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  1. Gathering the horde and raiding the Ohio Ren Fest tomorrow 🤣 Never have been to one but always wanted to go. Have a couple friends that have been going for over 20 yrs so decided to join them this year. Made a lot of my outfit myself. I actually sewed for the first time in probably 30 years.
  2. We all have days like that, but sometimes just being out there is worth the effort 👍
  3. That''s one from PSA that you can get an an option on their stainless barrel. They don't really have a name on that one, other than just the enhanced muzzle device when you buy that barrel.
  4. 6'6" 2wt just out of the shop this evening.
  5. Another 6'6" 2wt just out of the shop. This one in dark green and yellow wraps with burl seat and accented grip.
  6. Just finished this quad of 6'6" 2wts going to a customer in the next day or two.
  7. Really cool looking 7wt just off out of the shop. All dark burl cork grip & butt with a carbon fiber reel seat that has blue in it, and bright blue wraps.
  8. Simplest definition of a man-cave in in my opinion is this.... A room used mainly by you that is filled with what your passions/enjoyment in life are. For me it's my gun room, or my theater room, for others it may be a sports themed room, fishing/hunting room, or an aquarium fish keeping room, or collectables room. Whatever it may be, if the room is filled with those items you enjoy and you are the primary user of the room, then that makes it your man-cave to me.
  9. The dude in the blue pants got some serious hang time 😂
  10. Another nice 6'6" 2wt just finished up. This one in all white wraps and black/silver at each ferule connection.
  11. Damn Mark, I don't know a whole lot about moose size since we don't have them here, but the body on that one looks huge.
  12. Another 6'6" 2wt out of the drying cabinet this morning. This one in dark green with lighter metallic green trim.
  13. 6'6" 2wt in dark green and silver trim out of the shop this morning to start the weekends work.
  14. Another nice 6'6" 2wt just finished up this morning and headed out the door to its new home. This one in a nice bright blue & silver wrap.
  15. 6'6" 2wt all done and ready to head on its way to its new owner.
  16. Just out of the shop this morning, 9' 4wt faster action 4pc with custom burl grip/butt & carbon fiber seat.
  17. Oh yeah, the old metal ferules were pretty brutal on the action of a rod. I have an old Silflex glass rod that is 3pc 8' and it has the metal ferules on it. I learned to fly fish on that rod back in the late 80's. It's crazy to see how far rods have came when comparing to the old ones of back in the day. It's still nice to take the old one out and use it every once in a while though that's for sure.
  18. Use to you would have very obvious signs in the feel/action of a blank that it was a multi piece blank. Then about 15 or so years ago it started getting a lot better. Now today the way ferrule technology is these days the number of sections no longer has any effect on the action or feel of a rod. Older multi piece rods use to have a bit different feel where you would have noticeable flat spots on each of the ferule joints. But these days even a 7pc blank has the same feel as a 2 or 4pc blank.
  19. Another 6'6" 2wt 4pc just out of the drying cabinet and ready to head to its new owner.
  20. 10' 3wt euro in forest green wraps just out of the shop.
  21. Trio of 9' 5wt 7pc travel rods just out of the shop.
  22. Nice pictures. Falling trees can be a blessing and a curse. I've had spots that trees fell in and ruined the hole, and others where they fell in and made a new hole where there previous was not one. Goes back to the old saying of how a river is ever changing. Are white face hornets a different breed than bald face hornets? I've had a couple big bald face hornet nets here over the years but never noticed those to be all that aggressive. Guessing the white face ones are different and much more aggressive?
  23. That looks like a great time. That ling cod looks huge. How come the small boat is moored so far off shore, is that to keep bears and other critters away from it?
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