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  1. Steve sound therapy has been helpful for some. It's free and might be worth a shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKo4jYDO9FQ
  2. I've listened to a few conversations between professional "ladies" at work that if I as a male had said would have resulted in a meeting with H.R. Well Bill it's been my experience that foul language is just the result of the morally corrupt concepts being promoted at our institutions of higher learning and Hollywood.
  3. Nice tying area Prime and I agree with you about organization. While the "bomb went off" tying bench works for some my tying time is often limited and I hate to have to use it up looking for things.
  4. Steve I'm sorry your dealing with this and I can tell you as a tinnitus suffer I'm as frustrated as you are. My condition is regrettably self inflicted. I've been a professional musician since 1986 and after a gig on St Patrick's day 1988 the ringing never went away. It's gotten much worse over the years. Hearing test indicate I'm at about 30% of normal hearing. I purchased and wear what were top of the line hearing aids back in 2016. I've had them adjusted dozens of times and they have never gotten them right. I still have to watch almost all TV with captions. The ambient noise in restaurants and bars makes hearing impossible while wearing them and I can't hear other anglers over the noise of the river. In short they're great at amplifying everything but someones voice. What I've learned the hard way is that a lot of these "audiologist" are glorified salesmen. I haven't seen the same one more than a few times so apparently there's a lot of turn over in the industry. My insurance pays zero towards hearing aids and I won't ever pay thousands of dollars out of pocket again. In keeping with the fine traditions of commission sales my first "Audiologist" lied to me saying the aids I bought would last a lifetime. His replacement informed me it was more like 4 to 5 years and the most recent "audiologist" is constantly badgering me to come in and try out the latest $8000 pair. Why is it that if I spent 8 grand on any other electronic device it would last almost forever? On the final phone call I told him "I'm sorry I can't hear what your saying because your hearing aids suck, what is it you think I'm going to buy again"? Seriously they're like care salesmen, once they have a way to reach you there's no escape. I need hearing aids because I can't hear at all with out them. I have no choice and I can't work my day job without being able to hear. The new high end models have gotten so expensive they now offer lease programs. The one in my right ear is beginning to fail and I'm not sure at this point what I will do. Take care of your hearing folks, there still is no substitute for the factory equipment.
  5. Thanks for posting or I would not have checked the MA stocking web page. MA is stocking early this year and in a different order than usual. They stocked the French River which is a local haunt of mine on Monday with Rainbows. Typically the first stocking on the French is near the end of April and it's usually Brook Trout.
  6. Beautiful fly sir! Common sense and IQ/book smarts are most definitely not the same thing. Two examples 1) A friend who is an auto mechanic told me about a MENSA lady that seized the engine in her Ford Escape. She told the dealer that the red oil light had been lit for a few days but she was busy with work didn't have the time to bring it in to see what it was about. 2) The CEO and PHD holder at my former employer once took a company truck out to a job site. Needing fuel on the return trip he stopped and filled it with gasoline. Unfortunately it was a diesel.๐Ÿ™„
  7. Yes and I don't mind a bit because it's a really nice bottom. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. I've written this fish story before and it still haunts me. We have a population of land locked Atlantic Salmon in a nearby reservoir and in the autumn they spawn in a small feeder river. Typically they're 18" to 20" in size. While on an outing last fall I was surprised to find myself all alone at one of the best pools. It was half hour past sun up and I had on a #10 black Woolly Bugger which I was letting it sink 6' to 7' to the bottom and then stripping it back. I typically fish for trout without an indicator so watching my leader is habitual for me. On the 3rd cast of the day I noticed the leader disappearing below the surface at a steadily increasing rate, it was very subtle and hook sets are free. Immediately I felt heavy resistance, very much like snagging a log. Only the slow lateral movement of my line gave away that it was alive. It fought me by diving down and holding against the bottom which is completely different than the typical Atlantic Salmon fight. They usually go crazy, zigzagging all over the river and jumping. To my knowledge there are no other fish species in this river that would pull this hard, it had to be a Salmon? This guy felt very much like I was trying to reel in an old boot, then the thought crossed my mind - Was this a large snapping turtle? Finally after a few minutes I was somewhat relieved when I saw a Salmons back break the surface. Then relief became excitement as he was 25" maybe 30" maybe more and fat. This was the largest fish I had ever hooked on a fly rod and being a guy who mostly targets 6" -10" Brookies and considers a 5 weight heavy tackle this thing looked massive. I didn't realize it at the moment but sadly I was completely out gunned. I had him on my 5 weight but with only 5X tippet. I was being very careful not over pull to protect the 5X having lost several big rainbows by using too much force in fast water I've learned when to let a fish run the hard way. Still I had forced him to break the surface after a few minutes so I was wearing him down and victory was going to be mine. I was winning and that black bugger was going to have a prominent place next to the other retired "personal best" flies on my fishing hat! But then it got really mad... with a display of power that salmon shot across stream with a burst of speed and enough force that it snapped the 5X like nothing. My leader might as well have been tied to the bumper of a truck. SNAP! I suspect my emotions here will be familiar, first there was denial followed by that sinking feeling as reality sets in, then anger "I only wanted to take your photo and let you go but next time I'll eat you you stupid fish"๐Ÿคฌ!!!! Another hard fishing lesson learned- After leaving the liquor store I went home and made up some 2X leaders for what will hopefully be a rematch. Months later and I still don't feel any better about losing what would have been the fish of a lifetime. This sport can be maddening sometimes. Fish at risk to your mental health.
  9. Finally! It only took 3 years but my wife found a flat file cabinet for tying material storage and I didn't need to sell my fly rods to pay for it. There are 20 drawers, the dimensions are 12" wide x 19" long and 2.5" deep which is perfect for my needs. It seems to have been made in the 50's or 60's. Maybe used by a watch or jewelry maker? The finish is beat up so we are in the process painting it black which to match our office furniture. I will post pics of it when it's finished and in place. Anyone who has shopped for one of these things knows how expensive most of them are. This one was on face book market place, listed for $340 and was located 1 hour away. My current material storage is a travel trunk packed with plastic totes which are packed with plastic baggies. It can take some digging to locate materials sometimes, this cabinet should be the solution.
  10. I love the color too- Dyna King makes really nice things.
  11. Chug I haven't seen this before and I love old fly tying stuff like this- thanks for posting!
  12. Enjoy your free time now Darrell, that blessing will surely have you making incomprehensible statements like "It's a beautiful day and I'd love to go fishing with you guys but I have to watch the baby" or "That is the by far the best price I've ever seen for a Winston rod, if only we weren't taking the grand children to Disney next week ..." Yup that's what happened to me, I don't even know me anymore. ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Thank you all, My wife and I are truly blessed with 6 โ€œtiny monstersโ€ although at 15 the oldest isnโ€™t so tiny anymore. I am hopeful that at least one of them will catch the fly fishing bug. I got a leave all this stuff to somebody -๐Ÿคฃ
  14. The predictable result when you let a 5 year old princess (notice the tiara) choose all the materials herself. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  15. I couldn't have said it better, small stream, light tackle and I'm a happy guy!
  16. There are two that come to mind right off. First this Swift River rainbow. I had been fishing the deeper holes using mostly size 20 and 22 nymphs. That's actually considered a large fly for the Swift, the prevailing wisdom of a lot of the local anglers is to fish # 30's on 9X under an indicator. The problem is I don't enjoy fishing that style. I had caught a lot of trout, maybe 15 or so but nothing over 12". I decided to call it a day and fished my way back to the parking lot using a #14 Royal Wulff dry. At the end of one drift my fly was 4' off the tip of the rod and crossed over an area no more than 12"s deep when bang! I was using my usual 3 Weight with 6X so this one was great fun. The 2nd fish was this stocked Brook Trout that grabbed a hyrdopsyche nymph. Not a pretty fish as far as Brook trout go but a 14" stocked fish is not supposed to put up the kind of fight this guy gave me. Despite my best efforts after a few minutes he finally managed to get down stream of my position into some faster water and used every bit of that strong current to his advantage. It seemed like he tried to wrap my leader around every rock in the river and how the 6X didn't break I don't know. About the only trick he didn't use was to jump. With even stronger water below me moving any further down stream was not an option- I had to fight it out from where I was and try to protect the tippet. After a while I was able to begin to retrieve line before he would run again but I was gaining ground each time. It took forever to tire this one out. Tough fish!
  17. Here's and interesting take on the no hackle- Eric says it's the most difficult fly of all of them to tie. It sure scares me!
  18. "Anglers buy the flies not the fish". There was a time when the only way you could get a fly was to tie it yourself but once fly shops began selling flies many patterns were created to appeal to the angler's eye for obvious reasons. Over a hundred years the ones that produced became classics. IMO poorly tied versions of flies will catch as many fish as the "perfect" ones, sometimes more. Tying a fly as close as possible to the example is the challenging part of the hobby and a source of enjoyment for me. I take some pride in a box of well tied flies (relative to my skills) but the secret is the fish don't care and close is usually good enough. Kelly Gallop has a great line- when people ask at his shop "what are they biting on?', he responds "a good drift".
  20. Nice fish-well done! My father in law remembers seeing a fly fishing club on a river in Maine. Some of theme actually had patches that read 20/20 club indicating they had landed a 20" trout on a size 20 or smaller.
  21. I have a hard time with them too but on occasion they come out nice. Sadly they never survive beyond a couple of fish. Labor of love I guess-
  22. Thank you- since It's Bergman I'm glad I added "variant" to the name. I could have got myself into trouble there-๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  23. Beautiful stones! Your consistency is really impressive, they look like they hatched from the same egg. The mark of an accomplished fly tyer. Thanks Chug- These are the first flies I've ever tied for someone else. I've been tying as a hobby for a decade and it's only recently that I feel I can do enough justice to some of the common patterns to give them away as "correctly tied". I only tie a total of a few hundred flies in a year and thanks to a good friend I'll probably never need to buy Turkey feathers again. I can't imagine using them all! Thanks - I don't know much about the pattern. I have been seeing the fly on the internet for years but it was always just a photo without a name.. Then the other day I found a post on line calling it an "Artful Dodger". A google search revealed that there is a classic salmon fly by that name (below). From what I could find when it comes to the trout flies any fly with a mottled wing and wine floss body uses that name. The local trout seem to like purple in the spring so I'm hopeful they'll bite.
  24. If I could only bring one dry fly to a flowing river on any given day it would be a #14 EHC. It's simply the most effective dry I have ever used on moving water and it's and as you state it's easy to see, the masterwork of Al Troth. Thank you for posting these links Silver- The EHC was the 2nd fly I ever attempted to tie and when compared to a store bought fly the fly I turned out was awful. I didn't know it at the time but I had purchased the worst piece of elk hide on the shelf (if you were trying to replicate comparadun deer hair). Who knew there are many different types of hair on an elk? My EHC looked a whole lot like the original version shown in the photo above. Not at all like those beautiful comparadun deer hair flies at the fly shop . \ The funny part is that "awful" looking fly hooked my first ever nice fly rod trout below. If you look closely you can see it in his jaw. The elk hair is "flaired" in the photo a lot more than it actually is on the fly. A decade later and that ugly fly is still stuck proudly on the rim of my fishing hat where it can be seen and occasionally mocked. ๐Ÿ™„. I think Al Troth knew what he was doing.
  25. Great look flies again this month everyone! So last autumn a friend shot a turkey and of course I asked him to save me some of the feathers. I was expecting a Walmart bag full of mangled random feathers but he took the time to neatly pluck and separate them by groups in separate bags. He fly fishes once in a while but doesn't tie. As a thank you I am tying a small box of flies -all incorporating his Turkey. I had some time to tie a few wets yesterday . TURKEY TAIL NYMPH HOOK: #12 1XL 2XS NYMPH THREAD: BLACK UNDER BODY: .020 WIRE TAIL: TURKEY FIBERS ABDOMEN: TURKEY FIBERS RIB: MEDIUM GOLD WIRE WING CASE: TURKEY FIBERS THORAX: PEACOCK HERL -NATURAL LEGS: TURKEY FLANK TIPS HEAD: SH HARD AS NAILS ARTFUL DODGER VARIANT HOOK: #12 2XL 2XS NYMPH THREAD: BLACK 6/0 TAG: OVAL FRENCH TINSEL -GOLD BODY: UNI FLOSS -WINE RIB: OVAL FRENCH TINSEL -GOLD WING: TURKEY TAIL SLIPS BEARD: TURKEY FLANK TIPS HEAD: SH HARD AS NAILS CADDIS EMERGER -VARIANT HOOK: #12 EMERGER 2XL THREAD: ASH 6/0 ABDOMEN: TURKEY BIOT -NATURAL WITH UV RESIN WING CASE: HOLOGRAPHIC TINSEL WITH UV RESIN THORAX: LIFE CYCLE CADDIS DUBBING -CLEAR LEGS: PARTRIDGE HEAD: SH HARD AS NAILS
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