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  1. Sorry poopdeck,, there is only a couple of trout places I've seen so the rest will be still waters which have a mixture from carp right down to tench, so at the min it's very much a learning curve and then venture further a field up to Scotland with family if I can get to grips with it.
  2. Guys thank you all for responding!! I live in york uk where there is a few Stillwaters and the river itself. I would have to travel to venture the trout but I've been told some not far away. Ive looked at the greys combo set 9'6 7w by a couple of guys?? But the abundance of info you guys can give is more than helpful. Would you recommend this set up as a first.???
  3. Hello everyone I'm new to fly fishing and very soon will be getting my first rod. Due to the immense wealth of info I'm stuck so so so stuck as what size to get???!!??? I have been recommended a 9'6 7w help!!
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