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  1. I know a guy who fishes the Salmon River every year, he calls it "fly fishing" but proceeds to describe flossing with a fly rod and egg pattern.
  2. Homemade thousand island and ranch are different. Same with homemade mayo. I hate store bought mayo ‘cause a lot of it is super processed plant fat instead of egg. It’s funny but almost any dressing I hate, make it at home and I’ll like it.
  3. Yep, bleu for me too. Love shrimp, oysters, squid.
  4. Man! Ranch is the worst! (well Thousand Island and mayo are worse, but Ranch is pretty bad.)
  5. Au Sable Wulff size 8-14, piggyback emergers, soft hackles.
  6. I like furled leaders but I also really like hand-tied Maxima. For trout I graduate down through 25, 20, 15, 10, 8, tippet ring, 6, 4lb (4X maxima) and if I need thinner a 5X maxima tied to that. For low water OR smooth water leaders I go to 6 and then the tippet ring and for extra low water or low water AND smooth water I go to 4 lb and then the tippet ring with a 6X flourocarbon or 7X regular tippet. Our rivers have a very, very low weed content so I don’t worry about the knots. For high, rough water the tippet ring is at 8 lb with a 6lb (2X maxima) tippet and I can put 4 or 5X on if I wish. For bass in ponds and lakes I use a 5-6 foot leader with an 8lb tippet, 6 if it’s really clear out.
  7. samsonboi

    pc vs mac

    Mac for sure- best laptop out there. For a desktop- I don’t know, but I imagine that it’s just as good although the desktop might even be faster. They have a cylindrical tower style computer too, it’s like 10 grand or something but it’s one of the fastest home computers in the world (for graphic designers and such people who need incredible image rendering) Or try Ubuntu with your desktop.
  8. Same. Certain flies for skittering I like the other way around, like bivisibles and spiders.
  9. @Poopdeck For the tip- self drilling hex head sheet metal screw. It’ll go right in and give a good grip on rocks. before you put the screw in, put a hose clamp on the end of the wood; it’ll make screw-in against the grain much easier. Then trim the metal tag end on the hose clamp and leave it there. It’ll prevent splitting.
  10. Try dunking ‘im in cheap spar urethane next time. If you thin it a LOT and leave it in for a couple days it’ll start impregnating with the grain and last much longer.
  11. Yeah, but I used scissors for those ones. My sharp razor blade stash is low and I haven't gotten around to ordering more. Maybe I'll sharpen the old ones so they work again.
  12. It’s hanging right side up. It’s not a jig hook. The bead is just sitting the front of the hook lower. Follow the thread to the fly; I tied it in on the top of the fly. If I’d have tied it in on the bottom of the hook as oriented hook point down, it would float hook point up. The bead will equalize a bit when tied to a leader as there’ll be a tiny bit of tension on the eye.
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