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  1. I once had a Ringneck Pheasant bounce off my truck. Bird was out of season; but it was just so exceptionally large & so beautiful, I contacted the game commission, and I was permitted to have it mounted.
  2. A nice bobbin can be made if you use two stainless cap nuts ( or chrome plated ), as bearings to hold the spool. A little spring type wishbone frame & a thin guide tube. Nothing new. Scissors, see eBay listing below. Iris scissors are so delicate. Brand New 4.5 out of 5 stars. 7 product ratings- 12 Iris Scissors 4.5" Straight Surgical Dental Instruments $9.31 Whenever I have a doctors appointment, I always snag some specimen tubes with the rubber or plastic caps. Just super for little parts - hooks, etc. Easy to label & usually clear. Take a 2 X 4 , drill some holes, to hold the tubes .Rubber & vinyl gloves make for attractive lures if cut into thin strips & added to lures. Any craft store is a fly tying gold mine.
  3. Couldn't agree more, I have caught more than a few trout on just a red hook below an indicator. A piece of shoelace from my Converse All Stars hooked me three Chain Pickerel in one afternoon.
  4. Spin fishing, I have used a mouse lure. I have seen pickerel take birds off lily pads. Ya never know what will attract a fish. This I have used with a spinning rod, to get a fly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there. 8 parts dry playground sand mixed with 2 parts ammonium sulphate. Dampen until you can press it into a mold, and dry in the oven at low heat. Add a piece of hairpin to the wet mixture to attach the line. Has considerable weight. When it hits the water, it disintegrates & the piece of wire falls off; and leaves the fly. I usually have a piece of very light line a foot or two above the fly to attach the weight.
  5. In my area of PA, and I guess in many areas of the country, we now have forests of wind generators. They are notorious for killing birds. Here's the irony; if you find a dead bird of prey ( or any protected bird ) on the ground below the propeller, since they are a totally protected species ( ALL OF THEM ), you cannot take them for their feathers; since you may not be able to prove you found them dead. More insane regulations. The last thing I would do is harm a bird of prey; since I have too much respect for nature. I have found several different species of hawk; but I have never ever found an owl. I think an owl has a better navigation system built in. I posted this at 2:10 Eastern. I don't know where the 7:02 PM came from. Well, it ain't a perfect world. Jim
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