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  1. Why don't we just update the software or server that's causing this issue? I agree- this forum is almost unusable at this point. But I prefer it vs. FB Groups by a mile. Maybe we can all pitch in, start a go fund me.
  2. A lot of streamers the past couple of days. Getting ready for the Fly Tying Symposium in NJ next month. Feel free to stop by and chat. - Dan South Bound Trucker, Thrasher, Hovercraft Sculpin, Flugenzombie with Pumpkin Spice, Boogie Man, Mini Peanut Envy etc.
  3. Pike Flies for the land of the 40's Ontario. Articulated Cisco, Blockhead Popper, Mega Rattling Murdich
  4. Some articulated trout streamers, pike divers, and Dreadnaughts.
  5. An assortment heading to Alaska this month for rainbows and Silvers (Coho), some EZ Morrish Mouse with Fly Skinz Slow Rolla Tail, and some Schminnows I'm taking to Florida next month to hopefully dupe a snook or two.
  6. very handsome tie Scott! kicking it off with a bang. I'm working on an Alaskan Rainbow/Silver Salmon (Coho) that I'll post when finished in a couple of days.
  7. ^I really dig the color scheme and the look but just watch that hook gap- worst thing is when you get a bunch of strikes and none of them stick. If you need to, you can bend that hook up for a little extra clearance.
  8. Two orders this week. One heading out west to mess with those Montana browns and bulls, one to Minnesota for some smalljaw action.
  9. <deleted content> 99% of materials end up unused in tupper ware containers or wooden drawers. lol. This thread is funny
  10. Yea I tend to have way more white/lighter baitfish patterns- but I needed something for those low light days for higher contrast. We shall see- would love to see some of your flies
  11. Here is a good baby tarpon fly- Drew Chicone's Snake Fly variant that he calls "The Devil's Daughter". Pattern was found in his great resource book, "Feather Brain". Daiichi 2546 Size 1/0 Tail- Ostrich Herl and Peacock Body- Marabou Plumes Head- Deer Body Hair Mixed with Peacock Herl. In the water, the peacock "glows" an orange color.
  12. Here is one of my staple patterns in my euro boxes- the Peacock Cased Caddis Jig- Dead simple- sizes 14, 16, and 18 2 strands peacock herl, small olive ultra wire counter wrapped 8 times, your favorite caddis green dubbing. I usually bigger cased caddis imitations in early spring, but year round I find tons of these things in smaller sizes, especially 14-18. You can vary the dubbing color to a cream or brown- both are good to have.
  13. You got the one on the right! Plus some extras.
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