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  1. Just out of the rod dryer is this 10' 6wt 4pc with carbon fiber seat, burl accent grip, black wraps and orange trim.
  2. Another of our "Brookie" series 7' 3wt fiberglass rods all done and on its way to its new home.
  3. Gorgeous piece of water. Some real nice pocket water behind those boulders too Sure wish I was standing there right now. I HAVE to try to get out again very soon or my insides are gonna shrivel up and die lol
  4. Hi Chase, welcome to the site. Always great to see young guys get involved in the sport so I don't want to discourage you from participating. Just so you know, we only allow business/sales in the trading floor section of the site, which you need to have a minimum of, I believe it is 40 posts to post sales in there. Since you are new to the site you probably were not aware of that. With that said welcome aboard and enjoy the site.
  5. Moderan glass has come a long way over the years, so not anywhere near what you would think the difference would be. This bare blank is about 2.6oz, a comparable graphite bare 6wt blank is about 2.0 - 2.1 depending what brand. So on average right around half oz.
  6. Mike you better sit down before you look at the wraps on this one 😝 3rd glass rod in the trio of rods for a customer.
  7. That is an awesome pic bud. Magazine quality IMO! 👍
  8. Ken see that's what is weird about mine. I still have excellent hearing. Mine never started issues till bacj in the spring. It started one day after I had a microsuction ear cleaning done. So I am 99% sure that caused it, but when I talked to the ENT a few days after, he said "nooooo that didn't cause it". (AkA not my prob dont sue me lol). Anyway. It started one day after my microsuction cleaning, dunno if you remember my posts from back in the spring when it started, but it was really bad. I had some real dark thoughts back then because it was unreal how bad it was. It got a lot better, or maybe I just habituated (sp) to it the past 4 or so months. But for some reason this past week, it's back to being close to how it was. Now as bad, but back to maybe 75% as bad. Case in point...its 6:30am here, I have not slept yet tonight. Just the damn ringing wont stop.
  9. How it has been lately. My tinnitus was so much better the past 4 months, honestly felt almost normal for a bit, still had the ringing, but got 90%+ habituated to it . Honestly thought I was past it for the most part...then the past 2 weeks, it got a bit worse. Now the past few days, just sucks. For those that don't know what tinnitus is, this is what I hear 24/7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=059qOMgLa_o&t=14s
  10. Honestly, back when I was a kid, my favorite toy was when I would go to the local hardware store with Dad and he would buy me one of those old balsa wood rubber band airplanes. When I was a kid there was always at least a half doz of those planes stuck in the neighbors tree on any given week LOL
  11. Yeah it's been a crazy busy year bud. Been in business for 19 yrs this year, and I just added up last week, up to 87 rods so far for this year and still 9 more orders on the board, plus 2 more months left in the year. I don't get mad at money, but I have zero free time lately. I've been working in the shop 10hrs per day 7 days week, seriously. I use to get some pink blanks from a place for a decent price. I can't remember where it was now. I'll tryin think/look and let ya know.
  12. 2nd of a trio of fiberglass for a customer. This one an 8' 6wt in gray with black main wraps and metallic titanium trim, carbon fiber seat, burl accent grip and polished winding check.
  13. I wasn''t saying it wasn't a sunfish, I was just saying he's got a really big jaw/head for a sunny 😎
  14. Gotta make time for relaxing, even if it's just for an hour. I've been so busy lately I need to heed my own advice very soon. Is it just me, or does that first sunfish have quite a good size mouth/head on him for a sunfish?
  15. Just out of the shop to start this week. The first of a trio of fiberglass rods. This one a 7'6" 4wt in lime green, carbon fiber seat, burl accented grip, medium green main wraps with metallic evergreen trim, polished winding check and some spiral accent wraps at the ferrules.
  16. Latest off the bench. 10' 6wt 4pc for some Erie PA steelhead.
  17. DFoster- that sure is a pretty stretch of stream right there.
  18. Been so busy I'm just now getting caught up reading some of the reports from the past couple weeks you guys have all posted. Glad you like that one Mike. Looks like you got some nice gills on it.
  19. You like the blue?? . . . .
  20. Figured I'd post this here rather than start a new topic. I FINALLY got this car out for its first ever run today. Have owned it for a few months now but just between the rod business being so busy this year, and many other projects I've been working on, I had not got around to charging the packs and taking this one out yet. So finally took a break this evening and got it out. It's what I would call Stupid Fast 😬 Way too fast for the parking lot I took it too. With the current gearing it'll hit 70mph, but I couldn't get it up over probably 50mph tonight because I would run out of room so fast. So gonna tryin find a larger lot to take it to next time. It'll smoke the tires on full throttle which is fun, but the downside to that is I ran it for about 15mins and the tires are already about 15-20% worn, and at $32 a pair that could get costly. It's definitely a blast to run that's for sure.
  21. It's a bug in the system that seems to come & go. Not sure why but it seems to show up sometimes and then go away for a time.
  22. After ten or so straight days of 9-10hrs per day working on rods in the shop, I finally had to take a few hours break this evening from work. So got around to airbrushing the 19" tall 3D printed Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter I printed last month. He will look right at home in the theater room.
  23. Another just out of the shop today. This one a 10' 2wt euro with very subtle wraps and finish.
  24. Latest out of the shop this weekend. 11' 3wt euro rod with carbon fiber seat, burl grip & matching butt, olive and copper wraps on single foot guides.
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