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  1. Any of Larry Kingrey's Papa/Mama/Baby Ape series or Betters' Usual / Wulff; perhaps one of Craven's Charlie-Boy or Morningwood hopper patterns.
  2. Sandan, I was looking to buy the midge jaws for my Pro. I phoned Charlie Craven at his shop and he convinced me that, as I tie size 30 to 12 for the most part, rarely 10 to 2/0; I would be smart to try before I buy -- he found the midge jaws only useful for some hook shapes and that the standard jaws did it all for him. Hearing this from you, I am now going to try the midge jaws for myself; I do tie many small size 20-30 flies but I find the standard jaws work "fine". By using the upper serrated range the standard jaws give me OK working room with small midge and mayfly patterns. But I would always like a bit more... So thanks for putting me on to this idea again...especially now as my aging hands and eyes would like more space to see and work!
  3. Fantastic, incredible standard jaws with an amazing hook range... The DK Pro is everything I want and nothing I don't need; and nothing about it gets in the way.
  4. Hello I am new to this forum and I thought this very long thread might be great place to introduce myself through my vise use history... I started tying in the early 1980s (as a teen) using a Thompson A, which I used through high school and university and into the early-90s. About this time, my Thompson was lost in a move; I replaced it with a Dyna-King Pro. For Christmas in 93, I took some gifted tying classes on salmon/steelhead flies and was convinced that I needed a rotary vise and got myself a Renzetti Traveller. I still have both vises but I use the DK Pro exclusively at my bench, as the whole rotary functionality is not something I use very much. I find the standard DK jaw holding range (from 30 up to 5/0) is incredible and more than enough for the hooks I use. The Renzetti is my camping, travelling vise; aptly named in my case. So that's my vise use history.
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