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  1. +1. My toys are for playing with but the bare spot on my desk still bugs me.
  2. Beautiful in their simplicity- Thanks for posting that!
  3. Well Tim if you ask my wife she would probably say it's not just the books that are expensive when it comes to fly fishing-
  4. And thats why today Mark makes custom knives instead of working as a professional magician -
  5. Beautiful fly Gene, it's nice to see you're not letting this fight stop you. My prayers are with you-
  6. Many tiers remove one side of the fibers from the hackle along with no more than 2 turns to give the fly a really sparse look. I believe Lee Wulff was the guy who promoted the concept that more heavily dressed flies work better in American waters than the original UK style flies. That being said I tie them both sparse and full. I can't really say my local trout prefer one over the other- I often fish them "English Style" short upstream cast, dead drift with no indicator. There is a great Oliver Edwards clip on youtube demonstrating the technique.
  7. All Great stuff here- Norm I would have never thought of used mascara brushes- Neatness is the price I pay for the heat and great natural light in my wife's office-
  8. I know using a magnetic parts tray isn't a new idea for tying but these particular ones may have some advantages. I found them at Wal Mart, they're made by Hyper Tough and you get two for $4.44- They are small, roughly 2" across. I use them to keep the next few hooks I plan to tie right at the pedestal and the won't blow away if you sneeze- The magnet is a super strong doughnut shape encased in soft plastic so it shouldn't scratch the finish of the pedestal. Because of the doughnut shape if you slide a hook to the middle of the tray the magnetic force will stand it up on its end making it really easy to grab and remove. I also grabbed a pair of cuticle clippers for removing tiny nubs of ribbing wire that are sometimes left over after "helicoptering" the tag. Saves my scissors. Because fly tiers are a creative bunch there has to be hundreds of ideas out there that the rest of us haven't thought of, please share-
  9. Thanks for posting these links-
  10. The advantage and problem with fluorocarbon- It's hard to see.
  11. I re read my marriage vows really carefully too and no where did it say anything about having to share my tying bench.
  12. Mark- So are you saying it wasn't aliens who took the missing Malaysian airliner? LOL
  13. Mark I spoke with Bruce Corwin at the Marlborough show who was tying on an actual made by Lawrence Waldron LAW vice. He recommends pro vise as the one to buy if you want a LAW copy. I'm not sure why it's priced at more than 3 times the CAE? For me though, I'm never parting with my TRV.
  14. It bugs me when I find non tying related stuff on my bench- Like today's bills for example.
  15. Here's my desk, I share my wife's home office so neatness is a requirement-
  16. I agree GC59- I was at the show both on Friday and Saturday. I spent a lot of time talking with the pro tiers. I found most them really easy to speak with and full of advice and willing to share tips. Bruce Corwin gave me a tour of his LAW vise and Bob Lindquist showed me the finer points of the J-vise. I had never seen either vise in person so it really was a treat for me and nice of them to take the time to do.
  17. I met Jon Larrabee from HMH at the Marlborough show on Friday. I explained that one of the main criticisms of the TRV was that a lot of folks find it to short. He told me that he can make the stem of the TRV vise to any height a customer would like (within reason) and the cost is $12 plus shipping.
  18. While I can appreciate the craftsmanship required I am decidedly not a fan of the Damascus. Just my personal taste. A Few years back my wife and I were in Beverly Hills, walking on Rodeo Drive. I remember being astonished at the sight of a ladies hand bag for $29,000 and a mans neck tie for $6,000 in a window of a store and both were made of just fabric no jewels.
  19. A magnet is your friend: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_669129_669129 I keep one next to my tying desk, and use it regularly. Good advice, thank you!
  20. Nice work Mark, I tied a few of these Scud variations on a #14 1x last night. I'm still breaking in my TRV, for curved short hooks I really like being able to pivot the jaws upward.
  21. Things that bugged me this year- *Rushing a blood knot with cold fingers because it was 29 degrees and losing a really nice fish. *Pulling just a little to hard on light tippet and losing a really nice fish. *Not setting the hook hard enough and losing a really nice fish. *Incorrectly choosing which side of a downstream rock a hooked rainbow would run past and losing a really, really nice fish. *Going for a swim in November because the next step was 3' deeper and spooking a lot of really nice fish. *Tying a really nice fly, then realizing I forgot to tie in the rib right after the whip finish. *Tying a really nice nymph, then realizing I forgot to weight the hook right after the whip finish. *Breaking the hackle or peacock hurl on the final turn. *Dropping a #22 hook onto the carpet and not being able to find it. I know its out there, mocking me and just waiting for my wife's bare foot to happen by.
  22. Mark - Wow that's really nice work sir, the best of a LAW and Norvise all in one! You gotta' post your original vise and tools when completed, hopefully the lovely Mrs doesn't shut it down. I received the brass finger bar you made and it fit perfectly on my TRV, thanks again. Dean
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