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  1. As an engineer I had to prove the concept so I hit the river behind my house after work. I tied a #12 Irish Mayfly on the perfection loop (upper fly) and a #16 weighted American Pheasant tail as the dropper. No indicator, the Irish mayfly was fishing just slightly down in the surface film. I hooked 2 browns, both on the Irish Mayfly, lost one and landed the one in the picture below. After also catching a blue gill and 2 fall fish I noticed the fly was getting pretty beat up, changing it out was easy and fast. It only took as long as it takes to tie a perfection loop and a Davy knot. 2 minutes and I'm fishing again. Thanks so much for sharing the tip!
  2. Atlantic Salmon fishing here in Massachusetts can be very humbling, but on the bright side I can still say I caught a salmon.
  3. Thank you Noahguide, I just had the "why didn't I think of that" moment". Genius system! this is exactly what I've been looking for. I tie my own leaders for sub surface so I have a blood knot about every foot which will keep the perfection loop dropper(s) from sliding. Thank you all for the replies-
  4. I agree with you that with a 2+ fly rig comes additional problems. For one If you get sloppy with a cast the ensuing snarls can be a whole new level of horrendous. If you miss a fish with an aggressive hook set on a two fly set up the results usually require cutting and starting over (It happens to me often). There are times I prefer not to spend the extra time required to set up a dropper and just get out on the river fishing. I also catch a lot more fish on the dropper than the upper fly. Still there are times I like to have the second fly. Fishing tandem soft hackles or winged wets in fast water, and 2 dries when the #2 fly is too small to see.
  5. Thanks Norm, I use methods 2 & 4 and they both work for me but they each have drawbacks. Method #1 the upper fly never seems to drift correctly. With method #4 the upper fly drifts nicely but if you want to change it out you have to cut the blood knot because the remaining tippet is usually to short to retie. In my experience if you leave the blood knot tag line long enough to retie it will wrap around the dropper.
  6. Thanks Sandan, I do the same thing with drys here in Massachusetts-
  7. I would love to hear everyone's opinions and preferences on fishing multi fly set ups- what is your preferred method to rig multiple flies? I have been going back and forth with various set ups for years. My state allows two flies max. Here are the two methods I currently use. 1) Leave a 6" tag on the tippet to leader blood knot and tying the first fly onto the tag with the bottom fly 18" away on the end of the tippet. The upper fly swims more naturally but because the tag is short I usually can't change the upper fly without cutting a new piece of 24" tippet, tying a new blood knot and leaving a new 6" tag. 2) Running the lower tippet through the eye of the upper fly. The upper fly doesn't swim as well because it's turned 90 degrees to the tippet but it's easier to change if necessary. I know a lot of people like tying the tippet to the hook bend but I have always struggled with that technique. I change flies fairly often so I'm hoping someone out there might have some advise. In full disclosure I haven't tried tippet rings yet- Thanks all, Dean
  8. I went 3 for 4 yesterday (lost a decent rainbow while he was dancing in the air) in a couple of hours fishing before dusk. The rainbow and the first Brook Trout I got on a #14 olive scud, fished dead drift off the bottom. Turbulent water so I had to use an indicator. The last brook trout was on a #12 dark leech pattern I tied with wolverine fur and fished streamer style. All released after a quick photo.
  9. I agree with both the G.R.H. E. and the American Pheasant Tail. The skills you will develop to tie either or both translate well to so many other flies. There probably hundreds of variations of each fly out there.
  10. Hi Abby, welcome! The craft store can be a fly tiers friend but there are a lot of materials you will need to get from the fly shop if you intend to tie a proper looking example. A good place to start is to choose a couple of simple patterns, on a manageable size hook, review the materials you'll need . You tube is a great resource for step by step instruction on how to tie a particular fly pattern.
  11. I'll pray for a successful outcome for you Norm. Please update us when your able.
  12. Not euphemistic at all; it's the name for specific species of chub. I kind of enjoy catching them. The larger ones put up a decent fight. I sometimes deliberately target them. If only they didn't crap into my hand every time I go to hook one .... I'd be happy with steeldrifter's sucker any day. +1, The larger Fall fish here will have you convinced you've hooked a trout. I'm glad to have them around as they keep things interesting when the trout don't want to play. I've noticed they seem to fight hardest when the water is cold.
  13. Beautiful fish- Spring here in New England has been cold and rainy.
  14. Beautiful fish, I've always had a soft spot for Yellow Perch-
  15. The local weather man reported it's rained something like 30 out of the last 40 days here in the Northeast. It might be time to start on the ark-
  16. Some of us would argue there's something to be said for brook trout caught in the fall-
  17. Some of us would argue there's something to be said for brook trout caught in the fall-
  18. Nice fish Mike- Here's a photo of a Massachusetts Blue Gill I caught last October. I notice the Florida fish have a different coloration to them than our locals.
  19. GC beautiful fish- I'm in Mass also and landed 4 of the commonwealth's Brook Trout on Saturday lost 2 others off the fly. I was in fast current and that forced me into some nice long fights-patient to protect the 6X tippet. For me that's a great day! I released all of them
  20. Here's a quick report from the stream. I fished a waist deep area of fairly slow moving water yesterday with a two fly set up. A black spider on the tip and a partridge and quill unweighted with Xink on the flies and the tippet, both size 14. I fished them upstream, dead drift and caught 5 fish. 3 on the Black Spider and 2 on the other. The interesting part to me anyway is all 5 of the takes occurred as soon as the fly submerged. Even with the Xink the flies float for a few seconds before slowly going under. I had no takes when the spider's eventually sunk to deeper water or while they briefly floated. Your results may vary-
  21. I have not tried sink juice and it may be the answer I'm looking for. The issue in shallow water is that after a few false cast the soft hackles dry and float rather than sink just below the surface-
  22. I was in a tobacconist store years ago when a guy came in and wanted to know what the "best" cigar in the store was. The owner replied "It's the one YOU like the best". I never forgot that-
  23. 95% of my fly fishing is on 20' wide, knee deep trout streams. Mostly I fish 7' 3" 3 weight that I love and I have 9' 5 weight for wider rivers or for the salmon run in the fall. Both rods are in the $200 range so not expensive at least not when compared to premium fly rods. Last year my father in law gave me a cir.1950's 9' 3 piece South Bend bamboo rod (5-6 weight) that I restored in my spare time. I removed all the original varnish, straightened the tip section, replaced the reel seat, grip, silk wrapped a set of new guides and re coated the spar varnish. All in, I'm into the rod for about $125 and 30 hours labor or so. Casting took some getting used to but in the process I realized I really like the feel of a bamboo rod. . Looking at it as an engineer, bamboo is much heavier, not as durable, more maintenance intensive and measurably inferior to a modern fly rod. But fly fishing is only part science, there's also a whole lot of art mixed in with it and I just like the feel of bamboo. Recently at an antique shop in Maine I found an old 7' 6" 2 piece bamboo rod in the 3 weight range that I paid $20 for. It's in rough shape but it can still be saved for about $100 and some love, I'm going to make time to work on her this summer-
  24. "If it was made on a Monday or a Friday"-
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