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  1. Hey yall,, We are in the market for a new fourwheeler/ATV and want something like a utility/hunting fourwheeler so we can work, play, and hunt all at the same time.. We also thought about used or new and we figure if we buy directly from a dealer we would be able to get parts and stuff alot easier than a used fourwheeler.. My personal favorite all around is a Polaris without a dought in my mind but we are also on a low budget so we went to Turner's Honda Dealership here in Elizabeth City today and they had right many different ones in.. The two main ones we looked at was the Honda Recon 2x4 which I really liked and the Rancher 4x4 which I also liked but as far as the Rancher's go I think Id like to be able to shift from 2x4-4x4 better than full time 4x4.. I know on my buddy's polaris we go places in 2x4 most folks wont go in 4x4 so I still like polaris better though but anyways.. Im bout decided on the recon but just want some opinions because as far as I know the Honda Recon 2x4 2005 is a very reliable machine for the money with enough power to go around.. takemeasy and have a goodun.-Tim ps: also im not sure but I believe the recon we looked at was a green 250..
  2. I picked largemouth bass just because they are so fun but so challenging to fish for.. Around here in North Carolina where Im at we have mostly Largemouth Bass or Bluegill as the primary fish species and when I go fishing Im usually beating the ponds for largemouth with rodnreel and sometimes fly rod or the same thing for bream except I tend to use the fly rod a lil more on bream than I do on bass because they seem more willing to take a fly than bass do I guess.. yall takemeasy and have a goodun.-tim Seriously how many of you have been embarassed when you get a pike to shore or the boat after proclaiming the size of the fish...I know that it isn't just me... yes i have done this before.. i was fishin with live bait once and had a big jack pike (pickeral) on and I swore he was 4' long before he got to the dock and broke my line..
  3. Hey yall.. This is my first big post in awhile but I figure Ill let yall know how our last weekend of duck season was around here.. I couldnt get anybody to go with me to the ponds like I wanted the last day so I went over to my buddy's house and we all went out on the river for a change and we only killed one mallard.. He was a perty drake though.. The only thing we killed on the ponds before though was a merganser or two so we hadnt been doing much better anywhere.. well just thought id let yall know so takemeasy and yall have a goodun..-tim PS::My mom's boss is a lawyer and he and his buddy's went duck hunting the entire last week and killed a bunch of ducks so here they are (he emailed us the pics).. http://www.f150online.com/galleries/pictur...12971&anum=6113 http://www.f150online.com/galleries/pictur...12972&anum=6113
  4. I know it sucks that duck season is over but it just means you got fishing season to look forward to.. We didnt do so good with ducks and goose here in north carolina this season.. Our season goes from september to the end of january for ducks but we only got a few and a big mallard on the last day and yes they have plenty of feathers to pluck.. Our snow goose season is until middle of march so i am gunna get after them eventually and we got turkey season comin up in april so maybe well get a gobbler or two.. yall takemeasy and have a goodun.-Tim
  5. Well we hunted the past two weeks just as hard as we knew how to but no gravy.. There was still a good time though regardless. We hunted with Twit and the boys back in the desert most of the time and had some good running even in the snow and saw a plenty of does or stuff we where not supposed to shoot.. We bird hunted some to last week and we hunted for a while Christmas Eve but no luck.. We hunted with some of the boys from Cherry Glades Hunting Club over perquimans area and I missed two does with the thirty-thirty but the dogs ran good all day long dispite a bunch of snow and ice and we saw plenty of deer and alot of poo powin.. Alotta of fun no dought. Today was the last day of deer season and I convinced myself to do the best I could to kill one. We hunted with twits boys so no does where allowed. I walked and walked and walked and when they first turned loose in the back block this morning it was a roar.. The dogs where barking so hard on them deer the woods should of been shaking and at times it felt like it was. We had two to four packs running different deer at one time.. We had a whole slough of dogs and hunters to but no gravy for us.. Eventually two deer crossed over into another block and two more took out across the fields but no horns so no shots. We rounded the dogs back into the blocks so they jumped some more and ran durn good all day without any trouble. We saw more deer than we could count and at one time the Rabbit Hunters even ran a deer out to us. Most of the deer where does except for a couple bucks and one of them turned into a boys first one. The buck was a lil ol spike horn with one horn broke off but he was still tickled to death to have taken him. My Brother missed a doe today and my uncle shot a big doe with his 243 Wssm. All in all a great end to a great deer season but still no deer so its on to Rabbit Hunting. Cant wait to hear those beagles tune up again so takemeasy, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year..-Tim Russell
  6. Hey yall.. Just thought Id stop by and give yall the update on how the hunting has been around here.. Well Saturday I went bear hunting with the club in the swamp being it was the last day and I was hunting with my uncle. Well we pulled up and the boys pointed off in the swamp and we heard the dogs bayed up just as perty as you ever wanted to hear. It was a good 3 1/2 mile walk to where the bear was but when the boys got there they couldnt believe there eyes. The big ol black bear was 600lbs. Awsome Bear anywhere let alone right up the road from the house. Biggest bear Ive ever even heard of from around here. Only a few Ive heard of that where bigger than that anyway and he was an 800lber. We got the whole hunt on video tape and because the rest of the day was spent getting the bear out of the woods we only killed one other bear the whole day and it weighed 350lbs. We couldnt catch the dogs off of one bear before they jumped another one, that place was crawling with bear. We bought believe there are more bear back there than deer and thats sayin something. My uncle has decided to get about 6 head bear dogs for next year and he even is thinkin about buying a new 45-70 Rifle. lol. My Dad and my brother went deer hunting with some boys back in the desert and they ran deer all day long but not many bucks and the new group we been huntin with has a two buck per day rule and no does. Did run a big ol black coyote that the boys missed though lol. I heard from some boys that went to Surry this past weekend and they shot two big bucks. One was a 15 Pointer with a 19 1/2" Spread and the other was a 19" 9 Pointer. What a Hoss.. It was just to cold to go huntin yesterday for us because of all the snow and below freezing tempatures. They said the wind chill was a whopping 3 degrees .. But Im glad it did snow though.. My brother and I went bird hunting across the road this morning but didnt find any birds to shoot at so we came back and relocated the coffee lol. Wouldnt be so durn bad if this wind would stop blowing so hard. I might go try to shoot a deer behind the house this afternoon if I feel like it when the time comes lol. We are supposed to go deer hunting Friday with the boys but now for the story of the day.. Last Friday my Girlfriend's brother Jake went with us to try and kill his very first deer and we been trying to get him on one all year but they just wont cooperate with us but finally yesterday (what a dedicated soul he must have been).. Jake went out to his cornpile behind the house in the morning and didnt see a thing but when he returned in the afternoon he found a doe eating away and when the Remington 870 12 Gauge spoke she went down like a ton of bricks.. Im really glad he got one and he couldnt be more tickled if he killed a 12 point buck but wont we all that way when we got our first one? Anyways Im glad he got one so takemeasy.-Tim
  7. Hey yall.. Let me start this off by saying that I have been meaning to get my girlfriend into hunting for a while now but she doesnt have her hunting license yet and cant hunt under mine because she is sixteen so I gotta wait until next year and get her her own but heres what Im gunna do.. I have decided to surprise her with a new gun to hunt with when deer season does roll around next year.. I will probobly let her get used to the 20 Gauge or 30-30 for a while first but I have all but decided on getting her this because I dont want her to have handmedown or bad equipment to hunt with and wanna introduce her to hunting the right way.. Also before I get this started please let me say that I wanna hear some opinions on this as well.. Well she is only about 5'2" and 100lbs or so so we definitley cant get anything with alot of recoil if barely any at all so I was looking at something such as the 243 Winchester because it is light on recoil with plenty of knock down to harvest a deer with proper shot placement and I will make sure she gets plenty of practice with it before deer season rolls around.. I know from personal experiences that the 243 Winchester will definitley harvest deer cleanly with the right shot placement and has very little recoil but what do yall think.. Here is the gun I was looking at for her.. http://www.browning.com/products/catalog/f...035&type_id=020 Browning has always been both me and my dad's preference in guns for their dependability or reliability and they are just good all around guns.. The A-Bolt has proven to be a good gun time and time again and I figure the Micro Hunter would be perfect for her size.. What are your opinions on the Browning A-Bolt Micro Hunter in 243 Winchester?? As far as scopes go for this gun I am a perty big Bushnell fan because they are reliable optics but wont cost an arm and two legs such as a Leupold or something similar (nothing against leupold fans).. I was looking at this for a good scope for the gun so what do yall think about it?? http://www.bushnell.com/products/riflescop...s/42-4164m.html So what do you guys think about this combonation of rifle and scope and as far as ammunition goes Im a big fan of Federal Premium and would probobly try them first but will decide what her rifle likes the best when it gets here so thanks in advance for all the help and takemeasy.-Tim
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    Lost One.

    Hey yall. I didnt have enough time to post this story last night with details but I did get to post it last night on another forum so here is the link to anybody that is interested in the one that got away. http://www.ncdeer.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.c...ic;f=2;t=010804 Anyways this was the first deer of the season for me and I just hate to do something like that (shoot something and then cant find it). Just wanna say that we did literally everything possible to find the deer and he just got away from us I guess. Oh well maybe we will do a lil better next time. takemeasy.-Tim
  9. Hey Grayson I dont feel to good right now and this maybe even a late post but congratulations on your buck Im glad you got one. takemeasy.-Tim
  10. A buddy of mine Jake and I where mud ridin with the fourwheeler behind his house this past weekend and we came across the landowner who doesnt mind at all that we ride around back there because he hardly ever hunts back there himself. Let me just say I have been getting fed up with all the huntin clubs rules and all and would like to have a place to hunt and not worry about that so this just happened to go along with it lol. Anyway we are sittin there on the fourwheelers discussing hunting and fishing and the guy says that he hardly ever hunts back there and he owns all of that land so the deal was Jake, Jake's big brother Buddy, and I could hunt his land and we could either pay 20 dollars each hunt or 200 dollars for the ENTIRE Season. That includes everything from spring turkey season to waterfowl season and all the big game seasons and all. Great deal we thought. Not to mention we had already spotted numerous turkeys and deer while ridin the fourwheeler the past couple weeks. After that we rode and did some scouting so we could be ready. All kinds of deer stands already built for us and plenty of trails, cutovers, hardwoods, and all that kind of stuff along with tons and tons of game tracks such as bear, deer, and all kinds of other stuff. Lots of big bear tracks to. The best part about that was we also saw a doe on the way back home Sunday while ridin the fourwheeler. She was just standing in the cutover when we pulled up so we cut the fourwheeler off and watched and she got probably 25 yards from us and spooked. Great deal and they had already spotted two big bucks on the property, a wide 12 pointer and a 10 pointer. I would be happy with either one personally. None of us can wait to hunt the property because the property hasnt been hunted AT ALL yet this year. The landowner does not want rifles on there so we are stuck to our shotguns and bows I guess. Im gunna borrow my uncle's Remington 870 Slug Gun to use out there because it has no rifling in the barrel and I could shoot both buckshot and slugs in it. Im gunna sight it in with some Remington Sluggers I believe they are called that I bought a while back and never used and I figure a 12 Gauge Shotgun Slug hits just as hard as a 30-30 Bullet so Im set. Jakes shotgun has a turkey choke in it and it is also a Remington 870 Synthetic so he is gunna shoot buckshot. We both are allowed to use dogs out there if we want so Im gunna take my two deer dogs sometimes. I cant wait to hunt over there. Sorry for the long post Im just really pumped about this. Takemeasy.-Tim PS:also duck season starts this weekend so Im more than pumped on that one lol..
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    Hey yall. My life has been.. well Ill just tell you what Ive been doin. I been hunting a few times since season came in but not much. Ive seen maybe 6 deer while hunting and all of them where does so no shots where fired. Just got permission from a buddy of mine to hunt some of their land with them and its got perty good hunting on it so maybe Ill do a lil more in the future. We been mud ridin alot and its fun but my truck broke down (gunna get fixed this week hopefully) so we been usin the fourwheeler. My brother finally harvested his very first deer. He shot it with a Remington Model 7400 Synthetic chambered in 270 and topped with a Tasco 4-16x40 Scope that we had bore sighted and then shot an inch high at 100 yards. My uncle and him where standing down a path and the dogs where running and about 4 deer run across the path but to fast to shoot and then a final doe hopped out and my brother fired a 130 Grain Ballistic Tip Bullet into the deer chest breaking the leg and taking out the heart and lungs. The doe took a few more steps and fell just inside the woods. This was his very first deer and I dont have pics with the digital because I dont know where it is after we moved but we did get some pics with the regular camera so if I ever get the scanner to work maybe we can post some. Other than that no game has been harvested latley. School sucks like usual and sometimes life sucks to but hey you get over it I guess but anyway have a good one and takemeasy.-Tim
  12. Tommorow we are going to meet the club at the store in the morning and then we are going to decide where we are going to hunt tommorow during a drink of coffee. I know I have told this story a hundred times or more but to mark the start of deer season this year I am gunna tell yall about my first deer one more time lol. We where hunting the skinner farm that day and the dogs got over into the Hoffler Block, They jumped a deer and eventually lost out. My Dad decided to send me up a path with hopes of spotting a deer along the way so I loaded my 20 Gauge Pump Gun and headed up the dirt road. After what seemed like hours the dogs finally jumped another deer and I tried to keep up with them by walking up and down the path shotgun at the ready. Soon I heard a deer breaking threw the bushes coming towards me and I shouldered my shotgun and removed the saftey as the doe burst threw the bushes and I busted her with a load of #3 buckshot. She fell with one shot but tried to get back up so I pumped two more loads of buckshot into her. That is how I got my first deer and I still get the same excitement when I hear the dogs coming my way today. That was a great day as Im sure tommorow will be as well. We are gunna hunt for about half a day and then Im coming home and going to see my Girlfriend. Wish me luck tommorow and good luck to anybody else that makes it out. takemeasy.-Tim
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    Hey yall. I know I havnt been on in a while and Im at school right now. We had PSATS today so I got some free time to wait to change classes so I figured Id check up on yall and give yall an update while I can being my computer at home is down (during the moving process). Well anyway Im not ashamed to say that my girlfriend (Stephanie Boseman) has become the most important thing in my life and I have been spending more time with her than anything. I do still hunt and fish though when I can and I bow hunted about 2-4 times this year. I spooked two deer while bow hunting behind my grampa's house last week but never got to try my stand in Gates County. I have been putting out corn and biologic liquid behind my grampa's house to and it doesnt stand a chance most times. I didnt get a chance to goose hunt like I was gunna or teal hunt yet but Ill just wait for November and duck hunt I guess. I did dove hunt a few times and bagged right many birds. The opening day of gun season for deer opens this Saturday and I have never missed an opening day since I was six years old so Im gunna hunt until about 2:30 pm Saturday and then me and Stephanie are going out. Speaking of gun season the new Traditions Shotgun I bought the other month messed up for the 4th and last time two weeks ago. I finally gave up completley on semi automatics and got my money back for the Traditions and bought a brand new Remington Model 870 Express Super Magnum Synthetic. Its an awsome gun and now I know why I have always been a Remington fan. It has a 28" Vent Rib Barrel, 3 1/2" Chamber, Black Synthetic Stock, and its a 12 Gauge so its just right for duck hunting. For those not familiar with it its a pump gun (I know most of you already know but anyway).. We went to check our rifles the other day and I decided to try something a lil different than the usual 25 yard sight in. I put my Marlin 30-30 dead on at 100 yards and also earned 20 dollars with the pull of a trigger. Not to brag but I just gotta tell this story. My Dad had his Browning BAR Semi Automatic 270 Winchester like usual and my brother had his brand new Remington Model 7400 Semi Automatic 270 Winchester that he bought the other month with summer money. Alright now my uncle has been shooting a Ruger M77 Synthetic/Stainless Bolt Action 300 Winchester Magnum for big game for many years now and is durn good with it but after we all sighted our guns in we all put up five dollars and set a beer bottle up at 100 yards. My brother shot first and clean missed with his 270. I propped up just like they told me to and squeezed the trigger with the crosshairs of my BSA 4x32 Scope dead on the bottle and BOOM! The bottle exploded into tons of peices. So my ol 165 dollar used Marlin 336 Lever Action 30-30 Winchester with 30 dollar BSA four power scope outshot the thousand dollar Ruger, the 400 dollar Remington, AND the 800 dollar Browning. All kidding aside we had a great time and plan to the rest of the season. Rockfish season starts soon to so Im not done fishing either lol and that includes bass as far as Im concerned. Anyway Im looking forward to the rest of hunting season, fishing season, and getting back on here to talk with you fellows..well if I can take time off from Stephanie lol. . Takemeasy.-Tim
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    Hey yall. Im lible to be away for a while due to moving this weekend. We are moving to Newland and my Grampa owns alot of woods back there so I can hunt when I want lol. There has been a big one spotted out that way to so maybe Ill get a shot at him. Its the same woods I bowhunted opening morning. Anyways just thought Id let yall know that Ill be gone until we set the computer up again. TakemEasy.-Tim
  15. Guys thanks alot for all the prayers I really really appreciate it all. Thanks again. She is doin well and they sent her home yesterday. I greatly appreciate the prayers. TakemEasy.-Tim
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