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  1. Its an Adult Tipulidae...a Cranefly....it is related to midges and Mosquitos, but somewhat less aquatic. Many of them live in damp soil as larvae, and emerge in the evenings from May thru October on the PNW Coast..in PITA numbers. BTW y'all....1) a Mosquito Hawk is a colloquial Name for a DRAGONFLY, most species of which will form a basket out of their six legs and catch and eat skeeters in flight. And 2) a Daddy Long Legs is properly a land-locked crustacean, sometimes known as a Harvestman, Order Opiliones. Classed as an Arachnid, like a spider, these have eight legs and multiple eyes, but are mostly omnivores, and are non-venomous. Opilionids bear a slight resemblance to spiders, but differ drastically in body-plan; they have no waistline separation between thorax and abdomen, as a true spider does. They look more like a King Crab than a spider.
  2. Just for Kicks, Guys....I started fishing with a flyrod in 1983, having gotten the rod for Christmas of 1982. For Chrismas of 1983, My now-ex Wife gave me Tying Gear. It was pretty respectable stuff, starting with a Thompson Model A, and a small number of Renzetti tools. When I asked her how she chose so well, she said...'I called this fella at a place called "Kaufman's Streamborn'' in Oregon...his name was Randall something....when I told him the budget, he suggested this stuff, and a book by Eric Leiser " The Complete Book Of Fly Tying".' I learned all I ever really HAD to know as a beginner from Leiser's Book. I've learned much since, of course,and from many other good books and Authors, but the Leiser book taught me solid technique, and about decent materials, and the benefits of good tools. Way I figure it, if Randall Kaufman was recommending it before he wrote his own books, it STILL has a lot of value for a beginner. Used copies go for as little as four bucks....What's not to like?
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