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  1. No acorns here in Minnesota or Wisconsin either. Similar to last year. Seems a combination of drought and masting cycle really limited the acorns.
  2. Fantastic! You should consider submitting it somewhere 👍
  3. Could you use the MFC galloup belly bumper hook as an alternative to the original mustad hooks?
  4. I encountered a different error message when I tried to edit the photo above
  5. Hoping they are able to find the cause and prevent future events, but I'm not optimistic much will come of it. Fish kill decimates trout in Rush Creek near Rushford - Post Bulletin | Rochester Minnesota news, weather, sports
  6. Great looking table and pizzas! When is the pizza party? 😉
  7. Beautiful river! I've actually never fished it, but I have some great memories on its banks while deer hunting. I mean, the fishing is horrible up here, nothing but cold and mosquitoes. I wouldn't recommend 😉
  8. First attempt at a mouse fly. I didnt bother to add eyes since I'd most likely fish it in low light or the dark. Clown shoe caddis. Hot spot is too large - hopefully the fish don't mind. Modified foam Dave's hopper
  9. I'd also be interested in any extra feathers you might have. Thanks!
  10. Deleted. Answered my own question 😅
  11. I'm thinking about placing an order as he sells off his stock. What specific colors have you found to be unique to Collins Hackle? I'm thinking maybe the barred duns? Thanks!
  12. Capes for tying dry flies all come from roosters. Dun is referring to the color of the feathers. Charlie doesn't have any pictures on his site of his colors, but if you search his capes at other retailers you can see some examples. I'd suggest looking at the color of the feathers for the patterns you most intend to tie and purchase those to get started. You could also consider buying the 4 cape grab bag from Collins Hackle farm. My understanding is if you let him choose the colors for the discounted rate, people tend to get a grizzly and brown cape with two additional colors. Even better yet, give him a call and tell him what you are looking for. He's a pretty straight shooter and will be able to help.
  13. Id search sewing thread storage boxes. There are a number of options from places like Jo Ann's that have a few boxes that you could re-purpose for fly tying thread. There are also some cheaper fly tying specific things out there like the Hareline Fly Tyers Thread / Spool Stash Box
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