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  1. Now if this damn wind would stop blow'n we might be able to cast with some accuracy!
  2. Agreed, that's a nice piece of equipment so contacting the people that built should be the first step before grabbing the cutting torch ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Jack's soft hackle streamer is the perfect example. Just a few strands of flash and it will catch fish almost any where.
  4. So true. Nothing kills the enthusiasm of a newbie quicker than not catching fish. Except for a snake bite or in your location getting hit from a stingray.
  5. I'm with you Bob- I prefer natural materials whenever possible, I think it's a tradition thing with me. I do use synthetics for things like shell backs or a bit of flash on a pattern but at heart I'm a small stream fly fisherman. I really love to catch spooky trout in tight quarters with simple, traditional flies on light and sometimes antique rods. To your point even in my small stream trout world on occasion I do run into younger tyers on the water I've notice their fly boxes are biased toward synthetics. That's just fine with me. Everyone who pursues our sport from Tarpons to Bluegill is entitled to follow their own pathway to it's rewards.
  6. I got on the water a little late on Saturday. The sun was high and most of the trout had slipped back to the deeper pools which was kind of sad. In the early morning or on overcast days they can be caught in the wonderful riffles in the photos. I caught this one in 6" -8' of water on a #12 Orange Nymph. Great fighter.
  7. I thought I would post this for anyone out there that enjoys the history of tying. Robert Smith is known in England as an expert on vintage and traditional tying materials and techniques. He has a collection of vintage materials acquired from estate finds like the one in this video. From his collection he can tie as accurately as possible to the original patterns. Often the feathers called for are from birds that are now protected however he does offer recommendations for legal substitutes. Flytire linked a couple of his videos here. I love this stuff!
  8. I very sorry to hear about your brother Mark. I wish I had more old hooks to send. I don't have the hoarding gene so any unusable hooks get thrown out. I have been finding a lot of snagged spinners and spoons as I do every spring. I always remove them from the water. It good for the ecology and I won't tear my waders on them. The usable ones I give to my son in law but a lot of them are inexpensive and rust quick. I will send them to you and I will save you any of my casualties from the spring season.
  9. Anytime on a river is a gift, it's just this year it's been socks and underwear instead of a Red Ryder BB gun๐Ÿ˜‰. Saturday is the pick and maybe Friday afternoon if the wind dies out, I hope it works out for you guys. Definitely try small stones, there have been millions of them on the every river I've been on and I'm an hour East of the Westfield. Also Ken has been saying on his blog that best fly of the spring for him and his clients has been the partridge and orange. He guides the Westfield EB a lot.
  10. Here's a couple of stocked rainbows I got a few days ago on #16 black stone fly nymphs. This spring has been frustrating because of the New England wind. We've had plenty of beautiful fishing days BUT I've been at work. When I have had the time to get out the wind has been gusting. I don't like using indicators and prefer to cast a rod length of line and watch my leader for takes. A strong wind makes that style of fishing upstream or across tough. Fishing downstream is really is the only option. The wind today was so bad that I was lucky to get my flies within 10' of the target. I called it quits after 30 minutes went home.
  11. Good to know Chug. Thank you. Iโ€™m not sure how this will play out after the results of my Dr Visit. Iโ€™m just going to insist that if they wonโ€™t exempt me then I must be able to hear the testimony by whatever means they offer.
  12. I completely agree with your statement. To be clear my request to be excused is to maintain the integrity of the system and not because I just don't want to go. My civic duty is to make the authorities aware that I can't hear well enough to serve. If I need to pay a co pay and take time from work for a doctors note then so be it. What they choose to do with that information is beyond my control. Even with $6.500 hearing aids, in general conversation I miss at least 50% of what's being said. I constantly have to ask my family and coworkers to repeat themselves and I have to focus on their statements or read lips to fill in the blanks. And that's with people standing 2 feet away talking directly to me and sometimes I still get it wrong. That's Ok because coming home with corn flakes instead of shake and bake isn't a big deal, putting someone in prison or denying justice to those who deserve it is. Good conscience will not allow me to sit in judgement of someone with potentially massive implications to their life or the lives of others.
  13. In 2 weeks I'm off to see an actual eye, ear, nose and throat MD. I was summoned for jury duty and the only responsible action on my part is to apply for a disqualification due to my hearing. People speaking in churches, gymnasiums, town halls all sound like Charlie Browns teacher to me. Of course the state is going to make this painful and will not accept the half dozen hearing test results from the Beltone "audiologist". Apparently "Audiologist credentials" aren't really credentials as far as the state is concerned even after I told them they're in a frame and on display at their office- Anyway my note needs to be from an actual MD. That means either a wasted precious vacation day plus a co pay or I could go and keep asking "what?" until I get thrown out.
  14. I got out for a few hours this week on some local stocked water. No trout to report but plenty of River Herring and Fall Fish kept things interesting. Two caught on the same cast had me thinking small Bow. I'm still working on what the stocked Rainbows are eating. The small stones have been hatching for two weeks but no visible rises at all. Obviously I tried a lot small stone nymphs as well as emergers and drys all without success except for the River Herring and Fall Fish. No complaints from me though It's great to be out there fishing.
  15. I've been out only once but I plan to go after work as much as I can this week. Here in Mass it's been really windy over the past week. The small streams I usually fish are lined with overhangs and have narrow casting lanes. A strong wind can really wreck a day.
  16. Steve sound therapy has been helpful for some. It's free and might be worth a shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKo4jYDO9FQ
  17. I've listened to a few conversations between professional "ladies" at work that if I as a male had said would have resulted in a meeting with H.R. Well Bill it's been my experience that foul language is just the result of the morally corrupt concepts being promoted at our institutions of higher learning and Hollywood.
  18. Nice tying area Prime and I agree with you about organization. While the "bomb went off" tying bench works for some my tying time is often limited and I hate to have to use it up looking for things.
  19. Steve I'm sorry your dealing with this and I can tell you as a tinnitus suffer I'm as frustrated as you are. My condition is regrettably self inflicted. I've been a professional musician since 1986 and after a gig on St Patrick's day 1988 the ringing never went away. It's gotten much worse over the years. Hearing test indicate I'm at about 30% of normal hearing. I purchased and wear what were top of the line hearing aids back in 2016. I've had them adjusted dozens of times and they have never gotten them right. I still have to watch almost all TV with captions. The ambient noise in restaurants and bars makes hearing impossible while wearing them and I can't hear other anglers over the noise of the river. In short they're great at amplifying everything but someones voice. What I've learned the hard way is that a lot of these "audiologist" are glorified salesmen. I haven't seen the same one more than a few times so apparently there's a lot of turn over in the industry. My insurance pays zero towards hearing aids and I won't ever pay thousands of dollars out of pocket again. In keeping with the fine traditions of commission sales my first "Audiologist" lied to me saying the aids I bought would last a lifetime. His replacement informed me it was more like 4 to 5 years and the most recent "audiologist" is constantly badgering me to come in and try out the latest $8000 pair. Why is it that if I spent 8 grand on any other electronic device it would last almost forever? On the final phone call I told him "I'm sorry I can't hear what your saying because your hearing aids suck, what is it you think I'm going to buy again"? Seriously they're like care salesmen, once they have a way to reach you there's no escape. I need hearing aids because I can't hear at all with out them. I have no choice and I can't work my day job without being able to hear. The new high end models have gotten so expensive they now offer lease programs. The one in my right ear is beginning to fail and I'm not sure at this point what I will do. Take care of your hearing folks, there still is no substitute for the factory equipment.
  20. Thanks for posting or I would not have checked the MA stocking web page. MA is stocking early this year and in a different order than usual. They stocked the French River which is a local haunt of mine on Monday with Rainbows. Typically the first stocking on the French is near the end of April and it's usually Brook Trout.
  21. Beautiful fly sir! Common sense and IQ/book smarts are most definitely not the same thing. Two examples 1) A friend who is an auto mechanic told me about a MENSA lady that seized the engine in her Ford Escape. She told the dealer that the red oil light had been lit for a few days but she was busy with work didn't have the time to bring it in to see what it was about. 2) The CEO and PHD holder at my former employer once took a company truck out to a job site. Needing fuel on the return trip he stopped and filled it with gasoline. Unfortunately it was a diesel.๐Ÿ™„
  22. Yes and I don't mind a bit because it's a really nice bottom. ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. I've written this fish story before and it still haunts me. We have a population of land locked Atlantic Salmon in a nearby reservoir and in the autumn they spawn in a small feeder river. Typically they're 18" to 20" in size. While on an outing last fall I was surprised to find myself all alone at one of the best pools. It was half hour past sun up and I had on a #10 black Woolly Bugger which I was letting it sink 6' to 7' to the bottom and then stripping it back. I typically fish for trout without an indicator so watching my leader is habitual for me. On the 3rd cast of the day I noticed the leader disappearing below the surface at a steadily increasing rate, it was very subtle and hook sets are free. Immediately I felt heavy resistance, very much like snagging a log. Only the slow lateral movement of my line gave away that it was alive. It fought me by diving down and holding against the bottom which is completely different than the typical Atlantic Salmon fight. They usually go crazy, zigzagging all over the river and jumping. To my knowledge there are no other fish species in this river that would pull this hard, it had to be a Salmon? This guy felt very much like I was trying to reel in an old boot, then the thought crossed my mind - Was this a large snapping turtle? Finally after a few minutes I was somewhat relieved when I saw a Salmons back break the surface. Then relief became excitement as he was 25" maybe 30" maybe more and fat. This was the largest fish I had ever hooked on a fly rod and being a guy who mostly targets 6" -10" Brookies and considers a 5 weight heavy tackle this thing looked massive. I didn't realize it at the moment but sadly I was completely out gunned. I had him on my 5 weight but with only 5X tippet. I was being very careful not over pull to protect the 5X having lost several big rainbows by using too much force in fast water I've learned when to let a fish run the hard way. Still I had forced him to break the surface after a few minutes so I was wearing him down and victory was going to be mine. I was winning and that black bugger was going to have a prominent place next to the other retired "personal best" flies on my fishing hat! But then it got really mad... with a display of power that salmon shot across stream with a burst of speed and enough force that it snapped the 5X like nothing. My leader might as well have been tied to the bumper of a truck. SNAP! I suspect my emotions here will be familiar, first there was denial followed by that sinking feeling as reality sets in, then anger "I only wanted to take your photo and let you go but next time I'll eat you you stupid fish"๐Ÿคฌ!!!! Another hard fishing lesson learned- After leaving the liquor store I went home and made up some 2X leaders for what will hopefully be a rematch. Months later and I still don't feel any better about losing what would have been the fish of a lifetime. This sport can be maddening sometimes. Fish at risk to your mental health.
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