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  1. I just got a new TRV this week. I spoke with Jon a HMH to confirm they had corrected the issues you had before I ordered. The vise I received has very smooth jaws and the jaw tension adjustment knob has no sharp edges. Please post your review of the CAE. They certainly look beautiful on the website. Merry Christmas!
  2. Sounds like your a practical man Mike. I on the other hand, well lets just say I'm really good at "rationalizing the expense" when it comes to my passions. I was at a tobacconist once when someone came in looking to buy cigars as a gift. They asked the store owner "What was the best cigar in your store" and he replied "The one you like the best".
  3. Mike I thought $495 was not too bad for a top of the line American made vise. Regal and Renzetti's top models are even more expensive. I believe the Law vise, which the TRV shares some DNA, was retailing in the $800 range when they were available. I can't say to you that this vise has any particular feature that makes it "worth" the money. I have a Renzetti traveler which has never let me down and will do everything the TRV does. So why spend the dough? Well I can say that the TRV oozes quality, everything is finely machined stainless or brass and the functions are butter smooth. I just happen to like this design and the bills are paid so why not? Think of it this way- over the years my wife has dropped some serious money on high end ladies hand bags. My brain say's "Really, how much? It seems to be made out of $30 worth of stitched together fabric and leather just like the ones at Wal-Mart- but my mouth says "Nice purse". And that's how I stay married- (I'm sure my wife was thinking the same thing this week when she said "Nice vise" -LOL) Merry Christmas!
  4. Well, It has that "goose neck" shape that get's the vise out of the way of my left hand while I'm applying materials to the hook. The "pinch technique" tie down comes to mind. My vise is always in the way. This one has pointier jaws than mine, to hold small hooks. It sounds like it will accommodate a much larger variety of hooks than mine. A little bit of frustration goes a long way for me. I spend quite a bit of time at my vise and I really want to enjoy it as much as I can. It's official, mine has been ordered. I'm more excited about this than many things I have acquired lately. Congratulations Mark!
  5. 33 seconds into the vid Gunnar states that the hex screw slot can be used for a rod. I'm thinking the screw is there only to keep debris out of the threads?
  6. I agree with each point- However in the video you posted at the start of the thread he does say that one of the allen screw holes in the rotation knob is threaded to accept a rod.
  7. Arrived this morning - I was glad to see the shipping box was in good shape when it was delivered and not looking like it was used as a football. My first impressions are the machining and quality seem to be first rate with no sharp edges and the rotary is smooth. Like flytire I opted for the "granite" base after reading a review that said the polished bronze so reflective it was bothersome. I have a hard enough time seeing to tie as it is. I haven't tied on her yet but I did clamp a few different flies in to test the locking system and it worked well.
  8. Looks like Santa's been busy- I got mine today.
  9. Well DFoster Merry Christmas and good luck with that baby. Would love to read a review from you after a short time. Merry Christmas to you as well! I will be happy to give you my thoughts after I've tied on the TRV for a bit but in full disclosure I only have limited experience with vises other than my Renzetti Traveler. I'm a dedicated trout and stream guy. 95% of my flies are the classic patterns in the 12-18 range. For a couple of weeks in the autumn I tie a few American style salmon flies, 2 -10's, when the local land locked Atlantics run. So my review will be somewhat limited to the type of tying I do. Someone who also ties saltwater, realistics or small stuff would be able to give a more complete review.
  10. Because admiration from your friends is SO much more important than clean clothes and hygiene. That was my wife's argument as well- You wouldn't believe how close I came to ending up with a new microwave or some other non fishing related "Necessity"!
  11. Happy Friday all- I finally ordered myself a TRV! I spoke with Jon Larrabee at HMH and he said currently all TRV's are made to order only. Which would explain why they're not sitting on the shelf next to the Spartan at my local fly shop. Now it goes against my nature to order expensive things without trying them in person first and next month HMH will be at the Marlborough MA trade show, half an hour drive from me -BUT I know from experience the longer the cash sets around the more likely some life event will come up and consume it. I prefer hearing my friends say "Wow nice new vise to wow nice new washing machine". Jon also confirmed the current vise addresses the issues from the original production run to which Mvalbano referred above. He said right now they are working weekends to meet demand and my vise should ship in 5 day's 'ish.
  12. Thanks all for the replies and my apologies to Stabgnid, it was not my intention to hijack the thread. I knew it must be some "Ol timey" method of preserving natural materials. Not being a taxidermist I was curious what this stuff could be because it seemed to work so well. It sounds like most would lean towards Borax which I would have never thought of. The gentleman that gave the materials to me had them stored in a shoe box in a closet since sometime in the 80's. There were some furs included (bear, badger and squirrel) but none of them contained the powder, just the duck flanks.
  13. Here's a question related to this thread, A few years back I was given a bunch of tying materials including dozen or so small bags of various wood and mallard duck feathers which were sorted. The guy that gave them to me had intended to learn to tie flies but never got past acquiring some materials. He said a hunter he knew had shot the ducks back in the 80's. Whoever shot them packed the feathers in bags with a white colored fine powder apparently to preserve them. 30+ years later and they are still perfect for tying. Cocaine jokes aside does anyone out there have any idea what this powder might be? I was thinking it might be a type of desiccant but the contemporary stuff I'm seeing on line doesn't look white.
  14. Very cool. I'm afraid those kinds of vises are above my skill level. I gotta stick to the simple stuff. Looks like you'll have a Merry Christmas. Well I'm not Oliver Edwards either and certainly I don't "need" another vise. Honestly I just like the design. All part of the obsession of catching fish on the fly - Well, I don't smoke, drink or use drugs, I don't cheat on my wife, I'm kind to small children, animals and women. I guess I could use a couple of new vises. Your vise has become your vice-
  15. Very cool. I'm afraid those kinds of vises are above my skill level. I gotta stick to the simple stuff. Looks like you'll have a Merry Christmas. Well I'm not Oliver Edwards either and certainly I don't "need" another vise. Honestly I just like the design. All part of the obsession of catching fish on the fly -
  16. My favorite are Brook Trout when the water is cold - not very big but lots of attitude.
  17. Well Mark I'm a professional musician on weekends (2nd job) and have been saving my band pay to order a new HMH TRV vise. Not easy with a big family and Christmas this month but it's looking like the Vise will be mine just before the holidays.
  18. Kimo thank you for posting this, independent reviews and information has been scarce about the TRV- I plan on ordering one this month.
  19. Mark as a fan and student of classic flies I bought the book "The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies" by Ian Whitelaw. If you're not already familiar with it there's loads of information about how and why a lot of the well know standard patterns came to be. The book covers a lot of detail regarding how the classic innovators thought process worked. Anglers like yourself carefully watching when and what their local fish are feeding on and their efforts to replicate the food source and it's behavior.
  20. Hi Mark and with MUCH respect for those of you who practice the art of realistic tying- I have never forgotten what the guy who sold me my first fly rod said to me- "I know a guy who ties flies that look exactly like bugs. They're almost indistinguishable except for the hook. Yet when he fishes with us we always out fish him using traditionally tied flies". I tend to think flies with plucked dubbing or soft hackles/feather fibers catch fish because they do a really good job of imitating a dead bug that has been banged up in a stream or waterlogged. Here's how I see the "Original" question- There are certain flies known the world over, with distinguishing features, if your creation ends up resembling one you should probably use the word "variant" out of respect for tradition. If your winding peacock herl for an abdomen divided with red floss you kind of have to call it a Royal Coachman "variant". Otherwise why not consider a fly you create based on looking at a natural, matching up materials and visualizing the tying technique an original? Someone somewhere may have (or not) come up with a similar concept but that doesn't diminish your insight. Who knows maybe in a few years "Mark's Tiger Rockfish" will be huge with the salt water guys.
  21. In our local rivers the brook trout are about the size of a dollar bill up to 8" on average. Check out the colors on this guy!
  22. Yes, middle of summer, July. 60 to 80 degrees. You definitely should do it. I can help point you in the right direction if you decide to come up. Wow nice fish mark- Here in Mass we have landlocked Atlantic salmon, they grow to about 3lbs although my first one was considerably smaller than the average. (yes put him back after the photo) .
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