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  1. Well the wife's bathroom that I mentioned a few weeks back on this thread is done, at least the part she asked me to complete (New lighting, toilet and sink). I did get out today to fish the river behind my house which the state "claims" they stocked with brown trout yesterday. No browns but I did catch a couple of fall fish that made it fun. Any time on a river is a gift.
  2. In my early career I was a corporate pilot. They gave me a beautiful Comanche twin engine to fly but I realized I loath living out of hotel rooms. For the past decade I've worked as a utility engineer doing fiber network design.
  3. 10 years of tying and I still consider myself a student. However I did teach a few of my grandchildren some basic tying but I would hardly call them students. My goal was to let them experience catching a fish using something they created and just maybe open a new world of fishing possibilities for them. Sadly you can't take your vice and bench with you when you check out so I'm hopeful one or more of them will get bit by the bug.
  4. Here in Massachusetts you can fish most water year round if you can take the cold. Keeping fish/catch and release is regulated on some waterways by the time of the year. Generally (IMO) most fly anglers start to get out in March-April depending on the weather. Currently our rivers are really high because its been a wet spring so far-
  5. I agree Mike, gift cards never go to waste.
  6. Thank you all for the replies. Our local trout streams run about knee deep in most places but every now and again you get to a hole in the 6' range. In my state were allowed no more than 2 flies. My typical set up is to tie the first fly on with a non slip loop leaving a long tag to blood knot 18" of tippet for the point fly. With wind and cold fingers it can be time consuming. So when fishing a pair of soft hackles adding weight seemed like a good option for the deeper holes.
  7. When fishing moving water (rivers) does anyone add split shot when fishing soft hackles? I fish them in the traditional way, swung or dead drift on unweighted line in shallow moving water. They usually sit in or just below the surface film. I am wondering if they can be effective in the deeper pools with the addition of weight on the line? Thanks!
  8. I would be curious about what percentage of fly fishermen are also tiers? Judging from people I've spoken with on the water arround these parts I would guess about half? Apologies Greg if this derails the thread to much.
  9. A kid in my first grade class brought a tying kit to a show and tell at school and I thought it was the coolest thing. I grew up as a lure fisherman because I didn't know anyone who knew how to fly fish and youtube didn't exist. Still I never lost the fascination and I would always pay close attention on the rare occasion the Saturday morning fishing shows would do a segment on fly fishing or rarer still, tying. Life got in the way and I went decades without fishing at all until 2009 while on a family vacation to Maine I got the bug again and decided to relive my youth. I went all in both learning to fly fish and tie at the same time. 10 years later I'm having a ball!
  10. My wife and I are remodeling one of our bathrooms. It's amazing how simple projects evolve into a small monsters, "Well as long as it's apart we should....." My spring fishing time is being consumed before my eyes-
  11. I beleive they're just video producers. Thank you-
  12. The producers of this film, Carpe Diem have dozens of very well made fly fishing shorts on You tube. Does anyone out there know anything about them? Their films seem to be made in Europe. Are they a retailer, the European version of Orvis? I did a quick google search and there is a Carpe Diem fly fishing based in Virginia but I don't believe they are the same organization. I subscribe to the you-tube channel but I can't find anything about them on it either. Their films are very well done and I am curious about who they are. Thanks all!
  13. Good stuff here- http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=88033
  14. Just a guess but the hemos do offer a lot of open space around the hook. For me the down side would be that there is nowhere to rest my left hand. Now that's going to get us into another three pages of potential solutions! That's got to be better than working, right?
  15. Just a guess but the hemos do offer a lot of open space around the hook. For me the down side would be that there is nowhere to rest my left hand.
  16. I had to go look ... found one for $22,000.00. Yes ... that's twenty two THOUSAND dollars. Gulp!
  17. I use winged wets and spiders often. Winged March Brown, Greenwells Glory and the Royal Coachman, Cinnamon and Gold are favorites of mine. For spiders it's hard to beat Stewarts Black or the Partridge and Orange-
  18. +1 on Cortland 444, I too have a weakness for the classics.
  19. Great idea Mark! Consider stainless or other low maintenance metals. Really looking forward to your "progress" post- Good luck!
  20. For Trout I like size 12 to 18 with most of my ties on #14's and 16's. Personally I lean toward whatever is least expensive or on sale as long as I know the name. Most of my fishing is tight quarters on small rivers. Lots of overhanging and submerged brush so I tend to loose flies before things like rust or head cement failing become an issue. The trout in my area seem to max out in at 16 inches. I haven't had a hook fail, knots yes but not the hook-
  21. I hear you (or not.) Spent many years myself standing on a stage between a Marshall half-stack and a drum riser and a monitor. I have had ringing in my ears for about twenty years. Same here- sadly self inflicted. The ringing never goes away but on the bright side the sound of rushing water from my favorite trout rivers does over power it-
  22. No biggie- 3/4 correct is a successful day if you work for the media!
  23. 40 years of playing music professionally gave me severe hearing loss, took 6 thousand of my hard earned dollars in exchange for mostly useless hearing aids (nothing beats the factory equipment) so subtitles are more a requirement than a choice for me. My two favorite tyers are Mcphail and Edwards. As an American with my hearing I really struggle with their accents and I have to watch their videos with headphones to pick out detail. I do this mostly for the historical information and suggested fishing technique about a given fly than the tying process. Be a musician they said, it will be fun they said-
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