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  1. Anyone know what line wt. a Johnson #5 can use?
  2. I'm trying to resist ... ... I can't. "Blow on the fly" won't work for everyone. We're not all as full of hot air as you, flytire. Lmao
  3. When you are out fishing and change to a different fly what do you do with your fly so it will dry fly patch?
  4. Well for me I asked my wife to get my 1962 Bear Kodiak Mag refinished.
  5. I have my second rod Steve build on the way. If that tells you anything.
  6. For Costa you have to send them your sunglasses and $89 that includes shipping back. They will not sale lenses for you to install yourself.
  7. Hey glad you are feeling better Steve. Hey with the time change I’m moving slow anyway.
  8. Well on my next paycheck I’m sending my new Costas in to have the mirror sunrise 580G put in. I may keep the 580G green mirror lenses or sell them. I already have some 580P copper lenses that are new I’m thinking of selling.
  9. Man it looks great. With the way your work is I know my 6wt will looks as this one.
  10. What size n type streamers will work for a 6wt?
  11. Fantail is the ones I have. Costa Del Mar glasses are probably the best sunglasses for fishing. 95% of their lineup is dedicated towards use on water.
  12. I’m considering changing the lenses on a pair of my Costas for fly fishing, but not sure which one. I have 2 Costa Fantails with 580G green mirror lenses. I was thinking of changing one out to their Copper silver mirror or sunset silver mirror. Anyone have experience with these, and which ones would be better for fly fishing?
  13. What color is the reels? I like to match the reels, but I would just let Steve pick the colors he does great work.
  14. Ok I have a 3wt for native Brookies generally around 6-7in. And I have a 6wt for rainbows, cutthroat, and browns in rivers. I have WF floating lines right now. I have never used sinking lines.
  15. Are spare spools worth the cost? What is a spare spool generally used for?
  16. I hope you continue to get better. Sometimes the only thing we can do is push forward to get through troubling time, even though we don’t want to.
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