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  1. Thank you gentlemen...your kind words are much appreciated.
  2. Hey Kevin, Welcome!!! I think you will find this is a good place to get started tying Classic Atlantic Salmon flies. I do have a couple of questions of course. Do you know exactly what you have in mind to tie? Who has been your source for materials? Do you have any videos or books that will help you get started? Finally, remember learning to tie these flies is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the process. If you can tie a basic wet fly, you can tie these flies. It just takes more planning and more materials. Cheers, George
  3. As always I tie any chosen pattern based on Pryce-Tannatt's book on salmon fly tying. To be honest, I am pretty pleased with this one. That doesn't happen all that often­čśüsince we are all our own harshest critics. Feel free to comment and offer a critique. Cheers, George
  4. I didn't have the privilege of knowing "The Mad Duck"...but your word is more than good enough for me Steeldrifter. May he rest in peace in outdoor paradise!!
  5. What specifically is the UV resin you use on your heads? They are always so spot on.
  6. Another beauty flytire. I know you told me in the past you use UV resin on your perfect heads. I have several different Solarez types. What specifically do you use? Thanks, George
  7. I vividly remember his program at our fly tying club a few years ago and his warm interaction with the 40 or so members there. He and I had a great conversation about his leader to fly line connection and he sold me on the system. Like so many things from Dave...simple but effective approach to the sport. He will be missed!!
  8. Be sure to give us a report on the fishing qualities when you finally give it a go.
  9. I'm in for one Mark. I'll email you my address...and THANK YOU in advance.
  10. Thanks guys!! Niveker - I didn't see anything like this on HMH's site Flytire - I was going to contact Mark anyway about his recent heart surgery...and I'll ask him about that finger bar. Gene L - I'll also give Jon Larrabee at HMH a shout. George
  11. I saw a TRV on that auction site, and it has a interesting handle on the spinning wheel. It is not available on the HMH site...so I was wondering...does anyone out there know where to find one? George
  12. Mark - We were away for a few days and I just read about your return home and that all went well with the heart repairs!! Like I told you before...follow doctor's orders and take care of yourself. You know I am pulling for you my friend!!! I'll be in touch. George
  13. Love the work here. Is it yours?
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