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  1. I am using a kamasan b830 size 8 I have a few turns of .010 led wire in the middle, using Uni thread 8/0 to lock in down. My hooks are straight!
  2. Thank you glad I joined very useful information.
  3. I just wanted to know why some of my flies swim hook point down and some hook point up. As I am new to fly tying I wasn't sure where I was going wrong. I have the same problem with my buggers and nymphs that have no weight added to the fly.
  4. Yes hook point up is what I mean. Personally I would prefer them to swim with hook point down but At the end of the day no I don't think it does matter! I just want to get to the bottom of why as I am new to fly tying thanks.
  5. I have been tying wooly buggers etc lately some are great but others swim belly up. What are people's opinions with why some of my flies swim belly up.
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