I would consider a good find. Here in Massachusetts I would wonder if it had been used in a crime-LOL.
  21. Wow guys now those are some finds! I love reading this stuff!
  22. What are some of the interested things you've recovered fishing? The other day I was walking our dog along the edge of a river and I happened to look down and noticed a Husky multi tool setting in 6" of water. It had wood grips and was in like new condition. Obviously it wasn't there very long. I happened to be wearing a pair of Muck boots and I was able to get out to it. As I put it in my pocket It got me to thinking about all the stuff I've recovered since getting my first pair of waders. On 2 separate occasions I have l found spinning rod set ups setting in 3' of water on the river bottom. Rod, reel and both were in usable condition. I took them home and gave them away. One was a nice Ugly Stick with a Shimano reel. It was very late in day, maybe a half hour before dark and with the rod and with the reel both being black I was fortunate to have noticed it. A florescent blue jerk bait was still hooked l in place on the back guide and gave it away. Not a soul was around and I am wondering did someone loose their temper and throw it into the river as I've see golfers do at water traps? This was fast water with plenty of rocks so a boat or canoe angler was unlikely. Another time I needed to use a tree and I found an empty Sage Rod Tube on the way. This was off the path and 30' from the parking area. It looked like it just came from the fly shop, not a mark on it. Did someone break the rod and toss the tube? Why it would be empty? How did it get so far off the path? I wish these things could talk. Every year I fill a cigar box with lures and bobbers recovered from trees and shrubs. Apparent casualties left behind by anglers who don't wade. I usually give them to my son in law who fishes with spinning gear a lot more often than I do. I have recovered an awful lot of flies through the years but they're usually in rough shape an not worth saving.
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