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  1. Sorry to see you go Steve...you will be missed. I must add that I am a guy whose cell phone lays in the car in case I truly need it when on the road. I am sitting at my computer writing this and like you that gets old. I find my self visiting this and one other site less and less. It tends to get a bit boring and doesn't hold my interest like it did originally. I will still pop in and see what's happening, but not much more than that. Good luck, stay safe and healthy!! George
  2. SalarMan

    Life change

    Due to other issues I'm dealing with I am able to understand how you feel...more than you know. I wish you well and I hope for the best.
  3. Ah yes...the Matane...the first river where I fished for Atlantic Salmon and the place where I caught my first Atlantic Salmon. A beautiful 10 pound fish in Le Grand Tamagodi Pool. Thanks for the memories Norm.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts Dean. I know I've been fortunate fishing the places I have, and through sites like this and my tying classic salmon flies I am still connected to the sport. While my LAD (Leg Amyotrophic Diplegia) will not go away...it also will not get any worse. Time to put my camera to work as well I suppose. 😎
  5. True about not a bad ride. As a retiree I have whatever time I need. Now if want to talk close...10 minutes from where I sit is Valley Creek which is a spring creek that runs through Valley Forge National Park. It has an interesting story over the last 30 years or so. The state used to stock the creek, but when it was discovered it was polluted with PCB's from the Paoli railyards near the source the stocking was halted. The stream was posted with signs making it clear no fish were to be kept and/or removed from the watershed due to the toxic chemicals. Despite the issue, the trout spawned and the stream proved to be a wonderful fishery. Due to its location, it gets fished hard and the trout are very tough to catch. Unfortunately I no longer have the picture of a scene that makes the stream unique...sort of. In the foreground there are 2 trout rising to the olives coming off along with deer in sight. The area is a beautiful classic wooded spot that is the kind of place almost anyone would love to fish. In the background you can see the tractor trailers going by at the top of a rise on US Route 202. Like I said...unique. However...due to a nerve disorder in my lower legs, I am no able to wade and fish. The places I have fished are strong in my memory and it has been a good run so no complaints. Those places include Bonefish & Tarpon in Belize and bonefish in the Bahamas; some fine Largemouth Bass in Florida; Stripers over in New Jersey; Trout in Montana, Wyoming, New York, Pennsylvania & New England; Trout while fishing the Test and The Itchen in England; and finally Atlantic Salmon on a dozen different rivers in Quebec, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia. To repeat myself...no complaints!!!
  6. So...where are these spots? No specifics, just generalities.
  7. My driveway to parking spot...52 miles. That creek is no more than 20 feet wide, is a spring creek and has some rather sizable trout thanks to lots to feed on. My other SE Pennsylvania favorite (no pictures unfortunately) is a smallish tailwater. When the flow levels are right (175 - 225 cfs) the fishing is great...and always with dry flies!! This one is closer to home, that meaning it is only 50 miles from driveway to parking spot - HA HA HA
  8. Don't get me wrong guys...exotic places aren't always the best place to be. Just fond memories of special times. I have 2 streams here in southeastern PA that I just love and have put more than my fair share of time on this small little limestone creek at the top of the list...especially when the hoppers are active in the late summer!!
  9. I've had the pleasure of fishing in many places here in the states as well as other countries. My favorite spot is without a doubt on the Grande River near Gaspe, Quebec. Amazingly clear water, beautiful Atlantic Salmon and stunning countryside. Naturally I've attached a picture or three of the river and the area. The large pool in the one photo is 30 feet deep and you could read the date on a dime on the bottom. Just a stunning place to fish. Enjoy👍 Let's hear from others on this topic...it is always fun whether exotic places or close to home...they're all great.
  10. Drag that along the edge of a weed bed...then HANG ON !!!!!
  11. Thank you all again gentlemen...
  12. Yea...it just plain got my attention. I'm a big fan on simplicity in trout flies...and this one falls into the category.
  13. Can't put my finger on it, but something tells me that bad boy will work!!!
  14. You're so right Mark. I have days when I don't bother with this and the one other site I participate on. It can be a bit uninteresting at times...but it is still a good way to keep one in touch with other fly tyers and fly fishermen. It also gives a look at what is currently hot and useful on the water. The day may come when I decide to be one of those who go. I don't foresee that...but hey, you never know.
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