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  1. Ah yes...I hadn't thought of those gems. Too many years fishing for trout and Atlantic Salmon I guess.
  2. Like your tie...but I'm not sure that color combo from Bergman would be much of a fish catcher.
  3. Beautiful fly named after a beautiful river...love it.
  4. My timing is good again...Lovely 👍
  5. I dropped by just in time. Most interesting color combination...and well done as always.
  6. Those side feathers can probably be nicely preened with a small artist's camel hair brush.
  7. To quote Darth Vader in his first encounter with Luke Skywalker...MOST IMPRESSIVE!!! Interesting note on the kingfisher as a chatterer sub. Early on kingfisher was the blue feather of choice. Then it was discovered those feathers turned/looked gray when wet and blue chatterer became the sub of choice because it stayed bright blue when wet.😎
  8. I'm guessing that swan is out there, but your guess is as good as mine where that might be. Try ebay maybe. A few years ago McLain was handed a large cache of the stuff, and I spent way too much money and never regretted doing it. 😁
  9. Back in the day when we had 4 acres to mow and care for, our John Deere last many years. Regular service each spring was all that was needed. Good luck with the new mower Norm. 🚜
  10. I commented on my recent post of this pattern about using all subs but one item in the wing. I also made note of the shaping issues when working with turkey tail. So...I removed the wing from that fly and retied with all the real stuff. In the photo it is in the unfinished/unpreened state. But what is obvious is the quite different shape of the wing from the other effort...and that is due to the pleasures of working with proper materials. Back in the day, those tyers knew what to use and why. I also attached another photo for comparative purposes. I haven't decided what to do at this point as in keep going or save the hook but not the fly. We shall see.
  11. Good work like Meck's never goes out of date. As far as web sites...for stream conditions on some top streams - https://www.tcoflyfishing.com/pages/stream-conditions Always dependable and up to date.
  12. Norm is right...Blue Heron is illegal in the USA. But the Little Brown Heron is legal for import from Canada. I have some I bought from The Canadian Tube Fly Company ages ago. It really is quite good and has lots of uses. They are on their summer vacation shutdown at the moment. You can place an order, but it will not be shipped until the 3rd week of August. Another possible feather is the secondary from the blue goose. If you know a waterfowl hunter from the Midwest try talking to that person and you might get lucky. Those feathers I have are a perfect sub for a quill body that calls for Blue Heron. If I can find mine among the loads of stuff here...I'll post a photo.
  13. Compliments of flytire, I am a fan of Solarez Bone Dry. I recently posted a Claret Scott on the site in the classic salmon fly forum. I was not happy with the wing and decided to remove it and try again. Gently/carefully cutting through the head was like cutting through concrete. That stuff makes for one tough fly and I know it would be a fly that would be VERY durable for fishing. It is so good it really doesn't need to penetrate more than a layer or 2 of thread. I've tried them all over the years and the Bone Dry is tops on my list for strength and finish.
  14. To quote the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz...Ain't it the truth 😂
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