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  1. Parachute BWO - size 20 Hook/Thread: Size 20 wide gape dry fly hook/clear polyester monofilament Post: Snowshoe Hare Hackle: Whiting Grizzly size 18 Body: Clear polyester mono thread colored with Sharpie Tail: Coq de leon It's not perfect, but I'm pretty proud of this one. I tied a half dozen last night and it took me until attempt #5 to get one that was passable. It's a lot of materials to fit on a tiny hook. - Jason
  2. @McFlyLures What hooks are you using on these? I like the look of them.
  3. Flashy Marabou Bait Fish Hook/Thread/Head: Large - Size 4 Gamakatsu up-eye salmon hook/black polyester monofilament/holographic eyes with UV resin for the head. Small - Size 8 3x long Firehole jig hook/black polyester monofilament/4mm black tungsten bead, holographic eyes with UV resin for the head. Tail: White marabou Body: Mix of tan UV ice and holo tinsel, dubbed loose, teased out and brushed back. Collar: Large grizzly soft hackle
  4. Swimming Scud Hook/Thread: Size 16 Scud hook/black polyester monofilament Beard/Tail: Bob White Quail - any small light color soft hackle would work Dubbing/Legs: Tan uv ice, dubbed loosely, teased out and trimmed to length. Shellback: Rubber scud back, colored with green and then black sharpie, ribbed with the black poly thread and coated in UV resin.
  5. Thanks @jcozzz! I debated weighted eyes, but since I plan to use a fast sinking poly leader I decided not. Do you think the action would be improved with the weighted head? Also, what shanks do you prefer? I've caught some big rainbows and lost a handful of others in a little tailwater this year(biggest was 22 1/2"). Spin fisherman tell me that there are some 24"+ fish and so that's what I'm after. I'll fish it for smallies in the spring too.
  6. @DFoster really cool fly. Like @Sandan I dig the Golden pheasant legs. Might have to try them on some golden stones.
  7. Greedy Grizzly Articulated Bait Fish Front Hook: Mustad R74-9672 size 2 (I snipped the hook after tying). Tail Hook: Gamakatsu T10-6H size 4 up-eye salmon hook. Thread/Head: 6/0 Metallic silver thread(unsure of brand) used throughout and built up and coated with uv resin for the head. Front Section: Silicone Rubber Legs, Purple Sparkle/B&W Barred, 4 each approx 2" long. Twisted marabou, black and white, 2 feathers each color. Tail Section: Silicone Rubber Legs, Purple Sparkle/B&W Barred, 4 each approx 1" long. Extra long UV polar chenille, lavender and black, twisted and wrapped rear to front. 4 med/lg grizzly feathers, aligned in a tail shape with a dot of thin superglue to lock them in place and maintain profile. This is my first big articulated streamer design and it's basically a small streamer I tied and posted last month on steroids. I'd love some feedback, especially from anyone who ties or fishes these kinds of flies regularly. I feel like I might have overdone the marabou a little? - Jason
  8. This is the indicator I need! I like the sensitivity of wool/poly indicators, but I get tired of drying them out. Thanks for posting Landon!
  9. Great ties Norm. I especially love that Green Burlesque.
  10. Golden Pheasant Crawdad Hook/Bead/Thread: Firehole 523 Size 8 / 4mm olive tungsten bead / 8/0 olive thread Claws/Antennae/Tail: Golden Pheasant tippet feathers Body: UV Polar chenille (Green and tan twisted, tapered and teased out at the head), copper wire to segment the body. Figured I'd get one more in for November. Comments and criticism are appreciated. - Jason
  11. Nice Chugbug. That lynx fur looks a lot like some mystery fur I've been using for similar nymphs the last few months
  12. (Follow up to an earlier post) I posted this Fuzzy Grizzly Tail Jig last week and received some nice comments so I thought I'd share a little follow up. This weekend I was fishing my local tailwater and having a cold, very slow day. I was about to call it, when I remembered that I hadn't fished this fly yet. I tied it on to my little glass 3wt and hooked and lost an 8-10" rainbow on the 1st cast(a pretty good sign). I cast 3 or 4 more times and wham, the big fish(approx. 20") below just hammered it. He fought like hell, leaped several times and ran me into my backing. I've caught steelies on my 5wt, and this was a similar, 'hold on for dear life' type of experience. I released the fish, packed up and headed home after that. It was a very satisfying drive.
  13. Thanks guys! Your feedback means a lot.
  14. Extra Scruffy Snowshoe Emerger Hook: Klinkhammer size 14 Thread: 8/0 Tan Thorax/Abdomen: Dubbing blend of coarse beaver, snowshoe and silver UV polar fibers Wing: Snowshoe hare Tail: Mallard flank ***** Fuzzy Grizzly Tail Jig Hook/Bead/Thread: Firehole 523 Size 8(wrap 3/4 of shank with tungsten wire) / 4mm black nickel tungsten bead / 8/0 black thread Tail: 2 medium Grizzly feathers Body: Purple silicone legs, UV Polar chenille (black and lavender twisted and wrapped tail to front) Collar: Large grizzly soft hackle Looking forward to fishing this one for trout, smallmouth and steelhead. ***** Experimental Emerging Caddis Hook: Size 14 Scud/Emerger Abdomen: Loosely dubbed mix of brown and black polar uv fibers with a chunk of small cell foam from some cell phone packaging Hackle: Bob White Quail Body: Rusty colored embroidery thread(the cheap stuff you get for 45 ยข at the craft store) and med guage copper wire Shuck: Crystal Flash Was experimenting with some materials and came up with this. Curious to get some feedback from you guys. Still some caddis around my area so I might get to fish it this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration this month everyone! - Jason
  15. Soft Hackle Midge Hook: Barbless Dry Fly Size 20 Collar: Bob White Quail Wing Bud: Snowshoe Hare Body & Head: 8/0 Dark Brown Thread Tail/Shuck: Polar UV Fibers Silver I know the head is a bit sloppy, other than that, any suggestions for improvement? - Jason
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