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  1. @fin-ite - that's super helpful, thank you - the best comparison I've seen yet. The UV Black really does look quite purple - goes to show what lighting and contrast can do for a photo.
  2. Thank you for the input - I appreciate it so very much. I’m still getting the feel for how closely I need to follow patterns and catch fish. I have limited time on the water, so I don’t want to screw around too much just yet. I’ll give the peacock black a shot and go from there.
  3. As I'm shopping for some additional dubbing, I've come across a few nymph, chronimid/midge patterns that use UV Black ice dub, and some patterns that use Peacock Black. I can't really tell how similar these are from photos, except some slight blue vs green hues - but both very dark. Are they more or less interchangeable... and would you lean toward one more than the other? Thanks so much!
  4. I know the feeling - i have a ton of materials my dad picked up in the early 90s, and not really used since (even right now I just found a package of olive Hareline Hares Ear Plus - $1.50, probably ~30y/o). It's amazing how much some things have changed since then - especially when you consider materials like dry fly hackle. I think my Hareline dry neck chunks are largely better quality than the full capes he probably spent a lot of money. Same goes for the explosion in high-quality synthetic materials. I think i'll go with the hares ear plus packages, and a natural package "for fun". @jaydub - i looked into nature spirit, but the online shop i'm buying several other items from doesn't have them in stock. Thanks for the recommendation, though - I'll keep an eye out for next time.
  5. Is this the product you end up preferring for that right balance?
  6. Yeah - I've watched a few videos on making custom blends - color, texture, etc. Since I don't often have an opportunity to go trout fishing (too warm to sustain them around here), my fly tying satisfies a few needs, and some curiosity. you mean the DIY from a shaved mask? or that the antron blend makes it easier?
  7. I've been working through some old hand-me-down haretron type dubbing. The package is nearly done, and now that I'm looking through all the various hares ear dubbing variants, I was wondering if anyone has some advice that can help guide my decision... I've been thinking of picking up standard hares ear dubbing (Hareline), but it seem a lot of tutorials online also suggest some kind of hares ear + antron blend. Is there any benefit or drawback to the blends? It seem the haretron I have now leans much more on the soft/less spikey side, but supposedly the antron adds some sheen that maybe the fish like? And to save some time - i'm not super interested in making my own blends using actual hare's mask, BUT you could maybe convince me to take natural hair and add a few whisps of antron dubbing if needed. Thanks so much!
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