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  1. Finally deceided on a pattern.. plan to mail them next week some time.
  2. Ignore this idiot above... I've got it now *facepalm*
  3. Got a REAL simpleton question here.. how do I get my hackle-tip tails to "flair" out to each side? Mine laid dead straight back!
  4. poor pup! I finished our basement but included a little nook so I could be 'out of sight, out of mind'
  5. What? No chartreuse? I'm waiting on some #6 stinger hooks before I can start. Knew I missed something!
  6. I'd like to participate! TBD on pattern
  7. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help & info! I'll make a pit stop at Michaels when I'm out running errands this week for sure.
  8. I want to try and tie up some Gurglers (because they look fun)... I don't know what thickness of foam sheets I should buy? I see 2mm through 1" thickness in online stores. Thanks!
  9. Well these are neat - I've never seen a bendback hook before
  10. The above nailed it - Depth sounder, clip to your hook and run line off the trap to get bottom. The eggs are bobber stops, we don't use them in Maine (nobody I know anyway) on the ice - but you will see small buttons or spring bobbers to mark how deep you want to be, so you can reset the trap to the same depth. I see those eggs used more from the baitcaster/bass fishing crowd to peg weights in place.
  11. So what's on your Christmas list this year? Or what are you gifting that's fishy? I'm hoping Mrs. Claus gets me a new Renzetti Traveler Salt.. I'm tying a box of classic maine streamers for my buddy and I'll be getting my brother a gift certificate for some new waders (too personal an item to guess the fit).
  12. I've got the ERROR 522 as well a few times
  13. I've heard Cusk (burbot) called the 'poor man's haddock'
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