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    Sept 11th

    fatman i came across that last 4th of july and posted it on another site i am a part of,when i came acroos it back then it stopped me in my tracks......and just did again when i just watched it again! The sights and the music behind that are just plain haunting....sept 11th is something no American will ever forget till the day he dies. The one good thing that did come out of it i think is a new respect for the men&women of the armed forces....(and rightfuly so!)
  2. Hey Gray Ghost...i didnt and dont mean any disrespect at all to you your father or your streamers,so please dont take it that way. But i just dont view it as something that should be legal in "fly only"waters. Dont take that the wrong way...thats just my opinion and i'm just being honest about my views on it. I am not saying that it dosent work(i'm sure it does) and i'm not insulting you or your father. I'm just sayin i dont really see it as a "fly" thats all. And theres nothin wrong with leavin the site "old fashioned " sometimes a diff lookin site is what makes people check it out! Again please dont take this the wrong way. Steve
  3. Yupp i just noticed that very same thing myself in my view center it says 73k before i save it,then when i save and go to upload it said 33k...i dont know maybe its somethin on my end. Gallery??? we have pic gallerys on this site?
  4. OK at least its workin...i'll put up some more pics in the reports for you guys ta look at. Thanks guys!
  5. SH i compressed it down to 73k and thats how it came out ...i'll try a little bigger file and see what happens
  6. if i dont compress the file size it says it cant load this type of file.....i just compressed file and post in REPORTS and the pic uploaded but its kinda ....not right!..LOL
  7. Ok just tried it again......its tellin me i cant upload this type of file???? What does that mean?
  8. Steeldrifter


    OK i am frustrated....i have some pics from last weekend that i wanted to share with you guys but i cant figure out how to post them! I thought i was doin it right but its not workin. Can anyone walk me through it real quick?
  9. Thanks guys!.....never thought about doin a internet serch for it...DUHHH ...LOL .....have had the computer for about 8 months but its still not the first thing i think of when i need info...even though it should be!
  10. Steeldrifter

    100th Member!

    Yupp congrates SH/BD you guys do have a real nice site....and yes the fact that it is more "free/open" makes it nice. Not that you have to curse to get a point across but its nice to know you dont have to re-read your post before you hit submit just so you dont offend anyone! I think i was like #77 or somethin and that was only a few weeks ago...at this rate you could see 200 before the end of the year!
  11. ahhhhhhhh.......ok....i thought that was called a JIG!
  12. THATS AWSOME I didnt even realize that the flag was painted on in the first pic for a second or two! That is VERY cool and i love seeing tributes like that to the people that gave us our rights!!!
  13. Welcome Roy...by the looks of your flies i can learn ALOT from you! Nice to have you on the site!!
  14. Now your in trouble shoe......i meant to hit reply and accidently hit report your post to the modorater..LOL Anyway i know what your sayin about the "label" thing that post on that site was really gettin to me. It looks like baldwin is gonna have rain from now till wends of next week.....sounds like a goood start for the steelie season to me!
  15. Anyone know the recipe for this fly....i know i had it in one of my mich steelhead books but cant find the book right now
  16. Welcome jim glad to have ya here....one of these days i will have to make the trip out west ,i keep sayin that but ....one of these days
  17. Hey shoe glad to see you came over here....damn this is turning into a MS2 site
  18. DAMN!! I just got email today from smallie.......oh well maybe next time .......LOL
  19. chemproof2001 thats very inspiring to hear you say that...glad to hear you still are able to enjoy fly fishing!
  20. The MICHIGAN fly tying fourm...hmmmmmm ....i like the sound of that Welcome spentwing this is a nice site you will enjoy it! Steeldrifter
  21. Welcome Todder....hmmmmmmm name sounds familiar...lol. Think i know you and your dad from another michigan site if i'm not mistaken! Glad to have you on the site. Look out guys...we michiganders are ganging up now... Steeldrifter
  22. WOW guys guess what ...i think it must have something to do with fly casting that hurts the shoulder ...because my right shoulder has a "popping/grinding" in it for about the last 3 years. If i put my left hand on my right shoulder and rotate my right arm in a circle you can feel it pop and grind ....always wondered what was cuasing that! I hope it dosent get bad enough that i'll have to have anything done to it.
  23. Well here in mich for the GL steelies i always do well on egg patterens early in the winter. Then as the winter gos on i switch over to small black stones i like a #14. Very easy to tie just use the standard goose biot split tail/a ribbed (small rib) body /and a dubbed brown thorax(picked out) with turkey case tied over it. To me that is the "go fly" for fall/winter/spring steelies here. Also try small sparrow nymphs......hairs ear...caddis pupa....wooly buggers...ezsta eggs...hex nymph. Go to the local bookstore or fly shop and pick up a book called great lakes steelhead by bob linesman&steve neveala it has patterens with pics for all GL streams. $20 and worth every penny! Steeldrifter PS>>> If i can help you any father just let me know and i'll give you my email address and we can talk.
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