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  1. I am just outside of philly in the burbs.. I dabble in Renaissance re enactment so the study of fly fishing in “period” is of interest to me. The Tenkara would be closer to more of what they “England” would have been using at the time. Medieval India however seems to have beaten the English to the punch in 1100ad.. But Japan.. and China were also pretty clever.. so I’m also looking for resources from those areas as well. And these are things that occupy my mind when I see flies, rods and fish.. I was recently asked if I would consider volunteering with female veterans on tying and fishing with the healing waters project held at several Veterans hospitals. https://projecthealingwaters.org/programs/
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome.. I just started to fly tie with a beginners class held at my local Orvis store. Hubby got me a Tenkara rod for Christmas so now I’m really “hooked” have always enjoyed fly fishing but put it down for a number of years. Time to find me time
  3. Hello, I too am new and looking for Tenkara flies. I just started with Tenkara and also am looking for a historical resource for tying flies back in the 1600s.
  4. Oh how cool.. I also grew up fishing Folsom and American river in California. Lived in Fair Oaks..My mom and dad often took us camping up near a small lake where I got seriously hooked on fishing.. the best days were when you saved up all your allowance and dad took us to KMart and I would spend hours looking at fish stuff..
  5. Hello new to the forum. Does anyone Tenkara fish and tie their own flies ?
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