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  1. Sorry to her she's down in the dumps. I know how she feels though. You've seen my bonsai/backyard, right now it is over grown with tones of weeds. They grew up during the 2 weeks I was gone on my fishing trip and now i have been so busy since getting back I haven't had a chance to go get it back in shape so it's really a mess for the past month. Funny how something like a prized yard being in bad shape can make you feel bad, but it certainly can. I hope to tryin get mine taken care of this week if they rain stops.
  2. It's 1/7th scale (about 28" long) does 85mph. Yeah you need a lot of room to open it up fully. The 2.4ghz Radios these days have a really long distance they transmit, much further than we had back in older days. The TX's these days have between 650-1250ft of range on them for a surface vehicle depending on which TX you have, which is much further than my old eyes can even see 😄
  3. Just finished up airbrushing this new body for my latest addition to the Rc collection. This car does 85mph so I figured it needed to look the part as well 😁
  4. That had to be a blast on the fly rod
  5. Figured I'd let you guys know how I was doing with this. Thankfully I would say things are close to normal for me once again. The actual volume of the tinnitus has settled down by about 80-85% as compared to how it was back in March right after all this happened. And now the past month or so I think I've basically habituated to the remaining 15-20% of the sound because during the day I really don't even notice it. Only at night do I somewhat notice it be more noticeable than it was. Took quite a few months but finally in a pretty good place with this now.
  6. Some great looking browns there Ken, nice and healthy 😎 Next time give some big streamers a go and see if they work better than nymphs. Usually my best streamer days are right after rain when the water is higher and stained.
  7. 8' 5wt 4pc for a customer just out of the drying cabinet. Carbon fiber seat, burl full wells grip, black main wraps and orange trim wraps.
  8. Basically it's the popularity of the whole euro nymph craze, plus the price I offer on these. It's hard to find a good euro rod for under $300 these days. There's a group on facebook that has close to 100,000 fly fisherman in it. So about 3 times per year I will run a sale on these euro rods in that group for $150. I usually get so many orders from them when I do it that I have to limit it to 10 guys at a time just so I still have time for my other normal rod customers.
  9. 10' 3wt 4pc nymph rod with one of my fav color combos, garnet on burgundy blank. Burl seat with burl cork grip and silver trim round it out.
  10. Another just out of the rod dryer today. 10' 3wt with carbon fiber seat, burl corks grip&butt. Black main with metallic silver trim.
  11. Another 10' 3wt euro rod just finished up. This one uses a carbon fiber seat, custom burl grip that is turned oversize to help the new owner whom has parkinsons hopefully be able to get a better more comfortable hold on the rod. Wraps are Antique gold with metallic gold trim.
  12. It was time to come home. Long trips are great, but they take their toll on already bad shoulders, hands start getting sore, and legs start wearing out after wading 8+ hrs per day for close to 2 weeks. Nice to rest up and start thinking about the next outing. Thinking about hitting something local for some bass maybe later this week if I get a few more of these rods out of the way first 🙂
  13. After a great 2 weeks fishing trip, it's back in the shop to the grind again. Just finished this first of many euro rods ordered. 10' 3wt with burl seat, custom burl cork grip & butt, dark green main wraps and no trim wrap. Very clean & classy look to it.
  14. That is a heck of a nice setup to have. Power and reliability to spare on both accounts I bet.
  15. Yup. He was just such a healthy and hard fighting fish, that's one I will always remember.
  16. Switched the Rio sink tip on the spey rod with a floating tip and did some nymphing with the two hander today. Lots of smaller bows jumping on the nymphs. As much as I Iove it here there comes that point in a long trip with no return date where you just feel that it's time, and I think I'm there. Body is getting worn out, bad rotator cuff in shoulder is really painful every night after fishing all day. Hands and feet are cut up and bite up. Have had a wonderful trip but I think it's about time to head home and build some rods for other guys. After probably a few days of rest.
  17. Just a man sittin' on a log waitin' on bugs to hatch.
  18. Bruce, today I was mostly nymphing with a large hares ear about size 8-10. The hax are going and so have iso's so fish are taking larger nymphs. Tonight there wasn't a lot happening. Some small fish rising but no real hatch came out this evening at all.
  19. Welcome to FTF Lee. Good group of guys here you will enjoy it. Have fun. Steve
  20. Spent morning and early afternoon on the river nymphing. Nothing of any real size but were a lot of cookie cutter bows to keep me busy. All the weekenders are headed home so gonna hit the river this evening and see if there's anything rising to dry flies.
  21. Twice this evening I have just stepped into the river only to have thunder/lighting start the very minute I start fishing. Not worth standing in water waving a graphite stick around. Tapping out for the day. Will sit in the AC at the motel and watch this Indiana Jones marathon, turn in early, so I can get up at daybreak and hit the river. Good news is that it poured finally, so water temp is falling and the river level is rising. Both are much needed things. Hopefully make for a good week of trout fishing ahead.
  22. All the pics from this evening on the river. Temps finally dropped and the air temp was actually a bit chilly at times, felt weird after 95f earlier in the week. More walleye on streamers this evening, then some great browns and rainbow on dries. With the Pike and Walleye and trout this morning and these fish this evening, and strangely (for a Friday) having the river all to myself, was just a perfect day on the river.
  23. Absolutely beautiful night on the river this evening. Have more pics to get off the camera but had to share this one before I shower and do the rest since I just got back to the motel. Had a good hatch of iso's right at dark with big fish rising to them. This one was rising a number of times so after about the 3rd or 4th time I drifted my iso dry over where it was coming up and he sucked it in. Excellent fight on the 10' 3wt as he jumped at least 8-10 times 3ft out of the water and tore back and forth across the pool peeling drag off the reel. Soon as I slide the net under him the fly popped right out. Just a gorgeous heavy Au Sable rainbow. Couldn't ask for a nicer night on the river.
  24. Just saw it for the first time yesterday and made me laugh. Usually commercials are just stupid, but that one is a funny one for sure.
  25. Had a great morning on the river. Started overcast and cooler so pulled streamers all morning. Had some good size walleye, a big pike that absolutely crushed a streamer and wouldn't fit in my trout net, couple fat rainbow trout, and a deer came right up and checked me out. No place I would rather be than on the Au Sable. Time to tie some flies for the evening and then head back out closer to dark.
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