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  1. wanted to order some willowcat plastic bodies. close to a goby sculpin popular on the miss river
  2. life is nuts heard 6 of the 7 dwarfs are not happy....
  3. richmce

    santa joke

    how much did santa pay for his sleigh? nothing it was ON the house
  4. when my daughter went to nmu in the 2004,5 . i bought my first good fly rod from a shop downtown had a big lake trout in window.it was a redington redfly 5-6 wt.she worked at wahlstroms restaurant for a few years while she was there. never fished when visiting , wish i did
  5. nice colors but i dont dub just use long hair thanks for sharing info
  6. tested them again monday the fuzzed out flies do go backto the straighter shape when wet. and they dry that way too.did notice that once they got wet they sank slow but after another cast you had to wait again for it to sink. sounds like some weight is needed flies colored with a prismcolor marker stayed vivid.
  7. m ore comments after drying overnight i brushed them out as they were twisted and tangled. brushed with toothbrush,velcro and plastic comb. no matter what i used it came out frizzled. fibers feel softer. tried using prismcolor markers on new white fibers seems to work nice.i think the dyed fibers may work better on smaller crappie size flies and jigs . i will tie several up and see how they do when they get wet again. the rit liquid did turn out best colorwise, koolaid the worst and it also smelled like black cherry.
  8. tried 3 batches all with white long wool 3x3 patches . 1st was 2cups of hotwater with 1/2pack of yellow rit powder definitey yellower tips are darker but that may change when dried. also added a white bucktail. was in the pie tin for 40 mins. bucktail is not as yellow as wool 2nd was 2 cups of hot water and 3 caps of liquid rit in gray t stirred for 40 min nice medium gray ,tips darker i liked this the best 3rd was 2cups of hot water and two full packs of kool aid in grape and black cherry. same timein solution but didnt cover the middle and base of fibers tips were ok i will wait till they are all dried and combed out to make my final decision. i will try sharpie or prismcolor markers saturday
  9. i picked up rit dye and will get some kool aid tomorrow hope to test both of them in the evening .and will report back.
  10. like the chart but is it missing a line of colors i like the green, gray 5th and 6th down on the right
  11. i have a huge bag of long hair wool on the hide,scraps from a coat and rug company . ive heard of using koolaid, food coloring and rit dye . i have alot of white and would like more yellow, brown green and black . pieces are 4x8inch what works best?
  12. sad news indeed. ill say some prayers for him as i tie one of his sheep shad flies in tribute
  13. where do you get the clear ornaments. neat idea
  14. why is it that nobody invites T REX over for Thanksgiving dinner? Cause his front arms are so short he cant pass the food Happy Thanksgiving
  15. i once saw a loop that was whipped finished by joseph meyer in his old fly shop said they a whip finish to hold the loop together spaced apart one whip finish for each 20lb size fish they were going after. so a 100lb tarpon would have 4 to 5.
  16. i just got my order of victory hooks. black nickel ,90 degree jig. glad i got 4 sizes because they run small. so just aheads up if you order any , get a size larger . nice hooks and in expensive .
  17. bob, being able to create a fly with various eyes, location on the hook and size and weight of the hook is one of the main reasons we tie our own flies great photos too. but in your many years of fishing have you found a reason to tie the eyes,bead chain etc on the barb side of the hook. ?
  18. philly if your trim the tails to a point on your mops, they will have more whip action,.. best of luck to you on your trip
  19. watched a gunnar brammer video on his seasoned geezer fly. it calls for a size 4 4xlong, DOWN eye hook. small eye are placed on the barb side[opposite of a clouser] . never seen that before has anyone used a fly like that?
  20. he was an original. loved his music OH,YEEAAHHHH
  21. a few friends swear by the electric fillet knives and that is for crappie and walleye.i think it would work better on bigger salmon.. should have battery powered ones
  22. if a person made a plastic 3 d printed bullet sinker, would it float or sink? i have a few basswood bulletsi drilled a hole thru it and use a large fly behind it to easily pull over weed for bass. just dont know if the plastic would float or be heavier than the wood version. any ideas
  23. i cant believe how much better i cast with mine. something about the 10ft i think
  24. richmce


    what is the difference between a northern fairytale and a southern fairytale a northern fairytale starts out Once upon a time a southern fairytale starts out Y'all wont believe this !
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