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  1. Yup. Each chapter is ran by a volunteer so look into another chapter to donate too. A good friend of mine in Pa runs his local chapter and it's amazing how much he has invested and done for the chapter he runs. So don't let one exp with one chapter turn you off of the program. I have worked with them myself numerous times over the years with donating stuff and they are a great program that helps truly great people.
  2. 100% with ya on that. I'm serious when I say I honestly hate to even get out of the house anymore these days simply because of the stupid way people drive. Some of the stuff I see people doing makes me wonder if an IQ test for a license is in order. Prime example today ...I went for a short bike ride, waited for the crosswalk signal to turn for me to cross, thank God I pay attention FOR idiots driving because the cross walk for me had switched to "cross" for at least 5-6 seconds when some jack$$$ turned left against a red light without even paying attention to the red light nor me crossing. Anymore you have to spend 50% of your time on the road paying attention for other people!
  3. Is anyone that uses a phone to access the website having it show oddly at all? I had one friend show me it was coming up weird looking on his phone so didn't know if it was just him for some reason or if anyone else had it doe that at all.
  4. New website- I am not 100% sure this link will work. I have had many issues with the website host company I have had for the past 17 yrs. Last week was the last straw when my business email was not working yet again, so I decided to build my own website with Wix. I know nothing about building a website, but think I've somewhat taught myself like anything else in life you try to do. If you want to do it bad enough, then you can do it. Here's the new Midwest Custom Fly Rods "beta" site. Any feed back is welcome. Still need to move my main domain name over to it. Still needs a lot of work, but hopefully this will be the start of the new site. https://swclark71.wixsite.com/mysite?fbclid=IwAR3CqsshF1mcCZqxOEkkGq3ZXgkcsxpuLN17rd5YtPL16RVWGhzZKW-nUGc
  5. Looks like a fantastic time Mark. Absolutely beautiful pic 😎 (Grayling taking the fly) I think I'd have a hard time not enlarging and framing that one.
  6. Latest 10' 3wt euro rod off the bench. This one has a nice pop of color to it with the metallic purple main and the lighter metallic purple trim on the burgundy color blank.
  7. It's because of the rounded lens distorting objects that are closest to it. If the rod is out about 5ft away from the camera it looks straight like it should, but when its held within 3ft of the camera it distorts it. Happens to all Gopros because of the lens shape.
  8. Steeldrifter


    The "look what you could have done with that money" game can apply to anything in life. Fact is if someone earns their money legally and pays taxes on it, then it's no one business what they do with it, period. So lets stop with this direction of conversation before it starts heading into a political area and get back to the topic at hand.
  9. Thanks guys. Anytime someone says purple I always cringe a bit because purple can go very wrong very fast if you use the wrong shade of purple on the wrong color blank 😬 But I went with one of the darker purples which gives a more deep translucent look on the matte black blank, and was quite pleased with the result of that one.
  10. Latest euro rod, this one being a 10' 2wt rather than 3wt though. Burl seat and burl cork grip, dark purple main wraps with metallic purple trim.
  11. lol couldn't resist one tee'd up like that for sure 😁
  12. I dunno....site seems pretty speedy for me on my Windows PC 😁 Oh come on, you know I couldn't let that golden opportunity just slide right by without razzin' ya 😛
  13. My favorite/old reliable rod is this one. I had to look and see what year it was when I built it, it was November of 2006 so 15 yrs ago now. It's built on a CTS blank (blank company in New Zealand) and is a 9'6" 8wt. It's my go to rod for smallmouth, Salmon/Steelhead, and even some pike fishing. Has a hand etched/burned trout on the stage reel seat by a guy I use to have do work for my years ago named LEs, not sure if he's even still around anymore. Prob the one rod I will for sure have till I pass on.
  14. I get the files for the designs from a place online where people share .STL files (3d printer files) called Thingiverse. Then I run them through a software called Cura and I can make changes in the software program for size, how many sections I want to print something in, and all the dimensions as well as quality of the print which has a direct impact on the time it takes to print. Just for example I made the tower about 200% larger than the file it came in, and printed it in 5 different pieces. So took a total of about 5 days worth of non stop printing just on the tower itself.
  15. Thanks Mike. Luckily it was just a little $10 Lowes mugo pine I had started last spring, so no real big loss there.
  16. Finally finished a 3D printing project I started about 3 weeks ago. Bought a pair of side tables for the theater room with the intent of doing a diorama on each one of them. First one I wanted a Wizard tower with a Kraken attacking it and a dragon sitting atop the tower watching on. Pretty much everything is 3d printed except the base I carved/sculpted out of foam then airbrushed and flocked it with sand and flocking. And the trunk of the tree is one of my bonsai trees that died over the winter so I just spread aquarium filter floss across the branches then flocked it the way model railroad guys do on their builds. Rest is all printed and airbrushed. Water I airbrushed the base then coated it in clear silicone, then added waves by pulling upwards on the silicone as it dried and painted the white tips. Also added flicking light inside the tower as well as a flickering micro LED chip on the end of the wizards torch. Probably over 200+ hrs into it from start to finish. Fit's right into the theater room theme really nicely. Was quite an enjoyable build, already kicking around ideas for what will be built on the 2nd of the side tables.
  17. It happens, but the good in the situation is now you have his address. I had the same thing happen to me last month on my trip. Hooked a real nice colorful 18" bow that jumped like a steelhead multiple times only to lose him with in 10ft of the net. I gave him a rest for a day or two and then went back and hooked him again 2 nights later and landed him. It's always a heart breaker to lose a good fish, but now that you know where he lives it's just a matter of time
  18. A train that goes that fast, no thanks. With that said, my whole life I have always wanted to go on a long far away fishing trip via and old style 1920's/30's train. I think that would be an awesome experience.
  19. Steeldrifter


    Hell yeah, for an introvert like me it'd be to ultimate way to get away from PEOPLE 👍 lol
  20. Latest 10' 3wt out of the shop has some real nice pop to it for color.
  21. Nice brown in some tough conditions. Is that near Waterville? It's been some years but I fished over in PA on Big Pine and Little Pine and seems I remember a Kettle creek being close to where we were in Waterville area.
  22. Can you still call them "panfish" when they are too big to fit in most pans 😱 lol
  23. Latest out of the shop this weekend. Done in a very subtle & clean style.
  24. Got that right, that's the only coffee I drink Hate the fancy brands. Give me good ol' Maxwell house , black, don't tryin put cream or sugar in it our I'll dump it down the drain lol
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