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  1. Here in New England its finally warmed up to freezing- time to clean and dress the lines, lube the reels and check the gear. After a few dark winter months of tying it will be nice to get out and cast a line.
  2. Here's a "Two Feather Fly" variant - tied with pheasant flank instead of wood duck- I tied a few last night out of a variety of flank and saddle feathers. I read these flies were real popular through the 1970's. I haven't fished one yet but I understand their a good slow water fly because they land extremely softly. Has anyone else tied or used them?
  3. The clear wrapping that a premium cigar comes in seems to be good material for making wing buds and wings. I noticed that if you crumble a piece, then unfold it and cut it to shape it takes on the appearance of veins. You can make some really realistic looking wings this way. I have made a few sets of wings but haven't actually tied a fly with one yet- Must be the cabin fever getting to me, 4 degrees here yesterday morning.
  4. I like these waterproof boxes made by Flambeau. I haven't had a issue with the hackles being damaged.
  5. Norm the cellophane on the iPhone is way more reflective than a plastic bag, almost like a mirror but clear at the same time. Everyone throws it away when they get the phone. I'm pretty sure the stuff is fairly common in the electronics industry. The photos I posted don't capture how reflective/shiny the cellophane is.
  6. For what it's worth I just got a new iPhone and the glossy cellophane that it came wrapped in makes really nice shell bodies. The stuff is definitely more difficult to tie with than thin skin but it's got a bright reflective quality to it. The photo doesn't really capture the effect.
  7. Whoa- I see cane bamboo and planing forms so your a serious when it comes to rod building. And the LAW vice is really, really nice to have- Welcome back!
  8. I completely agree- I believe presentation is more important than pattern. I've had plenty of fish grab a small fluorescent orange football indicator back when I used one while ignoring well tied nymphs. I have a hard time imagining what natural they would mistake an indicator for but as a food trigger the size and drift were correct. The madness of trying to think like a fish with a brain the size of a pea is all part of the fun!
  9. Thanks Mark- I have mostly filled in my dry, winged wets and nymph boxes. April can't be to far away-
  10. I tie and carry both. That way once the local trout are finished mocking me by rejecting my well thought out and carefully presented offerings, I can resort to changing out numerous flies one after the other. - When I'm fortunate I happen on a pattern they like that day.
  11. Winter- time to fill the holes the fly box's.
  12. I'll second that and add any of the "Royal" patterns (Wulff/Coachman) work on brookies, wets and dries.
  13. +1- Unless a vise has been abused a quality used vise is a great option. I tied for the past 8 years on a Renzetti Traveler and other than the finish wear at the point the bobbin rest rotated on the stem it looked like the day I bought it.
  14. Thanks for posting that Silver! I haven't been tying long enough to remember the "Poor hackle" I hear the long timers talking about.
  15. Well Mike we have one cat (actually seems like the cat has us) and two of our grand children are under 3 so all hooks have to be accounted for. Another reason I keep it neat is that my wife gave me a corner of her home office. Believe me neatness is a fair trade for the heat and natural light that my basement doesn't have. It's really not to hard to keep the desk clean, I spend a few minutes when I'm done putting everything back and I keep a hand held dust buster under the desk for a quick vac of stray fibers.
  16. I found these on Etsy. They are cam lock pliers used for holding jewelery.. I haven't seen them in person but they sure look like I could find a use for them on my bench.
  17. -5 here in New England this morning. A good reason to stay inside and tie!
  18. I'm not sure how it ended up posting here? I thought I was adding these to the bench data base but thank you. Mark Knapp told me people who are organized are to lazy to look for their tools- LOL. I would say that I'm too lazy to memorize where I last left everything. Besides I've noticed there seems to be an inverse relationship between the rate of material accumulation and rate of age related memory loss.
  19. One of the pro tiers at the Marlborough show said he watched Lee tie back in the 70's and that he actually had "strange looking" flat callouses on his index finger and thumb from years of holding hooks-
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