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  1. Thanks. Single turns look good, but are a bit of a pain to do.
  2. Just off the bench, a very subtle looking 10' 3wt with all brown burl grip, rosewood seat, classic twist red& black wraps with single turn metallic silver trim.
  3. Steeldrifter


    Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you gave Libby a long happy life, and she gave you many years of great memories to remember her by. Never easy to lose a good four legged friend, but our lives are better for having them in it.
  4. Latest just finished up. 10' 3wt euro rod with maroon wraps & silver trim, rosewood seat, burl grip and butt.
  5. As a rod builder I will tell you guys another one that I get a lot that isn't on the list... Never install a ceiling fan in your rod room. You honestly would not believe it but I have had a good deal of repairs due to guys that don't follow that rule lol
  6. Again, do you people not care about my livelihood? Stop giving "misinformation" 😑
  7. Don't tell guys to not put their rods on top the car......... It's taking food out of my mouth! 😅
  8. So who had the bigger smile John, you or the grandson? I bet I know
  9. Latest off the bench. 10' 3wt with rosewood seat, burl accented grip and butt, garnet main wraps without trim, and single foot guides gives it a nice clean & subtle look.
  10. Perfect sized bows to make for a fun filled day on the stream 😎 I want to sneak away from rod work for a day to enjoy some myself, but this rain just won't stop here this fall. Local river is over 1ft too high
  11. Another finished up today. This one is a 10' 3wt 4pc euro rod with burl grip and rosewood burl seat, single foot guides wrapped in black. Silver trim done on only the hook keeper and the ferules but not the guide wraps.
  12. Just finished and on its way to its new owner is this 11' 3wt 5pc, burl grip & butt, rosewood seat, single foot guides wrapped in dark green with metallic gold trim.
  13. I really feel for ya Norm, I know how hard this can be. Sometimes the full impact doesn't really hit you till a week or two later after all the initial commotion of taking care of things settles down. The peace will come, it just takes time and comes on slowly without you even thinking or knowing it is. When I lost my Dad I was only 26 yrs old, he was 52yrs old, I took it extremely hard and had a very hard time dealing with it for many years, but in time I came to grips with it and started healing without really knowing it. Then when I suddenly lost my Sister Tracy 2 yrs ago (she was only 51yrs old) that crushed me again. The whole first year I would break down in tears just out of the blue because a thought of her entered my mind. Now two years later, I still miss them both more than words can say, and there's still times I tear up when I think about them, but time has started to give me acceptance where I now can handle it without becoming so depressed and distraught like I was at the earlier stages. And now I can even talk about some of the great memories I have of them, which I couldn't do in the beginning because it was just too hard. That will happen for you as well as it has for me. I never have cared for the saying that time heals all wounds, because I don't feel that it fully heals the loss of someone you love, but I do feel time does grant you peace, acceptance & understanding in dealing with losing someone you love. The peace & acceptance will come for you over time just as it has for me, and it will happen slowly without you even realizing it. It doesn't mean it changes how you feel about the person or how much you still miss them, it just shows our minds are able to overcome and adapt to even the most painful of situations. We still will always love and miss those we lost though very deeply. Norm anytime it hits you hard and you feel down, just come on here and we are all here for ya, I'm not just saying that, I really do mean it. Many of us here I'm sure are just like me and have lost someone they loved dearly, so I'm sure the rest of the gang will agree that anytime you need to bend an ear just say the word and we're here for ya.
  14. Can't beat a day with family catching fish 😎
  15. Yup. It's always a cool thing to see though and just never gets old. My most memorable one was about 10 yrs ago, had a small 6" rainbow take a caddis dry fly, was stripping him in and all the sudden it gained about 4 lbs. A beautiful 20"-22" range brown hit him and had him crossways in his mouth. I yelled for my buddy Todd to come over and tryin net it for me, he got the net within 3ft of the brown and just as he was about to slide the net under it the fish opened it's mouth letting the rainbow go and just slowly slid out of sight. I love when unexpected things like that involving good size fish happens, they give you memories to last a lifetime. 😆
  16. Oh come on, you know someone had to do it 😁😉
  17. Another one of our 7' 3wt fiberglass"The Brookie" series of glass rods done and headed to its new home.
  18. Latest out of the shop. 10' 3wt matte black euro rod with burl seat and burl accent grip, black main with NCP orange trim.
  19. Latest out of the shop. 10' 7wt 4pc with carbon fiber seat & burl grip, dark green main wraps with metallic silver trim.
  20. Latest finished up. 10' 7wt 4pc in a glossy brown with maroon wraps that match the blank color well, trimmed in metallic silver, burl full wells grip and carbon fiber reel seat.
  21. No, you are for sure in the easy to build for group. Normally the ones that are the biggest pain are the bass angler/tournament/casting rod guys that do drop shot with split grips or something of that nature for some reason.The most recent one that I finally told to go elsewhere was an unreal headache to deal with. He would normally start by calling me, not just once, but 3-4-5 even 6 times, then I would tell him to email me the build specs that way I would have everything he wanted in one email to build to spec off of so everything would be in one place on a build sheet. He would email me specs (which would be different than he said on the phone) but then he would keep emailing me or messaging me on FB multiple times and start changing things. Normally it was something like the grip length, which when you change that on a casting/spin rod then that changes the reel seat location which in turn changes the guide location etc etc. I finally had my fill of him last year. He was such a pain I actually refunded his money after the rod was done and told him I was done building for him and to never come back to me ever again. Come to find out I was actually not the first rod builder to do that with him either so that tells ya what a pain he was.
  22. The A-hole tax is real trust me 😆 I've been pretty lucky in the nearly 20 yrs I have been in business and 99.99999% of my customers are great to work with, but I can think of two that have had me build multiple rods for them and after doing the first, they were such unnecessary pains to deal with that they do get hit with the A hole tax anytime they come back. There was a 3rd guy that use to get it as well, but last year after doing his last build I finally told him to find another builder because I was done with him.
  23. I screwed them in with the sole still in the boot. Because the KK studs are only 3/8 and they are tapered at the tip, they will barely go into the bottom of the boot after the sole thickness, but not enough to make it where you can't take the sole itself out of the boot.
  24. Another finished up today. This one is another of our new color 9'6" blanks in that metallic brown/copper color. Used a main wrap that blends right onto the blank color and trimmed with metallic silver. Rosewood seat and burl accent grip.
  25. Latest off the bench. 10' 3wt 4pc dark green blank with a real nice green wrap trimmed with titanium metallic, burl accent grip and carbon fiber reel seat.
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