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  1. Just short little vid of getting one of my 1/10 scale trucks out and dirty today. I felt bad for letting these 1/10 & 1/8 scale ones sit on the shelf every since getting the giant 1/5 scale done a few months ago so had to get this one out and get a bit muddy for a few mins this afternoon.
  2. Just the tip section is all I'll need.
  3. Sounds like a fun time for sure. Except the tip break which from what I read sounded like it happened the first day, uhg. No worries I'll get that fixed up for ya. Some real nice sized bream you guy got into there.
  4. Nice and plump brookie, nothing wrong with that!
  5. Judging by the pic looks like it's maybe 2" give or a smidge. I could most likely just clean the end and put a new tip on there for you and you prob would not notice any change in feel at all, and it wouldn't cost like a new section/blank would. You're biggest thing would be a bit of a wait. I am leaving Wednesday for an extended fishing trip and will be gone till at least the 20th of June or there abouts. But if you want to send it to me so it's here when I get back I can get on it soon as I return from the trip for ya.
  6. Crazy isn't it. One of my friends use to be a preschool teacher in a pretty affluent city near here. He said that at least half the kids in his preschool class would come to school with their own ipads. We're talking 3-4 yr olds here
  7. That's what has me very interested in them. Not for me, but for my Mom. Her hearing has been getting worst the past 5 yrs, and just this year it seems really even worse than it has been. I honestly have to repeat probably 75% of what I say to her even if I'm right next to her. I know it's not her fault, but it's exhausting for me to have to constantly repeat myself 2-3 times all the time, and I know it has to make her feel bad as well even though she would never admit it. The thing that has kept her from getting hearing aids are the cost. With insurance not covering much if any of it I know she doesn't have $4000-$8000 to drop on them. So if these BOSE ones for under $900 keep woking good for you I'm hoping I just might be able to maybe have her let me go halfsie with her to get her a pair sometime.
  8. I don't get the whole apple vs PC thing, never have understood how that gets going and people get so stuck in one camp or the other. I think people should just buy what fits their needs and wallet and be happy with it and not worry about other people. Maybe It's because I'm just not a "computer guy" but ehh no biggie. Also don't know why everything always has to turn into some debate online. All I did was say how much I liked the solid state drive in the new laptop I bought. Does that really warrant talking down about PC's or getting into some debate on them? Jeez I swear sometimes I think people just look for things to try to be negative about. I have no reason to lie about computer problems. I simply have not had any real issues with my Pc's. Only time I had any issue was with an old laptop a friend gave me about 5 yrs ago, but that thing had issues from the start. And I have had to replace power supplies in desktops before, but that's it. My desktop Pc's I've never had viruses or malware or anything like that. To avoid update waiting times then I have mine set where it will have updates on hold, then when I go to shut the computer off for the night it will ask if I would like to update and power off. I click yes and that's it, no dealing with waiting for updates. So with that said. I DO like my new Windows laptop, it's very fast, does what I need, and will be exactly what I need for a price that I was very happy to pay for it.
  9. Thanks guys. Certainly going to have a great time and enjoy the solitude. Been such a rough start to the year for me with those issues I had. And then just the other day ended a friendship with someone that was probably my best friend and fishing buddy for the past 12 years (saw it coming, he's getting older and is just not the same person I knew before) So we just had to mutually end that sadly. I've always been a very non social introvert though, so these trips where I spend so much time alone on the river and in the woods without talking to anyone for days at a time, they are honestly when I am probably at my happiest. So I'm looking fwd to this one more than I can even explain.
  10. That is great to hear they seem to be working as well/better than your others, even if it's only been a few hours. Hopefully they continue to improve your life by leaps and bounds! Let us know how they do on your first fishing trip with them
  11. I've been pretty lucky with PC's. Can't say I have ever had any real issue with any virus or problems at all with them here.
  12. The last rod to do before I close shop up for a bit and head North on an extended 2 week or so fishing trip is done! 7' 8-15lb 2pc Patriotic themed spin rod ready to go to it's new home.
  13. Same here I'm really impressed with win 10. I had win 7 on my old Lenovo and I liked that, and wasn't sure how I would like 10 but it seems great so far.
  14. Kind'a. Don't be too impressed. This old dude had to go to my "tech support" (Nephew) to get help with what I should look for in one
  15. I do most of my stuff online on a desktop, but when I'm downstairs in the shop, or when I am gone on fishing trips and in a motel room I always use my laptop. My laptop is probably about 9-10 yrs old and just so sllllllooooooooowwwwwww. So I finally broke down about 2 weeks ago and purchased a new laptop. It is not "brand new" but refurbished from the local Microcenter (I LOVE that store). Anyway, I am just blown away from how fast these Solid state drives are now as compared to the old spinning disc drives. The one I bought is a Dell E6440 which when it came out some years ago was about a $1700 business laptop. I picked up the refurbed one for only $359.00. Has the SSD, 8GB ram, Win 10 pro and i5 3.5ghz processor. It blows me away how fast these SSD's are these days. My old laptop took about 3 mins to boot up, even my desktop takes about 45secs - 1 min to boot up. This new laptop takes about 5 seconds and is ready to go. Runs all my programs probably twice as fast as my desktop does. Going to be nice to be able to stay connected at the motel in my fishing trip in a couple weeks and not have to spend an hour just trying to upload some fish pictures 😁
  16. Pretty amazing that much technology can go into something like cookware.
  17. Great looking fish. Those tigers are massive as well. Usually don't see them that size in most places where they exist.
  18. That is really pretty. And root over rock style to boot, I like it a lot.
  19. Very cool Mark. Those rock fish almost look like a saltwater version of a smallmouth to me lol. And that first pic was a nice mess of fish for 1/2hr!
  20. One of the last remaining builds out of the shop before we shut down for most of June for an extended fishing trip. This one is another very subtle and clean 10' 3wt. Burl grip & 1.5" butt, carbon fiber window seat, SF guides wrapped in dark green without trim.
  21. Well all is almost back to normal in Steve-topia 😁 After the rough patch of a few months I had early this spring with the ears/tinnitus/sleep issues I was starting to wonder how I was gonna be for any fishing this year. Thankfully the past few weeks I have been getting back to more normal and would say I am now 90%+ back to normal. So I have plans and reservations made for my annual spring trip now. Buddy and I are headed up the my cabin on the lower Au Sable in a couple weeks and he will fish with me for smallmouth for the first couple days. Then we'll head up to the upper/mid Au Sable in Mio and he'll stay with me for a day there and we'll trout fish. Then he heads home and I move over into a single room at the motel 200ft from the river and I will spend at least the next 12-14 days there alone, fishing every day till sometime towards the later part of June. And who really knows, it's been a great year for my rod business so I may stay a bit longer than usual. Hell I may never come back! 😃
  22. I've never had a lantana plant before, looks like they grow fast. I might have to look into those for the garden myself.
  23. That'd be cool Mike. With the weather down there in FL you could have some great species of trees year round. If I lived down there I would have a huge collection of Bougainvillia bonsai!
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