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  1. Anyone know the recipe for this fly....i know i had it in one of my mich steelhead books but cant find the book right now
  2. Welcome jim glad to have ya here....one of these days i will have to make the trip out west ,i keep sayin that but ....one of these days
  3. Hey shoe glad to see you came over here....damn this is turning into a MS2 site
  4. DAMN!! I just got email today from smallie.......oh well maybe next time .......LOL
  5. chemproof2001 thats very inspiring to hear you say that...glad to hear you still are able to enjoy fly fishing!
  6. The MICHIGAN fly tying fourm...hmmmmmm ....i like the sound of that Welcome spentwing this is a nice site you will enjoy it! Steeldrifter
  7. Welcome Todder....hmmmmmmm name sounds familiar...lol. Think i know you and your dad from another michigan site if i'm not mistaken! Glad to have you on the site. Look out guys...we michiganders are ganging up now... Steeldrifter
  8. WOW guys guess what ...i think it must have something to do with fly casting that hurts the shoulder ...because my right shoulder has a "popping/grinding" in it for about the last 3 years. If i put my left hand on my right shoulder and rotate my right arm in a circle you can feel it pop and grind ....always wondered what was cuasing that! I hope it dosent get bad enough that i'll have to have anything done to it.
  9. Well here in mich for the GL steelies i always do well on egg patterens early in the winter. Then as the winter gos on i switch over to small black stones i like a #14. Very easy to tie just use the standard goose biot split tail/a ribbed (small rib) body /and a dubbed brown thorax(picked out) with turkey case tied over it. To me that is the "go fly" for fall/winter/spring steelies here. Also try small sparrow nymphs......hairs ear...caddis pupa....wooly buggers...ezsta eggs...hex nymph. Go to the local bookstore or fly shop and pick up a book called great lakes steelhead by bob linesman&steve neveala it has patterens with pics for all GL streams. $20 and worth every penny! Steeldrifter PS>>> If i can help you any father just let me know and i'll give you my email address and we can talk.
  10. We got some pretty good winds all day long here friday in michigan. Nothing "bad" but the weatherman said it was what was left over from the storm....gusts of about40-45mph at times. You guys in ohio prob. got the same thing i would imagine. My buddy john called me saterday he lives in north carolina,i was not home when he called but he was calling to say hes fine and they had some storms from it but thats all. He lives inland quite aways!
  11. BIG D i dont know if i would say its a disabilaty or not but it would help with fly or any kinda fishing if i could use it again. Back about 10 years ago (in my early 20's) i used to frequent a local bar that had a mechanical bull ....well after a few to many one night i ended up breaking my left index finger on it. Being the hard head that i am i never went to a doc or put a splint on it so it healed with a "bend" in it and i would say i lost about 50-75% of the feeling in it. It was hard to reel or tie flies or work on cars at first but that was ten years ago and now i dont even think about it. Its still the same usless finger but i have become so used to not using it that i really wouldnt' even miss it if it was not even on my hand. I fish/tie flies/build cars/work with my hands for a living and have gotton used to it. Steeldrifter P.S since it wont really straiten out all the way it is really usfull for "shooting line"....
  12. Steeldrifter

    Digital Camera

    Thanks smallie,i'm going to do some looking today because i'm going on vaca oct 11-17th on the au sable and want to have one for then. Thanks! Steeldrifter
  13. Steeldrifter

    Digital Camera

    Hey guys couple questions because i am also looking at dig cams myself........ Smallie the price's you quoted are for the sony that is good for the 8"x10" pics right? what did you pay for the sony you have that does the 5"x7"s? Also are dig cams as durable as 35mm. Meaning...will it survive in the pocket of a vest out on the stream or do you need to be a little more cautious with them? STEELDRIFTER
  14. Steeldrifter


    It just depends on where you fish .....i mean i have takin guys on streams that were very tight 15' cast's and they did good but then if i take them to the au sable in mio......50+' cast they get skunked! Just depends on where you fish and how picky the fish in the water your fishing are i guess!
  15. Maj.Shane.;D Myers.....a true Hero in my opinion even though i have never meet him. We should all give a thanks to him for his efforts!
  16. Bigdaddy you should be proud to have a friend like that! You said he commanded in iraq.....tell him he has my utmost respect!!!
  17. picky,picky,picky.... ...i know what ya mean OSD,but i wouldnt mind catchin a brookie that size even if it was raised in someones bath tub
  18. QUOTE (OSD @ Sep 14 2003, 06:31 PM) Ya Michigan is ok but I would like to go catch a nice bunch of good size Brookies like this one http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/photopos...68Speck.jpg?939 OSD. OSD the upper penn. of michigan is famous for the "coaster" brookies that are that size and bigger! 5-6#er's I have yet to make a trip to the U.P of this state but will some day!
  19. Quote:Originally Posted by (Big Daddy Hubbard @ Sep 13 2003, 07:02 PM) friend of mine has the flag tattooed across his chest and across it it says" Burn this one, Asshole". Now theres an American!
  20. Well i'm pretty lucky to be in michigan...we have river browns that push 30" lake browns that go over 20# salmon the get up to 40# steelhead that go into the 20#class small mouth all over that go over the 20" mark and many others. Theres a huge percentage of the worlds fresh water right here and over 36.000 miles of streams. BUT for some reason no matter where you live you always want to go somewhere else....sooooooooooo...... I am with smalliehunter on the montana trip,i would love to take a week and hike into the mountians by myself with nothing but a backpack and my fly rod! That would be a great trip but the only thing is if i ever do go out there i probaly wont want to come back
  21. LBG i hear ya...its amazing how fast some people can just forget about things like this. Leaky waders i'm glad to hear that you fly the flag,i just cant help but wonder what all these people around here did with the flags after the freshness of 9/11 wore off. The local bussinesses sold out within a few days and these people that live around here have to have the flags so where are they? Oh well guess the best thing to do is to just fly mine with pride everyday and hope others will follow.
  22. Yesterday was september 11th as i'm sure you all know. I got up before going to work and the VERY first thing i did was get my american flag and put it out to fly high on this 2nd anniversary of the attacks. After i got off work i was sittin outside having a smoke and it dawned on me.....my flag was the ONLY one out on my whole street. There are about 50 or so homes on this street and all these SOB's that live here and enjoy the freedoms didnt even care/think about showing the pride.....WHAT THE HELLS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Is it just this street or did anyone else see very many flags flown yesterday? Really kinda pissed me off...it doesn't take 30 seconds to show a little respect and put ol'glory out on certian days! Steeldrifter
  23. Hello calvin....i been on here about a week,my names steve. I'm in michigan and been fly fishing/tying about 14-15 years. Mostly trout/salmon/steelhead we have some very good rivers for them over here...Au Sable/Pere Marqutte/Manisttee/Muskegon. Cool site with some good guys...nice to know ya!
  24. Yupp i have to agree big daddy....i have only been on this site about a week and i already feel right at home! I'm a part of another site and havent "left" but i now spend equal time on both sites. This site is cool because i feel i can just say something and not have to feel like it's being scrutinized by the moderaters to see if they agree with what i write. And i really like having someone in the bussiness(Jim) on here to answer any questions i might have,dont know if that was your idea or not but whos ever that was it was a good one! If any of you guys ever find yourself in michigan and want to tangle with a 30#salmon on a fly rod in a shallow river let me know...i'd be happy to show ya around our rivers! Steeldrifter
  25. WOW jim.....if she fly fishes i think i'm in love!
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