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  1. SalarMan

    Insect ID

    Bravo!!! And thank you.....
  2. SalarMan

    Insect ID

    I've attached a photo of an insect we've seen on our deck several times. It is actually 2 of the buggers caught in "the act". Anyone know what they are? I tried some internet research, but couldn't find anything that satisfied my curiosity. Thanks in advance for any insight. Cheers George
  3. I do like that HMH-TRV you're using. One fine vise!!!
  4. To quote Darth Vader from the first time he saw Luke Skywalker's true abilities---"Most Impressive"
  5. HA HA HA HA !!!! I actually have one of those kits I bought at a charity auction a couple of years ago. It is 100% intact and all packages are unopened. Brought back some rather frustrating memories and funny moments. I'll have to take a couple of pictures and post them here just for the fun of it.
  6. In the end, all they are is hook holders no matter who makes them 😁
  7. At $3500.00 and up...it should be!!
  8. Decided to take a quick photo or what's happening with the vise I use...the Renzetti Master.
  9. Vicrider - We live in a world gone mad...or so it seems. I'll just take things as they come with no worries. - George
  10. Agreed Mark. Scheduled opening date August 9th. Let's hope they stick with that!!
  11. I just read on Microsoft news that Canada plans to open the border with the US for non-essential travel to people who have been fully vaccinated. Good news for the fishing, hunting and general tourist folks!!
  12. Been using a Renzetti Master for some time. There have been others in the mix now and again including Cotarelli T-Rex, HMH-TRV (about to get another) and other Renzetti models. Right now I consider the Renzetti Master the best vise money can buy...however the HMH-TRV is a very, very close second. It is my belief that if the TRV could handle the same range of hook sizes as the Master it would be the best vise on the planet...period.
  13. KrakenFly - Based on what I see here...you will fit in just fine. Just beautiful work!! That includes both the tying and the dying. WELCOME !!!!! Cheers, George
  14. Your work never fails to amaze, astound, impress and grab me. A feast for the eyes. Just stunning Jon!!!!
  15. These flies fall into the "way cool" category!!! Well done Jon.
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