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  1. It's 48 degrees out with a forecast high of 58, the sun is shining and there is only a gentle breeze, an absolutely perfect day to be casting a line. But not for me because I'm stuck at my @#$% office watching another perfect fishing day slip away through a window. Earning a living is really starting to interfere with my fishing. For anyone out there who's also got the "work ethic" curse here's 4 minutes of sanity-
  2. Wow that's beautiful water! I also always have an eye out for hidden Brook Trout streams here in Central Mass. Most anglers won't spend the time or effort trying to locate cold high gradient streams to catch (and release) such a small fish but to me they are a jewel. Sadly as you know so much land here is posted. I used the Mass Wild Trout streams website and compare the streams they show holding wild brookies with Google Maps to find public access points. It's always a great day when I find one that's not plastered with "No trespassing, violators will be prosecuted signs".
  3. Not really, I would say at the closest approach it might be 30' but the majority of it is 50' and beyond. The path in the stream location is not smooth but full of ruts and exposed roots so they can't really go to fast. This is on Army Corps of Engineer/State property project and here in Massachusetts nothing gets approved without an environmental study.
  4. From the way Robert describes it it sounds like it is a hackle but with qualities like Marabou. He usually recommends specific substitutes to replace now illegal feathers but It sounds like he hasn't found one for the Brown Owl hackle.
  5. Would anyone like to share their stories of how they discovered a favorite or secret fishing spot? I have a nice free stone stream a 10 minute drive from my home that I fish at all year. Our state stocks it (Bows and Brookies) but It warms and I have never caught a trout in my usual holes past mid June. Still the water usually flows well through the summer and it's loaded with Fall Fish, River Herring, Gills and some foot long large mouths. All of which are really fun on a fly rod and I've had days when I've caught 40 of them in 4 hours. I fish it when I don't have the time to drive out to the cold water rivers in the area. I have fished from my put in spot to the small dam up stream and to a spot down stream at which point it becomes impassible at least for me. Over the years while at my tail gate getting geared up I have watched pick ups hauling dirt bikes pass by sometimes a dozen at a time. Saturday morning for the first time in 12 years one of them stopped and asked how the fishing was and if I had ever fished at the other end. Other end? He said the dirt bike trails were open to hikers and fishing. He told me of one trail that followed along side the river for a few hundred yards and that while riding he had always thought that it looked like great fishing. I knew where the parking for these trails was located but I didn't realize the trails run below the parking area down fairly close the the river. This is about 1500 yards down stream form the farthest point I had ever reached. So Saturday late afternoon my wife and I took the pooch for hike and did some exploring. When we arrived there were plenty of dirt bikes around. We hiked down one of the trails and came to the river just as the guy said. I know you must be thinking "I don't want to listen to dirt bikes when I'm fishing" but there are so many miles of trails there they actually pass by only rarely and when they do they are going slow. I fished the runs below over 3 hours on Sunday morning and I barely noticed them at all. Thanks to the kindness of a friendly stranger I now have hundreds if not thousands of yards of easily accessible new water to fish. Who knows I might even find a trout hold over pool.
  6. There is a traditional English fly called a "Brown Owl" that was actually tied with Hackle from a brown owl (now illegal).
  7. I had a good 3 hours on Saturday as well. They were hitting winged wets and soft hackles. I was fishing them upstream dead drift without and indicator other than a 4" piece of red amnesia tied into my leader. (Following Davie Wotton's techniques) I also caught 2 good sized Fall Fish and lost 2 reasonable sized "somethings". This rainbow came on a #10 Silver Invicta winged wet. Brook trout caught on a #10 March Brown winged wet- This one grabbed a Red Head Woodcock and Brown Soft Hackle.
  8. That's a great day as far as I'm concerned, that run looks fishy as hell! I'm glad you caught more than peace and quiet this time. Brook trout are my favorite and I would rather catch small brookies than big bows- Is that wrong? 🙄
  9. That's a beautiful fish!
  10. That's a beautiful fish!
  11. Not a trout to be found yesterday- I live a quarter mile down stream of the stocking point with shallow water in between so it usually takes a while before they find to 2 pools behind me.
  12. Nice results Steve! Losing weight is probably one of the most challenging things in my life. I remember you said somewhere you were only eating 1400 calories per day. Is that still correct? I certainly could stand to lose some weight so please let us know how your doing it (details if you don't mind). I have some old fishing clothes I would love to fit into again!
  13. They stocked the river behind my house yesterday and it looks like I will be able to fish after work today. And yes it's just breezy enough, to make it difficult (again). The river is flowing nice from the rain this week so that's a plus!
  14. Great pic! "Ewww" to quote my granddaughters. Exactly the reaction I'm hoping for when I show them one of my flys. Tells me I got the imitation correct. 🙂
  15. For those of us not on FB here's the photo-
  16. Thanks sir, I've been out roughly 10 times about 3 hours each with 4 bows to show for it. I've caught plenty of small Fall Fish and River Herring which is fun too. When I have been skunked I always reflect on my son in law statement "I caught peace and quiet" a valued catch to a married guy . 😉
  17. I caught this stocked fish on Monday after work on a #12 Antron Caddis Pupa. Another one and done, strange fishing so far this year. I get one over a few hours and that's it. Still better than none but I'm thinking I haven't quite keyed in on fishing the deeper pools correctly.
  18. Thank you- that was the only trout on the day for me. I also caught a really hard fighting Fall fish which was fun. I really hit the knee deep riffles all morning but the sun was high by that point so I think they were deep by then. I'm sorry you guys had quiet day but there's a lot of nice weather to come. I've never fished the Westfield but I've heard good things and it certainly look like nice water. I was wrestling with the wind on Saturday also, like you trying to cast between the gust. I ruined a few nice fishy looking pools having to wade through to get my fly out of a bush thanks to a badly timed gust. On the bright side the wind did keep the black flies in check. For what it's worth a couple of friends had a great day and caught 6 Browns with spoons on the Ware River (Gilbertville area).
  19. Steve for what it's worth my Dr. did tell me that the tinnitus therapy videos on youtube do work well for some people. Because tinnitus is generated by the brain sometimes the brain can be trained to shut it off. This can be done by listening to tones in similar frequencies. He said my best chances are to find a therapy video that plays tones close to what my tinnitus sounds like and then listen to it for a few hours per day.
  20. I had my Dr's appointment yesterday and he wrote me a letter stating that my hearing loss was severe enough that I should not serve on a jury even with the assistance of headphones. This was mainly because of the results of my word differentiation test where you wear headphones and they ask you to repeat the words you hear. I scored a solid 63% correct. The doc did say not to be surprised if the still deny me.
  21. Now if this damn wind would stop blow'n we might be able to cast with some accuracy!
  22. Agreed, that's a nice piece of equipment so contacting the people that built should be the first step before grabbing the cutting torch 😉
  23. Jack's soft hackle streamer is the perfect example. Just a few strands of flash and it will catch fish almost any where.
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