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  1. Glad you are doing well Dean. That is something that can go bad real quick if not tended too right away. They took mine out about 4 yrs ago. I had a bad stomach issue where I was doubled over in pain and it ended up being a hernia with a twisted intestine, so during that surgery they took my appendix out "just because they were in there" I guess lol Rest up and get well soon.
  2. I use a rod building epoxy that takes about 15 mins to set up, but honestly, your 5 min epoxy will be just fine. I doubt you would see any difference at all between the two.
  3. That one is for a customer. Normal price is $155 but to FTF members I usually give a discount so they come in around $125
  4. Bouncing between rod work and the Jurassic Park diorama today. Was able to get all the trees/jungle background done. I used a method model railroaders use. Clipped some dead branches off one of my juniper bushes out back, stripped the needles, put some poly fiber in spots on it and spray adhesive. Then used two shades of flocking dusted over it, then hit it with clear. Very realistic looking trees/bushes. Also made some vines using the same method. I think I have the mud puddle mix down right now. Got just the right tint for the clear acrylic to make it look like standing water in the mud. Lots more to do but it's starting to look really cool. I always thought if I had chose a different path in life, it would be working for a special effects type company, I think that would be a job I would really like because I have always enjoyed creating stuff like this.
  5. Long fishing trip is over so back to the grind. First one done since getting back. 9' 5wt 4pc
  6. Nice gills. Where abouts in SE Mi are you? I am in SE Mi as well (Royal Oak). Steve
  7. Nice work Greg. That's pretty much how I do repairs as well. That should hold up well for ya. Also, next time you see an old fiberglass rod at a garage sale for $5 pick it up to use as the "spigot" on a repair down the road. Fiberglass will have a slight more amount of flex in it so can help to retain the feel of a repaired rod.
  8. The Jurassic Park project for the theater room has slowed down some now that I have been back to working on filling rod orders (damn work πŸ˜†) but it has been coming along nicely when I get a bit of time here & there. The base is covered with the "mud" (mix of pva glue/paint pigment/drywall filler/sand) and just started testing clear tinted acrylic to make puddles with. The 3D printed wall is done and weathered/textured. Also got the electric fence posts printed and heated/bent as well as some 3mm wire for the fence itself. Printed the electric rain for the trucks to ride on. Finished the outhouse where the lawyer Genero got eaten by the T rex. Made that out of wood dowels and then dremeled slots into them to make it look like bamboo then varnished it. The thatched roof was not fun. Did that out of individual strands of twine and combed out the ends. Prob around 8 hrs just in the roof alone.
  9. I don't think that fix will fail anytime in the next 50+ yearsπŸ‘
  10. Yep, I use a combination of bondo and/or spot putty to fill the joints, just depending on how big the seam/gap is.
  11. Yeah they have been going around the clock non stop for the past week now. The T rex was printed in 6 pieces so that he would fit on the print bed. Thanks
  12. Dragonfly is a nice touch πŸ‘
  13. He's 10" tall. I scaled him up 161% so that he's in proper scale to "Dr Grant" which is 3.75" tall
  14. Started a new project last week after getting home from my trip. Decided to build a Jurassic Park scene from the original movie to display in the theater room. Going to be a big piece, base is about 4' long. 3D printing most of the stuff. Going to be the scene where the T.Rex breaks through the fence and steps on the SUV then has Dr Grant with a flare in front of the other SUV. Just finished up airbrushing the T rex this morning. Doing a "mud" base for it with a concoction of materials to form mud. First layer is down but finial layer will be tinted much darker and have standing water and T rex footprints and such in it. Also started printing the two SUV's. Will have one of them sunk in the mud and all bent up. Then the electric fence where the T rex broke through it and foliage and such as well as the bamboo outhouse where Genero got eaten by the T rex. Going to take a few weeks to finish this with the rod work and other things I have going but should be pretty cool once finished.
  15. Went to the range today with the newest 9mm PSA Dagger and put its first 150 rds through it. Love the gun. Cycles and runs like a champ. The red dot on it maxed out the elevation while the rds where still 3" low. So I need to get a shim plate under it to get it dead center. I had heard other guys say something about the slide/suppressor height sights causing that and they got a plate to fix the issue. So kind'a expected that ahead of time. Once I do that it will be stacking lead dead center. The grouping with this gun is excellent for the first shots. There's 150 rds in the target below at 15 yrds.
  16. I don't know how much you would actually gain by putting a larger muffler on it. The big problem with noise is that it is an air cooled engine, and air cooled engines put out a lot of noise that is not actually coming from the exhaust, it's just the nature of the beast with air cooled. I've known a few people that tried to quiet down generators with larger mufflers and just didn't really do much at all.
  17. Just got off the water for the last time before heading home in the morning.. Most the day was real slow, but right before dark iso's started coming and fish started rising. Had 4 hook up briefly and then one that was a nice fat 12" or so bow that came off right at the net. Just couldn't keep them hooked up for some reason tonight. But was a nice way to end the trip, leave me longing for more for next year. Best trip to date by far. Really needed this time for myself and enjoyed every second of it, as well as time spent fishing with a couple good friends like Richard & Brett. After 2 weeks in the woods and fishing everyday, It'll actually be nice to head home and back to life for a bit.
  18. My buddy Richard is up here this weekend with me so we decided to head over to where my family cabin use to be near Gleenie and pull some streamers for some smallmouth this morning. Pretty good day. Back in Mio now. Going to head down for one last trout outing this evening before packing up and heading home in the morning.
  19. Yep exactly. My trip is over and I go home Sunday morning, but Saturday a buddy & I are gonna spend the whole day chasing smallies for the last day of the trip 😎
  20. No fun fishing when lighting is around. When I was younger I use to fish right through storms. Now that I am older (and wiser) anytime there's even a chance of a storm I sit the rod down and wait it out. Looks like you still had fun. That's what matters 😎
  21. I'm probably in the fridge part 15 times for every 1 time I'm in the freezer part, so I'd rather have the fridge up top where I don't have to bend down all the time.
  22. When mine goes that is what I want to replace it with. Being 6'5" the one thing I always hated is my fridge having the freezer on top. To see anything that is on lower or middle shelf of the fridge I have to been way over just to find something.
  23. Yep and the price is jaw dropping. Every time I go Lowes to get pvc to ship rods in I have to walk past the row of refrigerators. The price goes up as you get closer to the one end and some of them suckers are $5k or more 😡 I've bought some damn nice cars for less than that lol
  24. Too much sun today. Not even 11am and already 81f. Supposed to go to 97f today. No trout fishing today. Might try later this evening but even that's not for sure since its still supposed to be 90 at 7pm. May hike up above the dam to see if I can find a smallmouth, pretty hot though so dunno if I want to leave the motel AC room 😁
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