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  1. I'd also be interested in any extra feathers you might have. Thanks!
  2. Deleted. Answered my own question 😅
  3. I'm thinking about placing an order as he sells off his stock. What specific colors have you found to be unique to Collins Hackle? I'm thinking maybe the barred duns? Thanks!
  4. Capes for tying dry flies all come from roosters. Dun is referring to the color of the feathers. Charlie doesn't have any pictures on his site of his colors, but if you search his capes at other retailers you can see some examples. I'd suggest looking at the color of the feathers for the patterns you most intend to tie and purchase those to get started. You could also consider buying the 4 cape grab bag from Collins Hackle farm. My understanding is if you let him choose the colors for the discounted rate, people tend to get a grizzly and brown cape with two additional colors. Even better yet, give him a call and tell him what you are looking for. He's a pretty straight shooter and will be able to help.
  5. Id search sewing thread storage boxes. There are a number of options from places like Jo Ann's that have a few boxes that you could re-purpose for fly tying thread. There are also some cheaper fly tying specific things out there like the Hareline Fly Tyers Thread / Spool Stash Box
  6. I'm not sure the point, hence why I posed the question. I assumed I was misunderstanding something. Attached image with the hook description is right from the website. Every other retailer appears to also be using the same description.
  7. How would I interpret a 3x gape/gap and 3x long hook sizing like the Firehole 860? Would that mean the hook is 3 sizes up overall from whatever it is labeled as? If not, what part of the hook isn't scaled up 3x if the shank and gape/gap are?
  8. Nice work! I was wondering if a silver badger hackle might be a good way to eliminate the need for dubbing while still giving the impression of a dark thorax.
  9. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought up about going, but ended up not making my way over there. If I were to have done I'd be cruising for a deal, and I wasn't sure expo prices would be better than the usual prices in the store.
  10. Thanks, Mark! I'll have to give that a try.
  11. I've had similar troubles trying to get hooks to hold in the tips of the jaws. I bought the vise used, so very possible it's just that the jaws are worn. Getting the midge jaws would maybe be the way to go, but I can't justify the price of replacement jaws yet when I didn't pay that much for the vise to start with.
  12. Anyone ever used Hends Spectra dubbing? If so, how does it compare to ice dub? Thanks!
  13. It's hard to stay up-to-date on all the synthetics with how many there are, but Gunnar Brammer ties a lot of larger baitfish patterns and I know he has mentioned squimpish hair, strung fuzzy fiber, and big fly fiber on his website and in his YouTube videos.
  14. Size 12 Yellow Humpy I've always found getting the proportions right on this pattern to be trickier than I expect.
  15. My dad has a 6.5 creedmoor and loves it. It has served him well hunting whitetails
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