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  1. One of the icons of the sport. He will be remembered for a very long time to come though that's for sure.
  2. Beauty of a 7wt rod ready to head out to its owner tomorrow. This is one of my favorite color/finish of blanks that we bring in to build on.
  3. Real nice 7' spin rod with burl grips and microwave guide system headed out of the shop this weekend to its new owner.
  4. Would you guys believe I have actually never seen that movie except for bits & pieces here and there 😬😦 One of these days I need to sit down and watch it all the way through.
  5. To you as well George and everyone else here. Now that my family has gotten smaller over the years as happens when we get older, it will prob just be a quiet relaxing Thanksgiving here. Probably will just have dinner with Mom and then watch Planes Trains & Automobiles with her as has become a tradition for us.
  6. Nice subtle clean looking 3wt just off the bench.
  7. Pair of med action 7' spin rods with microwave guide system on "cool gray" color blanks all done and headed out of the shop this week to their new owners.
  8. Nice subtle clean looking 3wt just off the bench.
  9. When you made that post above, the IP you have while logged in under your work VPN looks normal, then your IP from the rest of the posts was that real long crazy looking one again. Do me a favor and when you get a chance, log back in under your Work one, then leave the site and come back and see if it lets you back in or not while under that work one.
  10. Saturday here in Michigan I was cutting the grass while it was snowing...that was a first for me 🤣
  11. Okay, you want to play that game, keep it up and see what happens.
  12. Colors of the wraps on this one made me think of candy corn 😂 10' 3wt just out of the shop today.
  13. I just did some looking in the admin panel. I am not sure exactly why that is happening, but I am going to venture a guess it is because of your IP address. As the Admin I can see all members IP addresses when I go and look for them, and honestly I have never in my life seen an IP like yours 😲 Are you logging in from a different planet? 🤣 I'll tryin see if I can figure anything out for you, but I would bet money the problem is because of your IP. I've just never in 20yrs seen one like yours before.
  14. First off. That's a nasty comment to say about the people that volunteer their time to give you guys a place to enjoy with zero compensation. Secondly.. I don't know what post you made on Nov 8th, or what post you are talking about in the Veterans Day post because I don't see that. Looks like one of the mods must have deleted it already, but I know it was not there when I replied to that post so it must have been made last night or the morning. So obviously it was not posted for more than 24hrs. So in the future you might want to give the mods here more time to see and take care of something before going off on a rant insulting them. People do have lives you know, and the mods don't spend every hour of the day on this site.
  15. There's a difference between "Vintage" and "old school style". Vintage is period correct parts like the stamped aluminum seat above, varnish for wraps, standard cork, silk thread etc etc. Old school style is just the toned down style in flat or earth tone color pallets, no flashy parts like CF seat or anything like that. I don't know if you can still buy those old pinned on hood seats like that new, but you can always find them real cheap on ebay. Usually you can get them 3/$10...or at least you use to few years back, I haven't checked lately.
  16. Happy Veterans Day! And extreme gratitude to all that have & currently serve.
  17. Glad ya like it. It really has that old school classic look to it which I like.
  18. Real nice subtle/classic looking glass rod just out of the shop and headed to its new owner this weekend. Dark green wraps with gold trim give it a great look on the green blank.
  19. Yeah but after taxes you would only get just over a Billion ...so what's the point in that ya know 😂
  20. Two range days in one week? Yes please 😎 Back at my happy place again today. 2nd time shooting the PCC...it has honestly become my new fav out of my entire collection. with the 7.5oz buffer & .308 spring it cycles smooth as hell, and recoil/rise is so minimal that follow up shots are just right on target even quickly squeezing them off. I'm really falling in love with this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJgUtra0_iM
  21. It's extremely durable. I did a lot lot of research on finish before I decided on the Duracoat. It's vastly more durable than paint, and while not quite as durable as Cerakote, it is still probably 80-85% as durable as Cerakote. They offer two ways to apply it. They sell a rattle can version where you puncture the bottom of the can which contains the attached hardener and then spray it just like you would a paint can, and then they sell the 4oz liquid jars of the color, hardener and clear coat which you can use to spray through an airbrush. I went with the airbrush application for mine. It's not all that hard per say, but more just to get a good long lasting finish, it has to be done properly. Meaning just like with a good paint job, the final results are 90% prep work and 10% application. I spent about 2-3hrs prepping the parts with Scotch Brite, then I used a full can of non chlorinated brake cleaner to clean them, then I poped them in the oven for about 20mins at 150f just to draw out any oil or chemicals that might leech out of the parts. Then I filled a pan with acetone and soaked them in that. Then once it comes out of the acetone you don't want to touch the parts with your hand or oil will get on them, so you wear latex gloves from that point forward. After that then you tape up the openings and then do about 4 light coats of Duracoat, then clear coat. You only have to use clear if you use the metal colors like I did, normal black or green or any non metal type color doesn't have to have a clear over it. So more or less just kind of a process to do it but not difficult to do. Seems like you are a lot like me and like to do things yourself and work with your hands, so it's something you'd probably enjoy doing. I ordered my stuff directly from them, but they also sell on Ebay&Amazon as well https://www.duracoatfirearmfinishes.com/
  22. I use to have a nice boat. 19ft Pro Craft Fish Hunter with a 115hp Mariner. Used it for smallmouth fishing the larger sections of the Au Sable.Just sold it a couple years ago after owning it for 30 yrs. Lower unit issues finally came up after all those years and I just decided it was time to clear it out of the yard since I hadn't been using it as much the past few years. Being mostly a trout guy now it just didn't see the use it did back 10 yrs or more ago. Bob just be thankful you are in Fl and don't have to winterize your boat like I always had to do up here in Michigan. That was always a PITA to do every year. Had to get everything out of it, take tires off the trailer, drain the gas and flog the motor with an inhibitor, then put a structure over it and wrap it to keep snow/ice/animals out of it every winter. I always hated having to winterize it every year. That's one thing I do not miss.
  23. Took this latest build (9mm PCC) to the range today and put the first rounds through it. I am extremely happy with this build. It runs very smooth, real light recoil and cycles perfect with the 7.5oz buffer set up built it with. Only took about 15rds to get it zeroed in. And the grouping is fantastic. This is a 5rd group at 30-35yrd range. Can't wait to get this one back out again next week.
  24. Tom...it happens. All just "growing pains" no worries. BTW great work to all pics above...but troutguy, for some reason I am really digging that knife ion the last/above pic. I like both the blade and the wood/handle a lot.
  25. Glad ya found a place to do it Norm. I still just don't think that's right though how some places as big as HD or Lowes wont work on mobile homes. Thats just not right 😒 Glad you found a place to take care of ya though.
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